Five minutes with Panasonic about their 3D TVs

By on April 15, 2010
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Panasonic tells us why Plasma is better than LCD and why you should consider their 3D TV over their competitor.

Panasonic launched their 2010 line of VIERA Plasma High Definition televisions, including Full HD 3D television for the Middle East in Dubai yesterday. I had a chance to talk to Mr. Abby Thomas, Senior Manager, Consumer Electronics Department, Panasonic Marketing Middle East.

Tell us a bit about your 3D TV
This is our 50″ plasma with a 5million:1 contrast ratio that makes the image so real- as though you’re part of it. In sports you really need a fast motion picture and our TV with 600Hz is built for that. We are launching with a 50″ display but also bringing these technologies in our higher sized models like the 65″, 103″ and 150″ later. These TVs include all of our other technologies such as USB HD playback, Skype and Wi-Fi

Can you give us an indication on the price:
We launched it in the US at $2500 (AED 9,200). We still haven’t finalized the price in the UAE but expect it to be something similar.

Do you Expect to be the first in the local market to bring 3D TVs?

I wouldn’t say that we would be the first. We are looking at launching the TV around the World Cup. Its not about always being first. You want to come in the market with a fully featured product. I would like to tell the customers to wait for the best. For example, you are not always looking at your display sitting on a couch in front of the TV. Sometimes you want to lie down or sometimes you are on the floor. With some of the other brands, they (the glasses) switch off if you are on the floor. With our products, you can lie down, walk across the room or stand at any angle without disturbing the 3D picture.

Tell us a bit more abut these Glasses:
When you hold the glasses against the TV, they will automatically power up and when not it use they power down. Our company policy on power saving is something we strictly follow. The infrared connected to these glasses is very powerful and works up to 3 meters without any problems. This range will increase once we release bigger sized models.

Do you always need to wear the glasses to view 3D.
At the moment yes- because you are seeing Full HD images. If you want to see 3D but not HD, you don’t need the glasses. Please understand that your glasses are switching at 120 frames per second so you don’t get a headache. If you look at the TV without glasses, you have to move to experience 3D picture (sways left to right).

What is the battery life on these glasses? How much would an additional pair cost?
100 hours- they’re ordinary watch batteries so they’re easily replaceable. One set of glasses will be included with the unit. Additional sets will costs somewhere between $150 to $200.

Will there be a lot of 3D content available to make use of this new technology?
Al Jazeera has already announced that they will be broadcasting the main matches in 3D. In the US we have already tied up with Discovery and ESPN- I’m sure more will follow. There will also be a range of 3D BluRay titles releasing and we are looking at creating bundles.

Why do you believe the Plasma 3D is better than LCD 3D?
Its a known fact that Plasma motion picture is the best. You can see the comparison by comparing our plasma with our competitors latex LED LCD. I will let you see it and tell me if you think the LED LCD is better.

I would like to thank Abby Thomas for his time and wish Panasonic the best for their upcoming 3D TV.


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