Did BioWare hint at Mass Effect 3 ending in Mass Effect 1?

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A find by a Reddit user while re-playing Mass Effect 1 suggest that BioWare may have foreshadowed Mass Effect 3′s ending.

The user found a codex titled ‘Klencory’ which speaks of “lost crypts of beings of light”, who were created “at the dawn of time to protect organic life from synthetic “machine devils”.

While this certainly raises eyebrows, a discussion on the same Reddit post speculate that the “beings of light” could be nothing but a VI remnant from a lost cycle, perhaps a Prothean VI.

Whatever it is, it does seem to make for an interesting discussion.

Win a Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset

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The Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 lets you level up without being tied down. Gaming-grade wireless gives you a lag-free, interference-resistant connection with a range of up to 40 feet (12 meters)-so nothing stands between you and victory. 7.1 surround sound powered by Dolby technology delivers a detailed, positional sound field that lets you hear your opponents before they see you. You’ll have total command over music, voice morphing, chat clients and more with three programmable G-keys. And a memory foam-lined headband fends off fatigue, while plush ear pads ease pressure points and seal out unwanted noise.

- Gaming-grade wireless: Reliable lag-free performance with up to 40 ft. wireless range
- Immersive 7.1 surround sound: Advanced Dolby technology delivers detailed positional audio
- Three programmable G-keys: Customize with one-touch commands over chat clients, voice morphing and more
- Noise-cancelling boom mic: Reduces background noise and auto mutes when rotated up
- Works with Windows-based PCs

Thanks to Logitech, we have one Logitech G930 wireless gaming headset to give away.

Interplay creator: Publishers treat developers very poorly

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Interplay founder Brian Fargo has criticized publishing houses for treating developers poorly. In his interview with RipTen, Fargo showed concern over the amount of pressure publishers apply onto developers, either forcing them to work overtime to meet deadlines, or forcefully bound them into contracts based on unfair ends.

“There is more tension than you can believe. You would not believe the stories you hear about how developers are treated by publishers these days. It is abysmal,” he said.

“Because they are afraid to talk, because they’ll never get another contract if they do. That’s why. You cannot believe… it’s awful. It’s really bad.

“Look at the most recent one with those poor guys at Obsidian. They did Fallout: New Vegas, the ship date got moved up and, who does the QA on a project? The publisher is always in charge of QA. When a project goes out buggy, it’s not the developer. The developer never says, ‘I refuse to fix the bug,’ or, ‘I don’t know how.’ They never do that. It’s the publisher that does the QA, so if a product goes out buggy, it’s not the developer’s fault.

“So, [Fallout: New Vegas] goes out buggy and they didn’t do the QA, their ship date got moved up and they missed their metacritic rating by one point. Did they get a bonus? No. Do you think that’s fair?

“It’s not all publishers,” he added. “I haven’t worked with all publishers, so I can’t speak for them all, but I’ve had enough of my own horrible stories. I have friends who are big developers and we sit around telling stories. The smartest people I meet are the developers; their business acumen. They’re not the ones who control the checks, though.”

Fargo faced rejections from multiple publishers when he pitched the idea of developing an old-school hardcore strategy game with Wasteland 2. However, he found success with the audience when his Kickstarter campaign, to raise the requisite amount of $900,000 to cover the development cost, met its goal within days. The campaign is still alive and has already amassed $1,637,870 with 32,838 backers.

“I feel so much more connected now to the public,” said Fargo. “Normally, when you’re working for a publisher, you’re trying to get your own vision across, of course. You’re also jumping through hoops to make some guy or group happy, and it’s not necessarily what the fans want. It’s what we have to do in order to get paid. There’s a bit of a disconnect.

“Now, I’m on the front lines, looking eye to eye with the fans and they’re telling me, ‘Brian this is what we want. You better deliver.’ I like the process better. It’s more personal and more intense.”

Sony announces three new PS Home-exclusive games

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Sony Computer America has announced exclusive new games for its virtual world, PlayStation Home. The games will be doled out in the coming months and will bring doses of naval combat, post-apocalyptic shooter and multiplayer RPG experiences to your virtual crib.

Here are the official descriptions:
Cutthroats: Battle for Black Powder Cove : This team-based game puts treasure-troving, ship-sinking scoundrels in a series of breathtaking battles for riches beyond your wildest imagination. In this free-to-play platform exclusive, six teams of up to four players each take to the high seas, blasting each other’s boats to smithereens in an ongoing sequence of seafaring skirmishes to increase XP and unlock exclusive content.

No Man’s Land: Hyper-violent, intensely gritty, and absolutely not for the faint-of-heart, No Man’s Land is a post-apocalyptic third-person shooter unlike any other game in the history of PlayStation Home. Race through urban wastelands where chaos and disorder are ever-present, dodging enemy fire and exacting revenge on roaming bands of death-addicted warriors in a world gone mad. Squads of up to four players each clash in two game modes – Team Deathmatch and Scavengers – in pulse-pounding multiplayer mayhem where only the savage survive.

Mercia: Enter the fractured realms of Mercia, Home’s exclusive multiplayer RPG (Role-Playing Game). Take up your sword and embark on a journey through a fantastical world where adventure lies around every corner. With a high-fantasy narrative and gameplay elements that recount the most popular action RPGs of all time, Mercia offers players an enchanting online game experience across wondrous lands where heroes are born…and magic reigns supreme.

New Game of Thrones trailer has a lot of anger, shouting

Denis Dyack: Used games will “cannibalize” the video game industry

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The opinionated Silicon Knights head Denis Dyack has jumped in to support Microsoft and Sony in their supposed pursual against used games. He spoke with GamesIndustry soon after Kotaku broke news that Sony’s next PlayStation, Orbis, will feature an anti-used game system, much like what Microsoft plans to do with its new Xbox machine, Durango.

In his interview, Dyack argues that used games, other than being a major deterrent to potential profits for a publisher, will also make video games more expensive to own as games no longer have the benefit of a “long tail” of sales.

“Because there are no used games, you could actually sell a game for a long time, and get recurring revenue for quite a while. Recurring revenue is very key. Now there is no tail. Literally, you will get most of your sales within three months of launch, which has created this really unhealthy extreme where you have to sell it really fast and then you have to do anything else to get money,” he said.

Of course, making games is a hard and expensive process. Each part, even minute things, require a significant investment that publisher have take in order to sell games. From their perspective, a used game sale means no business – the pre-owned customer might as well be a pirate. However, if used games are curbed, what guarantees that, that pre-owned customer, who now can no longer purchase games at a price he can afford, will come back as a proper, full-price paying customer? What if he doesn’t? Wouldn’t it be even worse to stop that customer from playing a developer’s game if he could potentially be an actual customer in the future as a result of being impressed by that developer’s work?

Dyack believes that could be curtailed if games became cheaper – which it will, he says, once used games stops inflating development costs.

“I would argue, and I’ve said this before, that used games are cannibalizing the industry. If developers and publishers don’t see revenue from that, it’s not a matter of hey ‘we’re trying to increase the price of games to consumers, and we want more,’ we’re just trying to survive as an industry. If used games continue the way that they are, it’s going to cannibalize, there’s not going to be an industry. People won’t make those kinds of games. So I think that’s inflated the price of games, and I think that prices would have come down if there was a longer tail, but there isn’t,” he added.

One could argue back with the case of Steam. Developers do not have to worry about used game sales on that platform since games are locked to a particular account. Yet, games still sell at $60, a slightly larger margin than the accepted, and steadily declining norm, of $40 as PC games do not entail royalties to the multiple platform manufacturers. Why then, haven’t PC games become cheaper? Why then, have developers not tried to make a point that the absence of used game sales could in turn benefit customers?

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Angry Birds Space downloaded 10 million times in just three days

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Angry Birds is yet again proving being such a phenomenon. The latest version has registered 10 million downloads in just under three days from flinging into space.

Rovio divulged the figure via Twitter, choosing to share the first achieved milestone with the public. “10 million Angry Birds Space downloads in less than 3 days! Thanks to our fans, stay tuned for more!” reads the Tweet.

Ten million presumably is the number attained across all platforms, including the free ad-supported versions for Android devices. Have you downloaded Angry Birds Space yet?

Battlefield 3 PC patch dated for tomorrow

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Battlefield 3’s new patch for the PC has been in development for months, DICE has revealed. It should roll out tomorrow (Thursday).

Battlefield community manager Daniel Matros confirmed the release date in a tweet, saying: “PC patch has a date which is tomorrow. Coming in hot we will go into maintenance mode from 9-11:30 CET. More details coming on the blog.”

As for the Xbox 360 patch, Matros assured fans that they haven’t forgotten about them. So when should it come out? “No ETA right now”.

A massive PlayStation 3 patch went live yesterday, bringing a host of new features, tweaks and fixes, most notably the server rentals and in-game item purchases.

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