Hands-on with Samsung Jet SmartPhone

By on June 16, 2009
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Samsung launched their “Jet” mobile phone today at the extremely posh Atlantis hotel in the Palm Jumeirah. Called Jet because of its speed, the handset features an 800MHz CPU as well as 2GB onboard storage that can be expanded to 16GB. The phone has all the specs of a high-end phone such as HSDPA, Wi-Fi, [...]

Samsung launched their “Jet” mobile phone today at the extremely posh Atlantis hotel in the Palm Jumeirah. Called Jet because of its speed, the handset features an 800MHz CPU as well as 2GB onboard storage that can be expanded to 16GB. The phone has all the specs of a high-end phone such as HSDPA, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth 2.1


However, the first thing you’ll notice about the Jet is the beautiful 3.1″ WVGA screen- it is the best screen I’ve seen on a mobile phone. The AMOLED screen has a resolution of 800×480 and with 16M colors, the color reproduction is stunning to say the least.


The phone runs on Samsung’s proprietary O/S called Samsung Handset Platform or SHP. Samsung plans to develop applications for the O/S and at the moment they have around 30 widgets ready for you to play with. At some time in the future, they plan to get the SDK out for developers to build applications. It won’t happen with the Jet but is more targeted for future Samsung handsets. Already bundled with the phone are “Dolphin” browser based on Webkit 3.0 and Microsoft Exchange support through ActiveSync. I got a chance to play around with one at the launch event. Applications did launch mighty fast with the 800MHz CPU and although the phone felt quite snappy overall, there were times when it felt a tad bit sluggish. The biggest complain I have is that the touch screen is not a capacitive screen but a resistance touch screen meaning its designed more for the stylus than your finger. The following are some videos using the device. We’ll start with the one showing the desktop and then moving on to the camera which is 5.0 MegaPixel. Samsung already has an 8.0 MP camera in a phone with plans for a 12MP camera so if you’re wondering why they chose a 5MP, its probably to lower the costs. Besides, higher MP doesn’t make a better camera and from what I saw, the picture quality on the Jet was awesome. It has dual LED flash as well which will help in darker environments. Next, we have a video of the Task Manager which is pretty cool. As you can see the Jet is capable of multi-tasking and running applications in the background unlike the current champ of touch screen phones. For all the people that are left handed, Samsung has a nice little touch for you- the interface adjusts for the left handed person so scroll bars shift to the left of the screen instead of the right. One very nifty feature is the gesture functionality on the lock screen- you can set gestures in the shapes on alphabets to launch applications or dial numbers directly from the lock screen cutting time. There you have it folks- some interesting footage showing the capabilities of the Jet. We should hopefully have a review sample in the near future for a full-on review. Priced at AED 2250 (about US$620), the Jet should be available to buy this week.


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  • Rubin

    What a brilliant phone indeed – Now that’s what I call a true competitor to the i-phone… Nicely done Samsung!

  • http://www.mobilefun.co.uk steve


    I have just bought a brand new samsung jet and it is the best phone i have ever had. I was a bit sceptical about buying a touch screen phone as I do text a lot, however it is very usable and I love all the features.

    I was worried about scratching the screen so I bought a screen protector from mobile fun which works really well (http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/mega-screen-protector-pack-p18442.htm).

    All in all a fantastic handset which I recommend to anyone.

  • noj

    Hey… from what I’ve heard it’s talk time is 3 ( THREE ! ) hours !!?!
    Felt like someone had poured a bucket of ice-water over my face.
    Gah !
    Frustrating !

  • leo yoon

    I bought this one few days ago.. And I’m still amazed samsung jet~

    It is the best mobile i’ve ever had…SO cool design and perfect UI..

    SO Great~@!!!!!!!

    I wouldn’t regret to buy this mobile!!!

  • sats

    Hi, Can someone comment on whether it has a Stylus and Qwert touch keyboard. without that its tough to manage a touch screen

  • Latifa

    Heyy, i have this mobile now for almost a week! and i shall say its soo amazingg how it works so smoothly with a touch of a finger!And my reply to “sats” no it does not need a stylus but it has a Qwerty keyboard and the original one (2 methods). i couldent believe myself writing extermely faster(in the Qwerty)than my old non touch phone :D And the system that the phone uses is very easy to use and i love all the featuers in it.Befor buying this i was considering buying the nokia 5800 and im so glad that i changed my mind as i heard the the 5800 has alot of issues and so on. And as “steve” said that he bought a screen protecter i was also now thinking of buying one, because there is no silicon protecters made yet as the phone is new.But i will buy one as soon as it hits the markets.
    i give this phone overall 9.5/10 and would never regret buying this. and i think this would be my phone for a very long time :D x

  • Avi

    Hello !
    i’m lookin forward to buy one of these 2 mobiles…
    > Samsung Ultra Touch – s8300
    > Samsung Jet – s8000
    Which one shud i go for…
    yes i do kno about the camera aspects… ie 8 nd 5mp…
    but apart from this which one is better !

  • Justine

    Avi, i would definitely get the Samsung Jet because the ultra has a very slow touch screen and only good for people who have a lot of patience. I am a very impatient person and i got so frustrated with it i swapped to the samsung jet after onlyy a few weeks.

  • Avi

    thanks a ton, Justine… and i guess the battery life is also better in Samsung Jet, as its capacity is higher compared to that of Ultra Touch !

  • Melvin

    wat abt the user interface. i heard that it is a little Querky.

  • Sus

    Is this phone good for texting? or is it fiddly and take a long time?? I’m a major texter but love the sound of this phone!

  • Latifa

    Avi; i would also recommend the samsung jet for you because it has a good battery life 1100 mAh wich the ultra has only 880 mAh!The 5 mp camera is more than enough takes stunning shots and there is no need for a digital camera :D. And the jet has an AOMLED display that looks veryy bright and rich with it’s ah-mazing colors.Plus the internet browsing is very receptive with its 3.1” wide display!

    Melvin; the touch screen is very responsive!I’m getting used to it and I certainly love the idea of having 3 different home pages that u can customize as I wish! And I love the idea of the side bar which also always me to drag widgets on the screen and put them back again if I’m not using them.And ya it has a qwerty keyboard which works just fine.

    Sus:The texting is easyy! believe me cuz it has 2 methods its either the numeric keyboard or the qwerty(i prefer the qwerty as it is much easier to text in).And ya the phone is great! i have it now for almost 3 weeks and a half (:.

    So I would defiantly recommend this phone for anyone who wants a dazzling touch phone for a great price! :D

  • Avi

    Latifa; thanks a lot for the info… m very much impressed by d features of the Jet…
    Also had one small clarification abt Jet…
    i heard tat the music player in d phone cannot read the files from the memory card… and it reads only from the in-built 2gb mem provided… is tat true ??

  • Jay

    Hi, I have bought this phone couple of days ago here in Canada with GSM carrier “Rogers” with full my money $450 CAD. Because Rogers doesn’t provide this phone in Canada as this might be a serious competitor for iPhone they are concentrate on selling now.

    Even I paid a lot of money, I am happy to use this!!!

    I am looking for the English Dictinoary application for this phone now… Anybody has some idea for this???

  • Jay


    No, you got the wrong information… I have added 16GB microSD card. First time, i also have the same problem but, since I have installed PC Studio Samsung phone management program I have a freedom to select internal/external memory to save any type of multi media files…

    I believe this is the best phone in the world at the moment!!!

    ps: dont’ get me wrong, i am not a salesman but i really love this little thing ^^;

  • Avi

    Jay; tats was really nic… after all d fone is a damn gud one, as i can c tat its sellin lik hot-cake all round already !!
    neways m lookin forward to buy this phone… thanx !

  • Ryan

    great phone doesnt come with a stylus but i bought a pair for £3 and has made the accuracy of typing go from 97% affective to 99.9% think the stylus and 16mb microsd card are the only missing extras for this phone. but having said this i bought these iteams for under £30

  • Beth

    I am considering getting the samsung jet, it looks great but i am a lover of rock music and intend on buying a phone that has a great music player. As most of the music i listen to is practically heavy metal, the phone i will be needing has to be good and not “tinny” so i am just wondering from someone who has a one, is it good and worth getting for a music lover? … Thankyou xx

  • hannah

    my samsung jet is on its way somewhere in the post :) has got to be better than this sony ericsson which has 11 cracked buttons and the lack of function from the space button! screen also keeps going green and such so hurry up new phone, cant actually wait :)

  • Tony

    Hi Jay,

    Where did you get the PC Studio Samsung phone management program?
    Is it available on any Samsung site?


  • http://www.etechreviews.net/ Samsung J800 review

    I am impressed by the features of this cell phone. Samsung is one of the very famous and reputed company. Right now I have the Samsung J800. It has 3G capabilities, and many other improvements that have been made into its design. The shiny large chrome keys are unbelievable. a weight of 100g, and measurements of 99×49×15.2mm, but it still delivers plenty of style and charm. The Samsung J800 comes equipped with many of the preferred features such as voice recording, an organizer, currency converter etc.Price is quiet reasonable. For more details refer http://www.etechreviews.net/review-of-samsung-j800-cell-phone-built-for-class/

  • Latifa

    Beth : ya sure it is good for a music playing, the playlist scrolls just like the ipod touch.And it has a 2 gb built-in along with 4 gb microSD (can be extended up to 16gb) so its more than enough(: x
    Tony:The PC studio is in a CD that comes with the product itself.

  • Christine josephs

    Can anyone tell me about the camera? Does it produce ultraclear images? Cant we instal windows pro. in it? Which games r there in this dynamic mob.?

  • anil

    Problems List: (My own experience)
    * Randomly “Recent Contacts” goes blank
    * SMS
    ** you can’t delete a single word – only option is to delete char by char
    ** SMS – you can’t select portion of SMS to delete
    ** Prediction – scrolling T9 words is a pain and even selection
    * Can’t organise the icons on 1st screen of 3
    * Can’t take backup/restore of all settings like Symbian
    * Touch screen is very slow, I type 2 times faster
    * Cant receive a call even using Left Button when you are doing operation like calculator, or editing address book
    * Setting Internet profile for every app and every time before starting the app is a BIG PAIN.. Why can’t we get an option dynamically before we start surfing like Nokia 5800
    * Samsung Studio is very sloppy and needs more work
    * Phone goes in QWERTY even with slight change in direction.. I Hate it..there should be an option to disable it
    * Double click in browser is a PAIN, many times double-click zooms the page instead of opening a link.
    * Samsung should learn to keep the switch off button separate like Nokia.
    * Volume button is in odd place compare to normal phones – designer must be left handed
    * When you are reading SMS and you would like to call the person who SMS’ed you- not possible
    * You can’t get rid off the 2 lines at the bottom for Java apps. Ask Symbian Guru’s how to do that.

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    i can’t get rifd of the widget applications on my screen, i’ve tried dragging them back into the left hand side menu bit can’t. Please advise me someone as they are doing my head in. Thanks.

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