Will my next gaming console be Apple TV?
Posted on: May 8, 2012
The possibilities are unprecedented.

Blog: Where is PS Vita after two months of its release?
Posted on: May 2, 2012
A blockbuster launch, bulging launch titles and an impressive hardware set. Why has PS Vita still failed to pick up?

BioWare, explain Mass Effect 3′s ending, not change it
Posted on: March 24, 2012
An otherwise decision on the developer’s part may send the gaming industry reeling back as a storytelling medium.

Kickstarter could change the way we buy and support games
Posted on: March 20, 2012
The possibilities with crowd funding.

RANT: Dear Developers, Y U No Make Pause Button?
Posted on: March 18, 2012
We really, really need it. Seriously.

Is this the meaning of the protagonist’s name in Assassin’s Creed 3?
Posted on: March 15, 2012
'Ratohnhaké:ton' might have nothing to do with 'birds'.

Could Valve’s Steam Box stagnate PC gaming?
Posted on: March 3, 2012
A living room system that could run PC games? That sounds...familiar.

Could Assassin’s Creed’s American Revolution work?
Posted on: March 1, 2012
Approaching Assassin's Creed new setting with caution.

Mass Effect 3 IS better with Kinect
Posted on: February 21, 2012
For starters, it doesn't make you look THAT stupid.

How accessible should fighting games be?
Posted on: February 20, 2012
Where do you draw the line?

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