Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 Review

By on March 10, 2010
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Top notch features at a reasonable price.

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The Verdict:
Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 comes packed with some great features and is cheaper than most other antivirus applications. Safe to say, this one’s going on our recommended list.

The 2010 edition of Kaspersky Internet Security comes packed with their Anti-Virus application bundled with new improvements including a handy Safe Run mode to isolate and test applications before a proper install and a Game mode to keep gamers from alerts and popups during their gaming session.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 wasn’t a quick install but was relatively hassle free. Once you place the CD in the drive, navigate your way through its contents and you’ll find two installation files – one for an Arabic installation and the other for English. Right before the installation process begins you’re treated to a confirmation screen where you can agree to use Kaspersky’s new behavioral engine, the Urgent Detection System (UDS). The UDS simply gathers data anonymously from everyone using the Kaspersky Internet Security suite and uses the compiled information to ensure better security for its users.

On commencing the installation process we were advised that an update of the software was available for download online. We decided to download the 74mb update – an unexpected delay in the installation process but on a DSL connection, it was a fairly quick download. Once downloaded and installed, it updated the antivirus database and was quick to start scanning the PC immediately.

Once installed, you’re presented with a range of features in a simple interface. Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 comes loaded with an impressive range of features. Not only does it include all the anti-virus features but a good amount of additional tools to boot. What got our attention were three features in particular – the Safe Run mode, the parental controls and the game mode.

Firstly, the Safe Run sandboxing feature allows you to run applications and websites in an isolated location, keeping it safe from affecting your operating system, files or personal data. This feature is not available in most other anti-virus applications and if you have a habit of downloading a lot of applications to try them out, this gives you an opportunity to test the software in a controlled environment before installing it. The Safe Run mode is definitely one of Kaspersky’s unique selling points.

The parental control mode is great for parents who don’t want their kids accessing dodgy websites. Keep in mind that the parental control feature is switched off by default but once enabled you can either choose to block particular sites or merely keep a log of what sites are being visited.

The third feature we were impressed with was the game mode which switches off all updates and scans while you’re playing a game, thus ensuring that you’re not interrupted mid game. We love this feature because there’s nothing more annoying than being in the middle of an intense boss battle in a game only to have a little window pop up stating that you’re anti-virus software needs updating. Other tools bundled within the package include protections against phishing, banner ads, spam. It also includes firewall control and a network monitor that will allow you to track suspicious network activities.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 comes packed with some great features and is cheaper than most other antivirus applications. Antivirus Comparison website gave it a 3 star rating with better overall performance scores than McAfee and Norton Antivirus. Safe to say, this one’s going on our recommended list.


Hitesh is a tech/games journalist and Business Development Manager for the Tbreak Network.

  • Desktop Games

    Kaspersky is really good, so is the AVIRA. Between those two most viruses are cought.

  • Lesley

    The parental control did not work AT ALL on my computer. I had it set to "child", then did search for sex, murder site, online poker, make your own crystal meth. I wanted to see what could get through the controls. EVERYTHING GOT THROUGH!! I saw things that I had no idea even existed, and that I definitely didn't want my 9 year old to have access to. After being online with a tech for 45 minutes trying to fix it, they gave up and refunded my money. Don't get this for the parental controls!

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  • Getaway

    Probably protection is good, but had no chance to really find out – I had to remove Kasparsky after 2 months of pain with one huge issue (takes a lot of resources and slows down web-browsing dramatically) and many, many tiny issues… Beyond slowing down ALL processes on PC, want to mention the firewall. Very unhappy. I did not find a way to configure it properly for my home LAN. To set-up zones and give access rights based on IPs, etc. Spent some time on this, and then just gave up.
    Removed, installed my previous firewall, antivirus and ad-aware. Had them on all my home PCs and never had issues with performance or bad things… And now I am happy camper again.
    RESUME: Cannot recommend Kaspersky to anyone except housewives… If you get it for free – worth trying. But for money I’d buy something better.

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    I am having a hard time raeirng tech.tbreak.copm in iFrefox 2.2, jsutt figured I might tell you abuot it?

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  • free antivirus comparison


    Its really very excellent post guys.

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