Obsidian and Planescape developers could come in for Wastelands 2

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inXile’s Brain Fargo, who recently Kickstarted $1.6 million to develop Wasteland 2, has brought forth a rather interesting proposition – something fans of the series couldn’t possibly refuse. This is what he proposes: fund the project to at least $2.1 million and he will rope in developers from Obsidian Entertainment, and Planescape: Torment creator Chris Avellone in order to help develop the game.

The geniuses behind some of the most seminal RPGs of all time, coming together for an old-school hardcore RPG? Gamers, you need to make this happen.

“Wasteland is one of my favorite RPGs of all time, and when Brian asked if I wanted to work on the sequel, I jumped at the chance. While I’ve worked on Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas, getting the chance to work on the spiritual successor to the Fallout franchise is a honor,” Chris Avellone said to RPS.

“I have a history with the guys at Obsidian that dates back to the days of Interplay’s Black Isle studios. Together we created some of the greatest RPG’s of all time, from Fallout 1 & 2 to titles like Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment. It is great that we now have a chance to reunite on a project like Wasteland 2,” said Brain Fargo.

“Obsidian has an incredible library of story, dialog and design tools that they have used to create hits like Neverwinter Nights 2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, and of course, Fallout: New Vegas. Regardless of the tech we use to develop the game, experience with these tools will help us efficiently design the game without wasting time and resources on the tools needed for development.”

The Wasteland 2 Kickstarter campaign still has a good 17 days to go. If you would like to see the three greats coming together, pledge away.

BioWare Donates 400 Protest Cupcakes to Charity

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400 cupcakes promised, 400 cupcakes delivered. As a mark of protest, a group of Mass Effect 3 Ending Opposers (about time we gave ‘them’ a name, right?) delivered $1000 worth of cupcakes to BioWare’s offices today. The cupcake came in three colors, divided into equal parts of Red, Blue, and Green. And while they appear to look and taste different, they don’t. Just like the game’s ending.

Now one would normally expect the recipient to post a message thanking fans for the mouth watering deliciousness and that they would consume them just as soon as the message is typed and sent, BioWare has instead stated that they will be donating them to a nearby youth shelter.

I can smell the deliciousness from right here. I am hungry...

“The gesture certainly gained our attention both with its creativity and deliciousness. However, while we do appreciate that fans were creative in how they expressed their views, after a lot of discussion, we decided ultimately the reason that they were sent was not done in the context of celebrating the work or accomplishment of the Mass Effect 3 team. This is a subtle, but important aspect in determining how to pass the feedback to the team,” said Chris Priestly in a forum post.

“BioWare regularly works with many deserving charities, as such it was decided that rather than passing out the cupcakes to staff or wasting good food, to donate them on behalf of our fans to a local Edmonton youth shelter. We know that for the kids that have to use this facility, something as simple as a cupcake is a rare treat and would definitely brighten up their day. Thank you to the fine folks at the local youth shelter for accepting the donation and to the fans who donated the cupcakes.

Skyrim’s travel posters makes you wish they were of real places

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Marked with artistic minimalism and rendered with a coat of vintage, these Skyrim travel posters makes you wish the towns and cities depicted were real, living portals to the enigmatic sights and sounds that they promise to hold.

Who wouldn’t want to take in the sights of the looming, snow caked city of Winterhold, or the majestical presence of The Throat of the World near Whiterun? They promise so much.

These are the works of artist Dean Walton who has managed to capture the fantastical and magical nature of the places found in Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim perfectly. Thankfully, the posters are for sale, and can be had from GamerPrint for £12.00 a pop.

Thanks, Reddit.

Oh EA, you have done it again – Battlefield 3 now has paid unlocks

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Battlefield 3′s promised patch is now out and available. The patch not only addresses long-standing issues, but also brings a slew of new features, such as honking jeeps, Commo-Rose features, and oh look at what we have here – “Shortcut Bundles”.

Allow DICE to explain, “Today, we are also offering 10 different shortcut items for sale for Battlefield 3 on PC. If you’re new to the game, this is the perfect way to gain some ground on the veterans online. Or if you’d love to get your hands on those AA missiles for jets instantly, this is for you.”

In short, if you are unwilling to play for hours upon end, and are willing to shell out an additional $25, you can unlock just about every equipment right away. “Gain some ground on the veterans”, as they put it.

Here’s a rundown on the Shortcut Bundles:
- Vehicle Shortcut: $18
- Engineer Shortcut: $7
- Support Shortcut: $7
- Assault Shortcut: $7
- Recon Shortcut: $7
- Kit Shortcut: $25
- Ground Vehicle Shortcut: $10
- Air Vehicle Shortcut: $10
- Co-Op Weapons Shortcut: $5
- Ultimate Shortcut: $25

The worst part about this is that DICE never deemed it necessary to mention the Shortcut Bundles in their very communicative and feedback driven patch work they had been doing for the past month or so. Quite clearly, this is a straight up money grab, and highly unfair to those that toiled away to unlock their equipment, or to new players that are unwilling to pay for the bundles.

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