Turba Review

By on August 18, 2010

Beat-based block-busting fun…for a while.

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  • http://www.turbagame.com Jonathan Delong

    Thanks for writing a review for our game! It always means a great deal to us to see critical feedback :) . I was a little surprised by the hit in the overall value department to be honest. I think for the price it's at we are offering quite a lot to keep you playing long enough to get more than your money's worth. I can see it wearing on you faster if you aren't a fan of the type of game though I suppose. At least you had fun while it lasted lol :

  • Rohan Anchan

    My pleasure, and I did indeed enjoy the game quite a lot while the novelty lasted! With the low "Value" score, it is exactly as you mentioned about the fun wearing thin quick if one is not a fan of the particular type, and as such, that theory applies to any game in the biz, indie or mainstream. And as reviewers, we simply have to detach ourself from our personal preferences and look at it from the point-of-view of gamers in general. I respect your opinion and agree on your statement of it providing enough value for money, but only *if* the player in question is an absolute fan of such game types.
    Having said that, I definitely give you guys a thumbs up for the concept and mechanics, be interesting to see your future work for sure. Good luck! :-)

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