TwinMOS Mobile Disk Q7 64GB USB Drive Review

By on February 28, 2010
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This 64GB USB drive should let you carry plenty of data with you.

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Although not incredibly fast, the Q7 offers a massive 64 storage capacity at a great price.

USB drives are a popular way of carrying your data with you because they are small in size and don’t need any additional power to work. Just plug them into any USB port (found in almost all computers today) and you have access to your data. The amount of data that you can carry on a USB drive has also been increasing with capacities of such drives doubling every few months.

Today, we take a look at out first 64GB USB drive which comes from TwinMOS and is modeled as Mobile Disk Q7 and comes in one of those semi-hard plastic cases that requires a scissor if you don’t want to cut yourself.

The size of Q7 is not very large- it is in fact, smaller that some of the 32GB flash drives that we’ve looked at in the past. I like how the cover of the USB drive is attached to the unit and slides across it making it not only convenient to use but also reducing your chances of losing the cover- believe me, that is quite easy to do if you look at the number of headless USB drives in our office. Here is a short video of it showing you how that works.

The drive, as I mentioned earlier, is 64GB in capacity and after a FAT32 format, leaves you with about 60GB of usable space. On the Disk TwinMOS bundles the UFD utility that lets you do small tasks such as partition the drive into public and private sections as well as save your bookmarks from IE or your emails/contacts from Outlook Express to access from another PC. you can also make the Q7 as a USB-ZIP or USB-HD bootable drive and install an operating system on/from it.

To test the speed, we ran Sandra on it and got the following results.

The Q7 scored 2227ops/minutes under Sandra which is a bit on the slower side. To give you an idea, the fastest USB we’ve tested is the OCZ ATV 8GB and the SanDisk Cruzer 32GB both of which have scored over 4000 in this test. The TwinMOS is a bit faster than the Patriot 64GB we tested that came up with a score of 166ops/minute.

The Q7 is not an incredibly fast USB drive as you can see from the numbers above but speed isn’t necessarily your top-most priority when chosing a USB drive. Capacity and price certainly play an important role along with Warranty. The TwinMOS Q7 sells for AED 540/- (about US$150) which is a pretty impressive price point for a 64GB drive. Most of them cost a good hundred Dirhams more. Warranty on the Q7 is also a very decent 2 years and we definitely like that.


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