Max Payne 3 system requirements are rather worrisome

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Rockstar has today revealed the system requirements to run the PC version of Max Payne 3, and by the looks of it, you will need a seriously mid-to-high rig to run this at max.

Max Payne 3 PC System Specifications

Operating System:
 Windows 7 32/64 Service Pack 1, Windows Vista 32/64 Service Pack 2, Windows XP 32/64 Service Pack 3

Intel Dual Core 2.4 GHZ – i7 3930K 6 Core x 3.06 GHZ / AMD Dual Core 2.6 GHZ – FX8150 8 Core x 3.6 GHZ

2GB – 16GB

Video Card:
NVIDIA 8600 GT 512MB VRAM – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 2GB VRAM / Radeon HD 3400 512MB VRAM – Radeon HD 7970 3GB VRAM

Sound Card:
100% Direct X 9.0 compatible – Direct X 9.0 compatible supporting Dolby Digital Live

HDD Space:
35 GB

16GB of RAM? GTX 680? 35GB of space? Holy cow.

Here are some screens from the PC version:

Gabe Newell cryptically confirms Half Life 3?

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Seven Day Cooldown‘s interview with Gabe Newell has a lot of quotes and little stories that is making news currently. There was one with the DoTA 2 being free, and Newell not being impressed with Origin. And now, there is another one, and by the looks of it, the most important one.

When asked about Half Life 3, Newell decided it was time to reveal Ricochet 2 and the game’s “giant story arc” that they are not really clear about.

“In terms of Ricochet 2, we always have this problem that when we talk about things too far in advance,” he said.

“We end up changing our minds as we’re going through and developing stuff, so as we’re thinking through the giant story arc which is Ricochet 2, you might get to a point where you’re saying something is surprising us in a positive way and something is surprising us in a negative way, and, you know, we’d like to be super-transparent about the future of Ricochet 2.”

“The problem is, we think that the twists and turns that we’re going through would probably drive people more crazy than just being silent about it, until we can be very crisp about what’s happening next.”

For those that did not get the hint, Newell is clearly referring to Half Life 3 albeit in a cryptic and cheeky way. Ricochet 2 is unlikely to happen, and if it were true, well, we would assume there would be a bigger announcement before Valve’s CEO randomly name-drops it in an interview.

Although it’s not an official confirmation, fans can take a breather knowing that, yes, Half Life 3 is indeed in the works. It’s just taking a bit of time.

Resistance: Burning Skies Hands-on Preview

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If you have been waiting for a FPS to come out on the PS Vita already then the release of Resistance: Burning Skies on May 29th/30th next month is surely an important day to you. While developer Insomniac left the series in the hands of Sony, developer Nihilistic Software were given the chance to continue the franchise with this brand new entry. We managed to get a hands-on a preview build of the game and so far things are looking pretty well for the next installment of the Resistance franchise.

Resistance: Burning Skies is set between the events of Resistance 1 and 2 and it tells the story of a brand new protagonist named Tom Riley. Riley is a New York fireman that is thrown into the action both because of his duty and his need to protect his family. The game opens off with the Chimera starting their invasion into U.S. soil for the first time. You control Riley in New York City trying to secure the safety of civilians while searching for his family to make sure they are out of harm’s way. The preview build ran for the first three stages and it seems that the game overall retains the Resistance feel quite well. The visuals in Burning Skies are well done especially when it comes to the character models, the environments however lacked detailed textures and often felt inferior compared the characters. There were also a few notable frame drops whenever a lot of action is going on screen but both problems can’t be fully judged just yet as this was a mere preview build.

The controls are the obvious main change in Resistance: Burning Skies, and while at first they take a bit of getting used to they do end up working pretty well. The top triggers and face action buttons follow the standard setup from previous Resistance games, and the availability of the dual analog sticks on the system makes sure that Nihilistic is trying to deliver an FPS experience with no compromises. The two significant changes to the controls however are the sprinting and the use of secondary weapons. Sprinting is now done by either tapping twice on the back touch panel while holding forward at the same time or by holding down on the D-Pad. As for secondary weapons, they are activated through the use of different specified gestures on the touch screen. The control scheme does the job well and is definitely heads and shoulders above anything I have experienced from the genre on a handheld.

The Weapon wheel returns from Resistance 1 and 3 as well as the ability to upgrade weapons using a type of technology called Grey tech that you collect as you progress through the game. It’s also important to note that the upgrades in this game are limited and you need to choose which kind of enhancements you would want in each weapon. The fact that you can’t upgrade everything to max performance means that choice is an important factor in the game and it can dictate how you use each weapon available in your arsenal.

Nihilistic are looking to deliver a solid FPS experience on a handheld device for the first time with Resistance: Burning Skies and it seems that they have done a good job of reaching their goal. The PS Vita has plenty of input options and Nihilistic made sure that they choose things that work well to use system’s offerings effectively . Resistance: Burning Skies is looking to be a welcomed entry to the PS Vita’s library and one that would set a new standard for the FPS genre on handheld devices.

Torchlight II Cinematic Trailer

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New Super Mario Bros. 2 confirmed for 3DS

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Nintendo has announced New Super Mario. Bros. 2 for the 3DS. The game will be out in August and will have a simultaneously launch in Japan and the US. There is no word on an European release.

The game was announced during the Nintendo Direct event, with Nintendo America tweeting out the announcement publicly.

Japanse blog Esuteru managed to take screencaps from the Ustream video of the event. They are posted below.

UK Charts: The Witcher II takes top spot

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CD Projekt’s The Witcher II: Enhanced Edition, which released both for the PC and Xbox 360, has shot to the top in this week’s UK sales chart.

The long reigning FIFA Street is no. 2 this week, with FIFA 12 and Kinect Star Wars following it on no. 3 and no. 4, resp.

"No. 1 I tell you!", "What, no way!"

Here are the top ten:
1. The Witcher II: Assassins of Kings: Enhanced Edition
2. FIFA Street
3. FIFA 12
4. Kinect Star Wars
5. Mass Effect 3
6. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13
7. Battlefield 3
8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
9. Mario & Sonic at the London Olympics
10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Newell: “EA isn’t doing anything super-well with Origin”

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Valve man Gabe Newell isn’t super-impressed with Origin yet. It was evident in his interview with Seven Day Cooldown where he said that EA is currently only playing catch up to those that are already in the business for years, such as, you know, Steam.

“They have a lot of work to do to get to where they need to be and where I, as a customer would want them to be,” he said. “I don’t think they’re doing anything super-well yet.

“They have a bunch of smart people working on it but I think they’re still playing catch up to a lot of people who have been working in the space for a while. I think they’re recognising what the challenges are with building and scaling out this kind of system.”

Unlike its users, Newell actually believes Origin will get better.

“That’s not to say they won’t build stuff in the future that is useful to software developers or to gamers but they haven’t done that yet.”

Newell also reiterated that Valve would still like to have EA’s game on Steam, at least for the convenience of the customer if for nothing else.

“We think their customers would be happy if their games were on Steam, we tell them that on a regular basis,” he said. “I think EA wants to take their shot at building their own alternative to Steam, and if they’re successful at that and their customers like that then that’s great.

“[But] whatever they’re trying to do to create value for their customers is not a zero sum game.”

New Call of Duty reveal coming May 1st

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Activision has transformed the official Call of Duty website into a teaser for this year’s installment.

The website promises a “world reveal” on May 1st. If you are in the US, or have access to the TNT channel, you can catch the trailer during the Basketball Playoffs. Of course, it will soon make its way to the Internet, so stay tuned for that.

Call of Duty: Black Ops or Eclipse?

We will have more on this new Call of Duty on May 2nd. Stay tuned for our coverage!

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