Firefox’s Tab Candy FTW!

By on July 25, 2010
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Firefox’s Tab Candy will redefine how we surf the net.

I honestly haven’t been this excited about an upcoming technology that lets you browse the net so efficiently since tabs first came into existence way back when. And just as tabbed browsing revolutionized the way we all browse the internet today, the new Tab Candy (tab management feature) for Firefox 4 will do the same tomorrow.

In its simplest form, Tab Candy is just an Exposé style overview of all your tabs. However, it goes much further than just a simple visual representation of all of your currently open tabs. You can drag and drop different tabs into different groups, rename said groups and reorganize them in a convenient way that most suits you. In essence you can create a mind map to keep your daily browsing activities in check.

While Tab Candy pretty much eliminates the necessity for something as archaic as Bookmarks, the same concept applies, only it’s more visually appealing and in your face. Even though all of this looks pretty, the Firefox team is hard at work on optimizing this tech while also expanding its usability. Thanks to Tab Candy, I would probably never feel the need to close an important tab again, which means I could literally have more than a hundred tabs open at any given time. That said, Tab Candy is still in early development phase, and we have a good time before Firefox 4 has its final release.

As it stands, with only the ability to organize tabs in groups, Tab Candy is already a more productive tool than provided with any browser in the market. What appeals to me more than anything is the promised ability to share tab groups with your friends. This means that any specific topic that I’m researching on, I can have all the relevant tabs sent to my coworkers by sharing a group, so that we’re all on the same proverbial page. Sort of the same idea as Google Docs or Dropbox, but focused towards sharing various sources of information rather than working on the same end product.

As you can see from the video posted by one of the development team members above, Tab Candy, simply put, is one of the biggest innovations made towards a better, easier and more productive web browsing experience than anything in the past few years. If you want to experience Tab Candy at its most basic, then get the Firefox 4.0 beta.


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  • Supersnake

    It's likely that I will be clicking on the Tab Candy icon to make all the tabs zoom out for an easy overview if I have many tabs open.

    But its very unlikely that I will be going further than that step and begin moving this or that tab into this or that group… then naming each group this or that, that's time consuming. Micromanagement for me gets tedious very quickly. Will observe if creating and naming and arranging all the pieces of candy will be embraced or not.
    Not opening so many tabs to warrant having to resort to a tab organizer of course would be the most practical thing to do. My opinion.

  • Jim

    Hard Forum has many responses to the Tab Candy offering. So far running about 5:1 for not wanting to or not seeing a need for it.

    Personally for me? I prefer to keep things simple and avoid it by not opening so many tabs that I create clutter.

  • Chris

    Sounds good, from an organizational standpoint, but I already generally have 40-70 tabs open at a time, and Firefox does seem to have issues with maintaining that over a period of days. Hopefully, they'll work on addressing that too.

  • th

    Well, I can see how some people wouldn't want to micromanage their tabs, but this is just an option available to many who will (I am sure) over time get to appreciate Tab Candy for more than just a mere visual upgrade to switching between tabs.

    As soon as you start working on some topic or another, whether it's research for some university assignment on multiple Wikipedia tabs, or just digging deep into various discussion boards and blog posts about Inception, this little feature will be quite nifty moving forward. Basically the more internet you use, the more you'll be needing features such as this to keep everything organised.

  • Dave

    For my part? This is pure win. Because I'm one of those people who usually has between four and eight tabs open at any given time. Checking e-mail, looking up information, reading webcomics, chatting online… It CAN get out of hand. Especially if I add any serious research to that.

    But the micromanagement of this isn't as bad as people will probably think. Yes, you'll spend a bit setting it up in the first place, but once you do so it'll keep itself organized. So if you have a "projects" group then anything related to that will automatically cluster itself there. And if you find something in another category while that bouncing continues? One drag and it's where it should be.

    And the SHARED tabbing is a big deal as well. I can totally see myself using this with a group of friends to keep an online chat, game, and general "I have found cool stuff for you to see" things organized, instead of sprawling all the heck over the place like it does now.

    Will this be a feature everyone uses? Probably not. It is something that will be INCREDIBLY useful to those of us that will use it? You betcha! I officially cannot wait.

  • comet

    selamun aleyrkum.
    nice blog. thanks for sharing.

  • Asadullah

    Any idea if anything like this is coming to Chrome any time soon?

    - Asadullah

  • axogames

    FireFox RULES!

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