Super Street Fighter 4 Review

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Street Fighter 4 had a load of surprises packed in for arcade gaming fans including a 25-character roster and a change in game design from a 2D to a 3D aspect of gameplay. Super Street Fighter 4 adds ten new characters to the roster, features the long-awaited return of bonus levels that many Street Fighter fans have longed for, a bunch of online features and includes a new storyline for each of its characters.

Street Fighter 4 reinvented the franchise incorporating a new 2D and 3D mix of gameplay. Graphically the game was beautiful, offering great character design and a pushed the level design in 3D as well as through interactive environments. For example, Chun-Li’s Market town level was simply gorgeous. Super Street Fighter 4 offers much more than anticipated with new and faster player modes and greater interactions with the old levels as well as the new ones.

Players with previous Street Fighter experience will be able to pick up and play the game with ease. Super Street Fighter 4 offers players the same button configuration that fans of the franchise have grown to love plus you can also buy the new Super Street Fighter 4 arcade sticks that’s also fully compatible with other fighting games.

All the characters in the game also have new ultra combos that’s easier to perform than Street Fighter 4. This so that even novice players can to participate in this great fighting game.

Dee Jay makes a comeback in Super Street Fighter 4

Super Street Fighter 4 also offers some new soundtracks as well as previous tracks that many players have grown to love. Street Fighter purists will appreciate the fact that you have the option to switch from English to Japanese voice overs. The English voice overs still remains as terrible as ever. The sounds effects are still top notch though – from Ryu’s Hadoken to Guile’s Sonic Boom sounding brilliant in 7.1 Dolby Digital.

Super Street Fighter 4 adds more value with its roster offering players with additional classic characters such as Dee Jay (Super SFII), T. Hawk (Super SFII), Guy (Final Fight), Cody (Final Fight), Adon (SF Alpha), Makoto (SFIII: 3rd Strike), Dudley (SFIII) as well as offering new characters such as Juri and Turkish oil-wrestler Hakan, bringing the total line-up to 35 characters, making it the largest Street Fighter roster ever. The game also brings back the highly anticipated bonus levels which include car smashing and barrel bashing between levels.

The popular bonus stages are back

Where the game really changes is the online mode, bringing in new features such as a replay mode where players can watch previous matches to gain experience, team battles where gamers can participate in a 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3 or 4 vs. 4 elimination match and endless battle modes which simulates an arcade machine style of gameplay in which the winner stays on. The game also offers more challenge modes and all characters are unlocked from the start so you can get right into it out of the box. Adding to the value of the game is the fact that Capcom has made this game less expensive than its predecessor. Street Fighter veterans and newcomers to series alike will find this the best value of any game in the series.

In a nutshell, Super Street Fighter 4 offers new characters, great gameplay, amazing value and best of all great replay value. This game is a must have. In the words of Street Fighter “A new Challenger has approached”.

Street Fighter 4

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Hardcore gamers or regular ‘Arcade’ folk will recognize the series of street fighter and welcome it with open arms and say, “This what fighting games are all about”. With their hardcore joypads and amazingly designed arcade sticks for the preparation of a ‘new challenger on approach’ gamers rejoice and welcome this classic 2D fighting game to the new and next generation of gamers. For those who are not familiar with the street fighter genre, its debut started in 1987 in Japanese arcades and since then it was picked up by everyone and also imported to the US where it’s image has changed the arcade atmosphere forever. With it’s simple 2D graphics in a fighting genre and intense combo moves, it soon became more of a culture in the hardcore gaming world. The announcement of SF4 came on October 17th 2007, 8 years after the previous street fighter game, street fighter 3 (the 3rd strike). SF4 is now welcoming gamers into the new and next generation of consoles as well as the PC version.

Anybody who has even picked up a ‘Street Fighter’ title would automatically be able to jump into the game. The controls of SF4 match those of previous ‘Street Fighter’ games so hardcore gamers will be able to jump right in to performs Ryu’s famous “ Hadoken” move along with the other famous characters including 4 new characters, the arcade characters and a new final boss. But SF4 has a lot to offer new comers as well. New Comers to the series will be able to practice the moves in the new training mode of the game and be able to refresh themselves with the Challenge mode as well to learn some of the new and advanced moves. SF4 will also introduce new attacks as well, such as the Focus, Super and Ultra moves that the players can initiate. Focus attacks will allow players to deflect other enemies’ attacks as well as provide momentum for the gamer to perform his combo attack; super attacks follow those of the Street Fighter Ex series which provide a quick combo initiation different for each character while ultra will go into a series of attacks in a beautiful and painful attack combo if landed perfectly. Gamers will also have online support, which is a first for the series, taking the talent or action online against other hardcore street fighter addicts, as well as new arcade mode where online gamers will be able to challenge you while playing the online career mode, giving gamers the “Arcade” feel when being challenged in the local arcades.
SF4 incorporates a new graphic design that most hardcore gamers will appreciate to and still impress newcomers to the genre. With an artistic look and an intense 3D-like graphics, SF4 still manages to maintain it’s 2D style gameplay, which is new, as well as classic for fighting games. It has been a while since a 2D fighter has been played and the Street Fighter series believes it is best to maintain that “Charisma”. The stages and character design are well created, including the classic “Chinese Market” stage, giving gamers a new and refreshed look on the Street Fighter series. The stages are also interactive as well as artistic to match the new character designs. Though the game has some bad points where the use of such graphical design was not implemented everywhere through out the game such as the Introductions of each character as well as the endings. Rather, SF4 takes certain clips of the animated movie, being released with the collector’s edition, to follow the storyline of the character. Not to mention the Menu of the game that matches those of the arcades and provides no new feel to the series. It would have been nice to see a new design and a much more interactive menu for such a title but I personally think that’s what Street Fighter is all about, having that “arcade” feel to it.

Street Fighter 4’s soundtrack is beautifully done, giving gamers Classic street fighter music that you would expect to hear in the genre. The game Offers Techno, Classic and Japanese pop style of music keeping the player upbeat and ready to perform that ‘Sonic Boom’ move to the beat. As well as classic street fighter enthusiasts are also treated to the recreated version of the street fighter “Fight” music. Character voice acting though is where the game lacks. Character speeches before each fight are somewhat repetitive as well as not interesting and almost pay no attention to the storyline. A nice new feature added to SF4, once unlocked, is the ability to swap the English speeches with those of the Japanese speeches including the voice acting, giving gamers the choice of each individual voice acting in the game. Also the sounds of the environment of the levels and characters sounds during gameplay are remastered to sound, yet again, amazing. Playing this game on a 5.1 surround system will show how interactive and life like the designs and feel of the levels and characters in the game are, and how amazing the character “moves” sound.

A good number of unlockables are offered in this game keeping single player gamers busy for a while. Some characters are required to be unlocked in the game like the infamous “Akuma” or the new and finally introduced “Gouken” character that is new for the series. But right of the bat, the main characters, Ryu, Ken, Bison and others will be available including the 4 new characters, C.Viper, Abel, El Fuete and Rufus as well, a total of 25 characters to choose from once they have been unlocked. Having a simple yet competitive online mode gives gamers the edge of the series with an active online mode as well as an online arcade mode against hardcore street fighter fans. Gamers that can put to the test the new Challenge modes either to learn some of the new or old advanced moves of the game or to test their wits against the odds. Which version to buy you ask? Both versions offer the same features, both run wonderfully, both have trophy and achievement support for hardcore gamers and to be honest it doesn’t matter which version you choose, Street Fighter is back and it is back with a strong uppercut.

Street Fighter 4 provides great fun for all gamers with tons of hardcore achievements including an achievement for being ranked 1st in the online mode of the series. It also offers great challenges and a classic story mode that matches, if not surpasses the previous street fighter titles. To me, all of the street fighter titles are amazing and a must own. SF4 has great replay value and offers hardcore SF4 fans a lot including downloadable content and the new introduction of the official Madcatz Street Fighter 4 Fightsticks and Joypads which will help hardcore gamers in the D-pad issue with stock controllers providing also a turbo function as well.  Street Fighter 4 is a must-have title for any fan of the genre and I can’t wait to see how SF4 will bring more competition to the Street Fighter world. Street Fighter is back and it is here to stay once again. “Sonic Boom’.

GAMES 08 Day One Coverage

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Today was the first day (trade only) of the Games Alliance Middle East Show and we were there to catch up on all action. Here is a brief of all the company presentations that took place.

9:00 am – 9:45 am

Activision Event:

The Activision event kicked off with a couple of game announcements that were mentioned already in their recent Activision annual event. They also showcased the new James Bond game, which will feature the storyline of the upcoming movie Quantum of Solace but since there was no Bond game for the previous movie, it will feature scenes from the previous movie Casino Royale.

9:45 am – 10:30 am

Started out with a Video of the upcoming titles for the fall session. Showcasing Fifa 09, Dead Space, Mirror’s Edge, NBA 09 and the new Need for Speed: Undercover game.

They also Showcased the New Fifa 09 trailer showing off the new tactics and the big features such as custom team tactics being one of them. Not to mention the new 10 on 10 online mode.

Following this was the new Need for Speed: Undercover trailer showing off the storyline as an undercover cop and the new in game engine.

Dark Sector trailer had just started and I could easily tell you it sent shivers down my spine. The trailer showcased the in game engine along with a very resident evil storyline.

Mirror’s Edge was up next displaying the in engine of the free ability of performing crazy acrobatics along a large cityscape. Acting as if the city is her playground.

Next was the new NBA title, NBA Live 09, which showcased improved graphics in game character `’Dynamic DNA’ creation. and an incredible NBA roster.

The new Lord of the Rings game was shown displaying improved graphics and an engine to rival any RTS title. Lord of the Rings Conquest

The godfather has returned in the God Father 2, showing a deep storyline just like the movie and the main protagonist shows some pretty gruesome torture acts.

The new using the Crytek engine was showed off. Showcasing stellar graphics and what seems to be a unique storyline.  Crysis: Warhead.

Finally, he has come back, in Red Alert 3. Showing us the immense acting and game engine. Also the intense ramifications of the Storyline.

A trailer of Scott Warner showed off the Mercenaries 2 game engine.

Following that was the showing the new trailer of WARHAMMER ONLINE, which seemed even more gruesome than before. No in game engine was shown although a character roster was being displayed from ogres to elves to dwarfs. Online modes were also being showed such as the Realm Vs. Realms feature.

Spore was obviously going to be here and boy did it look good showing off the creature creator and the cell development of the organism to later man like stages and to the level of space travel to other universes.

Next up was the hilarious and ever so good Facebreaker and then EA did show off the new Left 4 Dead trailer.

10:30 am – 11:15 am

SEGA & Vivendi:

Golden Axe beast rider was shown to us, showcasing the protagonist, being a woman, free roam environment and unlock monsters to control by the heroine. A video of the trailer was shown to us. Coming Fall 2008

Sonic unleashed is said to release in November coming to almost all consoles. The game features a different storyline and a mix of 2d and 3d environments. Featuring also was the new Hedgehog engine, which was the mix of the 2d and 3d environments. Also the new combat system was shown when sonic supposedly turning in a ‘ Werehog’.  A new trailer followed shortly displaying the speed and combat of the new engine. And yes ‘Super’ Sonic is back.

Next was the next iteration of the Crash bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot: Mind over Mutants. Showcasing the plot and the feature of free roam environments and monster capture feature where crash can utilize the ability of the monster he has captures. New Abilities were also shown such as climbing and digging just like a real bandicoot.

Ladies and gentlemen: The new Spyro is here, Spyro Universe. Featuring free roam and full combat gameplay. Also announced was the title is said to launch on all consoles and is the last iteration of Spyro.

11:15 am – 12:00 pm

Rockstar and 2Kgames:

Nitin from Red entertainment discussed the new midnight club la, Bioshock and the new tombraider.

Midnight club demo was shown off today showing intense graphic being the first midnight club franchise on a next gen console. The game offers a sandbox environment and the game looks very similar to GTA4. A Lamborghini Gallardo was demoed in the build showcasing the city environment of LA. A police chase feature was also shown where the player has full control over the scenario whenever he wants. A crash and messaging feature just like GTA4 were also amazingly convenient to work with. The Customization feature was shown of with Ford Mustang Saleen. In customization the AI provides suggestions for the engines and the brakes of the car for the novice players. Body kits were also shown off along with full control over each part of the car. Including the interior. The Rockstar social club also will feature sharing, and competing with other players’ online and awaiting competitions as well. Intense color-coding as well on the cars is amazing, along with vinyl. ‘ Everything is Customizable’ the Rockstar representative said. Special Abilities were shown where the player could use a unique ability to add to his car such as stronger battle damage on other cars.  Next shown was the race mode, and it is very simple to enter a race. Just by a click of a button, you’re in. Seriously. The race shown off the amazing detail of LA and with beautiful frame rate as well. And all races can occur on all terrain of LA, including its wonderful beaches.  Coming out Oct 24.

Next shown was the ever so famous, Bioshock, for the PS3. Announcing first that this iteration is not a port but rather an improvement. The game starts out in the famous city of Rapture with stunning improvements in graphics for the PS3. Also announced is the new PS3 trophy system support.  The game is launching on the 24th and look forward to the exclusive interview with David Hassle product manager for 2k games.

Next up was Tomb Raider: Underworld, coming out Nov 21st almost on all consoles. Plot line of Lara is the most riskiest Lara Croft ever utilizing the full power of the next gen consoles with each console, including the Wii, have it’s own unique ability to that consoles uniqueness. New gear item, Epic Environments, and new multistage puzzles are many of the key features of the game including a new engine.  A quick Teaser of the game was shown which seemed to display the new engine and storyline. In a word’ Stunning’.

12:45 pm – 01:30 pm


Presentation kicked of with Wheelman coming to PS3, BOX360 and Pc coming out Feb 2009 staring Vin Diesel. Hollywood Action is one of the many features combining Hollywood style stunts. Open world environments and car combat are additional features as well. ‘Not just a driving game’ is the emphasis of the title but as well as an action game. A movie like trailer was shown off, displaying open ‘worldness’ and destructive nature of the car combat system. Another trailer was shown after to display the storyline of the game being mafia involved and Vin Diesel being the protagonist is the ‘wheelman’ as the title states displaying great driving experience and combat skills on and off road.

Mortal Kombat vs. Dc coming to the PS3, XBOX360, PC coming Nov 2008.  Midway is also saying that this will be “The best beat-em-up of the year”.  The game features characters from the Mortal Kombat and DC universe in a brawl with each other offering a strong and popular roster. A trailer was shown, showcasing a walkthrough of the game displaying the amazing unique abilities such as superman’s strength and heat vision, carried on in each individual character. A new close combat feature allows the player to combat his opponent in a quick and hardcore melee attack. Freefall combat allows the players to attack as they are falling or being ‘moved’ to another arena and depending which player combats quicker will determine who loses more strength.

01:30 pm – 02:15 pm


Starting off is the line-up for the 2008-2009 showcasing first Tom Clancy End War. The trailer showed utter control of the unique platoons in the game and the intensive weaponry line up and intensive graphics.
Shaun White’s snowboarding was up next displaying the new iteration of the snowboarding sport. Features include massive open mountain environments, play in a world with everybody available and express yourself with customizations

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X was showed off next displaying a control of war fighter jets with great graphics and the tom Clancy’s signature storyline.

The new Prince of Persia is being re-introduced for next gen consoles with a new engine and new storyline. The engine seems to feature a mix of CG and cell shaded elements providing the player a unique aspect on his/her environment in the game.  New features include a new acrobatic duo, Elika, which allows combining combat and a unique cinematic approach as compared to previous price of Persia games. This followed on to a demo displaying the combat and chase features in the game and displaying the duo elements and utilizing the environments aspect from swinging on a bar or running alongside a wall.  This game will be released on PS3, XBOX360, PC and Nintendo DS coming this winter 2008.

Farcry 2 was shown last displaying a trailer of the open world environment that the first farcry incorporated and how they have improved it. An immense jungle and weaponry lineup shows that open world and unique customizations will be some of the many features of the game. A demo was shown after displaying interactive jungle environment and has the freedom to allow the player to determine what time of day he would like to start his mission on.  The game also offers the use of vehicles for transport and destructive purposes and a map builder will be available for the online players.  Although the Xbox version will have a resolution on 720p while the PS3 version will offer 1080p but the hang glider is still there for the hardcore farcry players.

02:15 pm – 03:00 pm

Pluto: (MIX)
Pluto first announced that they have acquired 5 publishers out of which 3 are major developers such as Capcom, Warner Bros. and Disney.

Lego batman offers the same comedy aspect as the previous Lego games along with the dark story line of the batman franchise. A trailer was shown on the gameplay mechanics and yes you can play as the joker.

Fallout 3:
Trailer showcased as the ‘American dream’ where life is simple and gentle. All of a sudden a nuclear attack goes of forcing the people into a shelter or ‘fallout’ if you say. But something goes wrong. Fallout 3 features unique gameplay elements and great immersive battles along side with a great storyline.

PE6 features new ball movement more realistic, stunning visual, and new become a legend mode. The game also offers unique sound editing options in which gamers can edit they want their crowd to sound or react. This followed by the announcement trailer for the game that showed off Man U against Chelsea.

High School Musical 3 was also shown to us and said to launch along side with the movie and will feature singing and musical aspects for all consoles. This followed with a trailer of the game and the upcoming movie. Dance mats will also be sold along side with the game for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Legendary was shown off next displaying a trailer in which the story and in game engine is magnificently displayed. This will be a FPS game featuring great artistic creation for, as per the storyline, a thief’s mistake. Man vs. myth, pure Hollywood blockbuster action and three way combat is the drawing features of the game with an immense weaponry lineup from guns to bazookas. The last trailer then displayed the in game playability.

Bionic Commando is said to release for the PS3 and 360 and will feature the unique aspect of the traditional Bionic commando franchise updated for the next gen consoles and audiences. A trailer followed of what to expect from the game with an open world environment and the use of the grappling arm to swing around the city.

Street fighter 4:
Only a trailer was shown introducing the new moves and in game engine of the street fighter 4 mechanics that feature both 2d and 3d mechanics along a somewhat mixed cell shaded and CG graphics visual.

Resident Evil 5:
The next iteration of the resident evil serious is said to release this march. The new trailer was shown displaying the new engine and visual effects of the game without also giving away the ever so famous plot lines of the game. The game also displayed the new zombies where they are faster, more lethal and have the ability to run after you.

Damnation is the new franchise being introduced that will be a first person shooter. The trailer displayed showed a very Nazi element to the franchise where the protagonist will try and rectify the situation. The game offers a unique third person style as well and the main idea is that you can literally go at your own pace.

The next title is an RPG style game and the trailer showed off the various creatures and intense storyline for this RPG title. That title being ‘The rise of the Argonauts.’

A surprise trailer was shown to us after we were being told about that this is not a game but a military sum and that the visuals and AI are very advanced and can adapt to the players gameplay style. That trailer being ‘Flashpoint 2′.

Another surprise announcement was that Formula 1 is coming to all formats as Codemasters has acquired the rights to publish games and yes f1 fans its coming to all consoles.




Know what’s funny about the above picture? Nope, not the lonesome duct tape. But the game on display, Halo 2. On a beast of an AlienWare machine, all they got to showcase the power was…Halo 2. Brilliant.

Activision Preview

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Activision held it’s annual meeting on Wednesday to discuss their sales figures and upcoming games, and I can tell you we have a solid lineup to look forward to. Activision first announced their sales figures discussing how they have improved from last year sales. Their expectations were all met, with Guitar Hero 3 and the announcement of the merger between Activision and Blizzard. Also announcing the acquisition of the James Bond 007 license in making the new game based on the upcoming movie, Quantum of Solace. What was surprising was that the new Bond game would feature the same engine as the award winning Call of Duty 4 game. We were also treated to demos of upcoming games such as Guitar Hero: World tour, Star wars: Force Unleashed and Call of Duty: World at War.

Star Wars: Force Unleashed presents Star Wars fans with the continuation of the story line between episodes 3 & 4 and I must say that it will be a great ‘must have’ game for all star wars fanatics. It offers fantastic visuals, great gameplay along with a fantastic story line to melt the hearts of any star wars fans. Surprisingly as well it was the most downloaded demo on Xbox live and PSN in mid August.

After playing Call of Duty 4, I must say I could not believe that Activision can improve the engine any better. I was wrong. Call of Duty: World at War has a great improvement over the last engine with better effects and gameplay options for both single and multiplayer players. The demo we saw had incredible visuals and stunning fire effects that will blow any gamers mind away. Also that 24 star actor, Kiefer Sutherland will also be lending his voice to one of the characters for the upcoming game, due later this year.

But, truth be told, I could not wait to try out the next iteration of Guitar Hero, Guitar hero: World Tour and I must say the new and improved instruments are quite amazing. Trying out the new drums were an incredible feeling as they have silencers and have introduced the new cymbals attachment to provide a more serious and real looking drum kit compared to it’s competitor. Also introduced were the new mike which will be wireless at the launch of the game. The new and improved guitar was exceptionally improved with a new whammy bar and introducing the new ‘slide’ feature to allow those killer rifts to happen. We cannot go into details about the tracks we got to play but I can easily tell you that they are all a must have and are all master tracks.

At the end of the event, Activision concluded with saying that they are all looking forward to the coming year and to Games 08. I suggest you guys come check out what Activision has in stored for us all at Games 08 because it’s worth the watch and play.

EA Event in Greece

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EA held an event in Greece for the hands-on preview of their upcoming titles and specifically on Hellgate: London and Warhammer: Online in the Intercontinental Hotel in Athens on the 5th of October. The event was placed in a small ball room of about 50 people and the presentation had started out with Mr. George Lambrianos, Country Manager Developing territories, showing off a quick glimpse of their upcoming titles. These titles included Sim Societies, Need For Speed Pro Street, Sims 2: Castaway, The Simpson’s Game, Rock Band, Army of Two, Battlefield: Bad Company, Warhammer: Online & Hellgate: London.

After the EA Video, Mr. Chris Clarke, Head of European Public Relations,Flagship Studios, provided a brief demonstration of the gameplay and features of Hellgate: London. As you can see from the pictures (pictures provided by me and Abbas in press kit and camera) the game runs quite smoothly but how does it differ from many other Action RPG style games? Firstly it offers up to 35 – 40 hrs of single player gameplay, the entire map is based on a replica of London and it’s complicated metro system, it also allows users to configure whether they want to play it in third person or first person mode and allows us to customize our characters in terms or weapons, genre and armor. Mr. Clarke also announced that online will be free but a subscription for extra content will be also available. No price on subscription has been given.

Following the Hellgate: London presentation, Warhammer: Online was starting to begin and heading up the presentation was Mr. Rahim Attaba, Product Manager for Warhammer: Online. The slide of the presentation said it all, “WOW (World of Warcraft) is over”. According to many users and Mr. Rahim Attaba, many gamers have been waiting to get their hands on this game, which was shown in a brief video (the “Anticipated Warhammer” video). Warhammer: Online is a MMORPG and, in case you haven’t guessed it, it’s another World of Warcraft copycat with a few improvements. Warhammer: Online will also run on a subscription fee style and will feature up to 6 types of races to choose from in the game. The new features although are the new realm battle system that they have implemented in the game (RvR). This will allow users to compete against each others realms. There will also be a player versus player system (PvP) and a player versus environment system (PvE). Warhammer: Online also featured an Encyclopedia style system called ‘The Tome of Knowledge’. These new features provide a fresh new experience and a new style of gameplay for this genre. This game is said to release Q1 2008 world wide and a Collector’s Edition will also be available. No details on the Collector’s Edition packaging or contents.

But enough about presentations, let’s get down to playing some games. Following a short lunch break, EA had opened up their gamer room in which journalists, including me, would be able to try other their latest games. Games including Need for Speed Pro Street, NBA Live 08, FIFA 08, Skate, The Simpson’s Game, Crysis, Medal of Honor: Airborne, Half-life 2: Orange Box and The Sims 2: Bon Voyage (Not to mention the occasional Booth Babes). After these long exhaustive hours of gaming, I was given an opportunity, along with other journalists to test out Warhammer: Online and Hellgate: London in a private session. Warhammer; Online has a lot of potential to being a greater game than that of World of Warcraft in terms of features and improvements. But it will require a great field of attention to break the World of Warcraft curse. At the Hellgate: London booth (yes, they had their own booth) the games graphics really started to shine as the screen size is that of an adequate computer rather than a projection screen. Overall, I felt the presentation skills were very poor and that it lacked information for the audience. Not to mention that the Hellgate: London Demo was very long as well (35 minutes).

But what they lacked in style, they made up for in hands-on. I felt that we were given great opportunities to test out their upcoming games and I can easily say we got a good Q4 and Q1 2008 ahead of us. Man, I wished they could have shown Burnout: Paradise or Rock Band as well.

Event Gallery:

God of War 3 Unofficially Confirmed for PS3

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In a news blog posted on, Cory Barlog, designer of the God of War series confirmed a God of War series, not necessarily GOW3, to arrive on the PS3 featuring ‘vibration’, 1080p and ‘sixaxis’ support. This confirms that Sony will indeed be releasing a controller featuring ‘vibration’ support. It’s about time I say!

A PSP God of War is in the making too. It will not be a port. In the words of director Cory Barlog (who is involved with the PSP game along with developer Ready at Dawn), "It is its own story that connects to the overall story. God of War, God of War 2, and then if all the stars align God of War 3 will be the telling of a trilogy. This PSP story will be a further fleshing out."

"It is epic. It is big. There are hooks in the PSP story that I actually wrote from one of my first stories for God of War 2, so there are a lot of elements — we’re going to keep connecting all this stuff. To me, it’s a persistent world… I want the PSP version to not feel like the PSP version… it’s just as big. It’s just as epic. It’s God of War”.

We will update you as more information pours in!

Unreal changes name

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Epic games, developers of the unreal engine, in conjunction with Midway games, will be changing the name of the formally known as Unreal Tournament 2007 to Unreal Tournament 3 and will be coming out for the PC, PS3 and the Xbox 360. Using the Unreal Engine 3 (what other engine would it really use?), Epic’s seminal first-person shooter will douse gamers with gorgeous, life-like graphics, arm them with unbelievable futuristic and brutal weaponry, and hurl them into online deathmatches like never before.

Wii VC sales to a great start

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Nintendo of America today announced that it has sold more than 1.5 million Virtual Console games since its Wii console launched approximately two months ago. The Wii Shopping Channel, which sells classic NES, S-NES, N64, TurboGrafx-16 and SEGA Genesis titles, has proved to be a major selling point for Nintendo’s console. Next week, Nintendo plans to add Mario Kart 64 (More power to mario-Ed), the second N64 game, to its Virtual Console roster.

New movies on Xbox Live

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Yet again, Microsoft shows the world what their machine can do, besides playing games. Today Microsoft announced new movies on the Xbox live service and a new free Nicktoons episode until January 29th. Here is the list of the new content:

New Video Content on Xbox Live Marketplace:

(HD indicates content available in high-definition)
Skyland (Episode One free through 1/29)
Wild World of Spike
An Inconvenient Truth
Beerfest (HD)
The Descent (HD)
American Haunting (HD)
See No Evil (HD)
Cecil B. Demented (HD)
Requiem for a Dream (HD)
Wickerman (HD)
Lady in the Water (HD)

Phil Harrison Confirms GDC keynote…

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Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide head honcho, Phil Harrison, will be delivering a keynote address titled "Game 3.0: Developing and Creating for the Third Age of Video Games" at this year’s Game Developers Conference. The Game Developers Conference 2007 will be held in San Francisco at the Moscone convention center between March 5th – 9th. Phil Harrison will be giving his keynote on March 7th.

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