Armored Core V Review

By on April 30, 2012

Lack of sense defile From Software’s latest imagining of combat mechs.

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  • Rami Al Ahmad

    wow , while i am glad to see a respectable score of a 7/10 for armored core , i can clearly say that ur review is very poor for the franchise , you sir are poorly educated in the fine art of ARMORED CORE and i think it was best you left the reviewing for a master RAVEN pilot , the game is rewarding , brutal , imposing and most of all it does not hold your hand while you play as is every game of the series , i have finished it with 100% completion rate and i assure you kind sir , THE GRAPHICS ARE SUBLIME , i dont know if it was your dirty spectacles or bad resolution of the tv you are using , seriously dissapointed with your review.

    • Khalil Daou

      It’s always great to hear some feedback. But I believe you skipped through my conclusion since you did prove me right! And regarding the graphics, I have to disagree – Armored Core V is far from being “sublime”. Maybe you enjoyed the art direction, but for me it felt dated/unattractive, and for the most part in terms of presentation, ACV lags way behind in comparison to games from this generation.

  • Tucson Locksmith

    Armored Core, a classic series that spawned thirteen installments,

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