AC Accelero Xtreme 5870 Review

By on June 28, 2010
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For avid overclockers, the stock cooler on your VGA doesn’t usually cut it.

Editor's Score

The Verdict:
Excellent 5870 Cooler that could have achieved perfection if more thought went into the ramsinks.

Testing and results:

Furmark was used for testing due to its aggressiveness. Below is the setting used in Furmark:

Both MSI Afterburner and GPU-Z were used to measure the temperature of both GPU and VRMs. The Reference cooler fan was set on auto while the ACAX 5870 fans were set at max (2000 RPM). Below are the testing results:

The idle temps show an improvement by 14C on the GPU and 9C on the VRMs when using ACAX 5870 cooler. Though the important observation is during load that shows the best improvement on GPU temps which went down from 89C to a 52C- a decrease of 37C which is on par with what was written on the box! The VRMs though didn’t improve as much but still a considerable decrease from 90C to 72C, a difference of 18C.

As for noise levels, it is easy to keep the ACAX 5870 running at 100% fan speed since it is barely noticeable compared to when it is running at 20%. Either of these cases provide a much needed improvement over the stock HSF noise levels.

So what we have here is a great cooler and worthy replacement for the stock HSF of the ATI 5970 and 5870 cards. Its an obvious choice for those looking to improve their overclocking headroom or reduce the noise levels coming from the PC case.

We do wish  that ramsinks were made part of the main cooler instead of separate units. A backplate to help spread heat and reduce bending the card due to its weight would have also been a nice addition. Though both are welcome improvements but far from mandatory.

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  • RBC

    First off where is the weight differences between the two coolers you mention its heavy but thats about it.
    How about the overclocking results for the card. What about the cpu and case temp differences.
    How about trying different Thermal interface materials and reporting the findings.

  • albalushi

    Hey RBC,

    You got some valid questions and I will try to answer them one by one:
    - I did not measure the weights but I can say that there is hardly a weight difference. I lean towards the ACAX 5870 being slightly lighter than the stock cooler.
    - I did play with overclocking but didn't do anything thorough to report. Though hitting 900Hz on the GPU was a breeze and temps would go up to 55C on it. As for the Memory, due to the quality of both the thermal pads and the ramsinks, they would heat up a bit higher than the GPU when overclocked. No specific numbers available with me.
    - Yeah I forgot to mention the ambient temperature which is around 26C and in the case can be about 28C since I really don't have great airflow going into the it.
    - The GPU has MX2 applied to it so I figured it would do well. As for the thermal pads on the ramsink, I wish I had something around me to replace it with.

    Thanks for your questions and sorry that my answered aren't completely satisfying.

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  • angrysnail

    Thats beast..identical looks like Toxic 5970..btw,is it just fit on the reference PCB of 5870 or apply to all size of 5870 PCB?..

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