Zombie Gunship for iPhone Review
Posted on: August 15, 2011
Killing the zombie horde just got more intense!

Final Fantasy: Crystal Defenders for iPhone Review
Posted on: August 14, 2011
A cooking pot of Final Fantasy and Tower Defense games.

Epic Games doesn’t see the point of next-gen consoles
Posted on: August 11, 2011
Believes playing iPhone games is the future due to “ridiculous acceleration” of mobile tech.

Avadon: The Black Fortress HD Review
Posted on: August 2, 2011
An old school RPG strictly for the fans of yesteryear's gaming.

Keiji Inafune announces first post-Capcom project
Posted on: July 25, 2011
Mega Man creator goes cute in social game for iOS and Android.

Don’t expect to see Pokemon games on smartphones, says Nintendo
Posted on: July 13, 2011
Pikachu & friends won’t join Android and iOS systems anytime soon.

i Love Katamari for iOS Review
Posted on: July 10, 2011
Insanely Addicting, only if the controls don’t kill you first.

New iOS game brings first gay superhero
Posted on: July 3, 2011
'Supergay' has players fight off beautiful ladies in...erm, 'nice' outfits.

Bungie officially unveils Aerospace
Posted on: June 30, 2011
No, it’s not a game, but a resource partner program for mobile indie devs.

Saudi Arabia devs launches Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta
Posted on: June 26, 2011
Action adventure title based on real events surrounding Muslim explorer Ibn Battuta.

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