FIFA 12 Review

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With the start of another football season, comes another FIFA game for us fans to enjoy. Last year’s version of the game was arguably one of the best sports games ever made. The game combined excitement and realism under one roof and excelled at it. Writing the review of that game, I often stopped and thought to myself that how on earth were the developers going to beat this next year? Well the answer is in my hands now; FIFA 12 somehow manages to best last year’s title.

With sequels, you usually have one or two main points that make the new game better. The developer usually highlights these two points, mentions that the rest of the game play remains the same, and release the game to make some money. With FIFA 12 though it was different, the developer released a full list of promised changes. When that list came out only a few months ago, I was skeptical. How was the developer going to t keep the core game play that made the series such a success while adding a whole new dribbling and defensive system?

The new dribbling technique, or precision dribbling if you want to call it, is what made all the difference for me. Instead of running in steps straight forward, you can now dribble around the defenders, making one move after the other to reach the goal. Pace is still very important, but skillful strikers, that were deemed useless at times in FIFA 11, can now make a huge difference in every attack. What makes the new dribbling system even better is how it becomes more effective the more you play the game, rewarding you for every minute you spend on the pitch in FIFA 12.

The defensive system, which is not as new as some might think, does impact the game massively. First, it makes the game harder. Gamers used to the old FIFA defending techniques are going to have a shock in the first few games in FIFA 12. They will concede a load of cheap goals and break many controllers. With time though, using the new defensive system can make a huge difference in your game. You will have more control on every defender on the pitch. Running like a mad man at the attackers is no longer your only option. Just when you thought this could be the reason why you will not invest in FIFA 12, EA Sports made sure they gave us the option to switch back to the old defending style with a few clicks. You cannot get more win-win than this!

One of the biggest issues with any game out there is the collision system. How many times have we laughed at how some characters in a game react when running into each other? In sports games this was even a bigger issue that did not result in laughs most of the time. We have seen players slide off each other like they had too much hair gel all over their bodies for too long. FIFA 12 promised a collision system that has been in development for almost 2 years, and they rightfully deliver on their promise. The way players running into full speed crash into each other or move away is just amazing. During one attacking sequence, I dribbled past 2 defenders so fast that they ran into each other – allowing me a straight path to goal. Now that is what you call owning the other team.

Interview with Paul Johnson, product manager for PES 2012

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Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3 is a battle that we are all rubbing our hands to watch, but there is another war brewing in the industry and this time it is a lot closer to home. FIFA 2012 and PES 2012 will both be vying for a piece of the market share, and not just internationally, but also of the Middle East. With a ballooning base of Arab gamers, both the titles have geared towards a complete Arabicization of its content, right down to its menus, and in case of FIFA, even commentary. We catch up with Paul Johnson, product manager for PES 2012, and passed him a few questions for him to dodge.

What changes can we expect in Pro Evo Soccer this year from the previous titles?

PES 2012 continues KONAMI’s determination to work with fans of both the PES series and football in general, to create a truly realistic, immersive and utterly playable take on the modern game, ensuring that the region’s number one soccer gaming title will impress players like never before. Focusing on enhancements related to game play, PES 2012 will deliver a noticeably smoother and more intelligent edition, having improved features from Active AI, Teamwork Control, extended and optimized online gameplay, smooth animations realised in less time, Physical 1-on-1 situations, new penalty shot system and more.

Every article online seem to concentrate on how PES 2012 this year want to concentrate on the team work side of the game, can you explain how that works? 

As mentioned above, KONAMI has concentrated on delivering to fans a game that features as few interruptions as possible, recreating a very real life football experience. By focusing on team work elements, the options for game play have really opened up in the latest version. Attacking play is a cornerstone of PES 2012, and the new game benefits from a more open approach that allows users to dictate the pace of movement, with all-new AI elements incorporated so team mates make runs and offer support in one-on-one situations. Zonal marking and positional defending are also massively enhanced; ensuring players are forced to work harder to split the opposition defense. Meanwhile a new cursor switching system has been implemented using the right analogue stick to switch to any player on the field. The result is a game that, more than ever, represents the key attributes of the world’s greatest players and truly captures the essence of top-flight football.

The long overdue Arabicization is finally here (as promised last year), how was it like working on adding such a massive option to the game? 

Well first off, we were really excited when KONAMI decided to go ahead with the introduction of Arabic texts to the game. Knowing how popular the game is within the region, we knew that the edition of Arabic to the game would only add to its success. Of course it is a very big project to undertake and we worked with several well established translators to ensure we had the right Arabic – as anyone who speaks the language knows there are often several ways to translate any one phrase. It was therefore a long process but we are confident that our efforts will pay off. We look forward to the feedback of regional fans in this regard.

When can we expect Arabic commentary for the game?

As stated in the previous question, for this edition of PES the localization has been focused towards the in-game text and menus, as well as the manual and sleeve, and the addition of Arabic commentary is being addressed for future editions.

Can you tell us more about the new mode “football life”?

Football Life is a really exciting new mode that unlike the football matches within the game, gives players the opportunity to gain some insight into what it means to be a manager or owner of a major football club. Similar to the previous Master League and Become a Legend modes available on previous editions, it also boasts a new feature adding a fiscal element to the management tasks through the all-new unlockable Club Boss mode.

We cannot wait to buy our own club and spend money left and right! How will that work in PES 2012? Will the spending be limited by the owners (unlike real life that is)?

Like real life, you will receive a budget and the aim is to take your club to the top, along the way there will be all the issues that real club managers face, injuries, loans/transfers, International call ups, so it will really test your knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be a top club manager. And yes, just like in real life, there is a limit to how much you can spend in the game.

Finally, many see going from Messi to Ronaldo as a step down, Why change the cover player this year? 

With Cristiano Ronaldo being the most expensive top flight soccer player on the scene today, his featuring on the front cover is very far from a step down. Furthermore, Cristiano Ronaldo is not new to the PES franchise having featured as a cover star for PES2008, and his endorsement is extremely positive for the franchise.

Fight Night Champion Review

Fight Night has been around for a while now, and for as long as many of us can remember, it has been pretty good. Without a doubt the series has been the best out of every boxing game out there. Some might worry that with no real competition the series will start falling behind. The previous games in the series have already improved on the career mode, the sound effects and the graphics. So what exactly is Fight Night Champion going to bring to the table that is new and worth the full retail price yet again? The answer is simple: a brand new control system and a fascinating story mode that will keep you in your seat.

The game modes have remained unchanged outside the story mode, which is slightly a disappointment. The career mode (Including those silly mini games) for example is dull and boring. Nearly nothing changed in that since the last game in the series, the developers clearly spent more time on the story mode this time around. The story mode puts you in the shoes of a boxer that is going through a roller coaster of a career. You will spend the majority of the mode watching as the drama unfolds in front of you, as it feels more and more like a movie and less like a game. You don’t believe me? Picture this: he goes from a successful boxer, to being beat up in jail to becoming successful again. I also love how the game starts the first time you insert the disk. Just like how an epic movie starts, this one throws you right into the action with barely 10 seconds in. Talk about first impressions.

The series a few years ago actually set the bar graphics wise. The game looked clean and realistic with many sport games, till this day, are trying to reach that level. So I did not walk into this one expecting any major changes. But somehow I was left impressed. The graphics yet again is impressive, but it’s the level of detail that will really make you take note. How each punch changes the structure of your character’s face and how the blood starts flowing once the match spices up is really as exciting as it sounds. Once the ring is stained with blood and the final round approaches, you know it’s either now or never here.

What to do after the story mode is the real worry here. I personally spent that time creating interesting matchups with the all-star lineup of boxers on hand. The impressive thing is that each boxer plays and acts in a different way during the match. Some of them will wait for you to tire down and back off, while other will go after you like a shark that smells blood. That will mean each match is different, and no one strategy will save your ass for too long. This also means that you will match up against the smart opponent and the dumber ones, so be prepared to win either way.

Finally, the controls also got a little makeover this time around. While you still use the stick to punch, it is a whole lot simpler now. The days of combining stick moves and clicking buttons are gone, and you now simply have to move the stick in the right direction and at the right time to convert a punch. That makes a game a load of fun, especially to those new to the series. Hardcore fans of the series and the sport should not worry though; playing on harder difficulty requires solid knowledge of the game and the controls. This simply means that anyone can play this game, which is not something you can say about every game out there today.

Again, the biggest worry in any sports game is the sound department. And FNC is no difference. The sound department in this game is actually one of its weakest points. The sound track is fine, but the commentary is repetitive and sometime not even relevant. The commentary will tell you that you are doing very well and horribly bad in a fight within a matter of seconds. You will be left confused playing and hearing what the commentary have to say. Am I going to win this match or what?

Fight Night Champion is a very good game, without a doubt. The story mode is fantastic, but that’s about all the changes you will see when looking at the game modes. The career mode is horrible and boring. If you see yourself spending time with the online and offline matches – which offer a ton of variety, than this game is for you. If you are one of those gamers that need a long career mode to enjoy and get your money’s worth, than you are out of luck here. The fifth installment in the Fight Night series is a success, but that room for improvement is certainly there.

NBA Jam for iPhone Review

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I could go on and on about how much time I spent playing this game as a kid. It was just so crazy and exciting, that all what me and a few of my friends wanted to do back then is play this game over and over again. I don’t know what it was exactly, the big heads maybe? Or was it hitting 5 straight 3s with Patrick Ewing? I guess it was just throwing jaw dropping dunks with the original Mr.3points – Reggie Miller. Whatever it was however, this series had people attached at home and at the arcades and is now on your iPhone. So does it live up to expectations? Read on.

I am not a big fan of games that require too many buttons on my iPhone. That is why sports games are still struggling to adapt and catch up with all these angry birds flying around. NBA Jam gives you 3 buttons to press and some how does it brilliantly. It might take most people a little time to get used to, but trust me on this one – it will work. You will be performing high flying dunks and setting yourself on fire while being stuck in traffic. That has to be every gamers dream right there.

The one thing many people will not like about this game is the lack of multiplayer options. The excuse used is that the developers wanted to s hove as many single player options as possible into the package to make the game better and they surely delivered. The number of players for example is fantastic and you will get to compete against a very good AI controlled teams too. The defending in this game for example is not a piece of cake. The AI will actually challenge you on every play, so you better be ready to deliver.

What I was worried the most about in this game, is how the pace of t he original series will be translated onto our phones. Well, the developers nailed that one too. The pace is there for us to enjoy and you will feel every dunk and every block. To say I was surprised at how well the game was ported to the iPhone is an understatement. The game also offers you an option to buy extra players and modes from the built in store. This might sound as another money grabbing scheme by EA – but I would rather have the option of getting more out of the game than nothing at all.

NBA Jam for the iPhone is a very good game of basketball. Not just on your phones, but overall it is really a great experience. I do not see a reason why other sports games on portable devices shouldn’t be this good, fast and exciting. The only thing putting this game down a little is the lack of multiplayer options, but knowing EA, I am sure a future release of this game will bring more to the table including a solid multiplayer game. People looking for a thrill while on the way to work/school should not look any further; this is by far the best sports related game on the iPhone.

Nail’d Review

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If you happened to be a good racing game, you most likely were released in the past 2-3 years. While racing games were good before, and hopefully after, these last few years have seen an exceptional amount of exciting and original racing games released in the market. In the past, it was all about the GTs or the Need for Speeds, now with every new game you have a unique feature that is screaming “BUY ME”. Along came Nail’d with its promise of a rich, fast arcade racing experience. The potential is there, but how well did this one perform?

The promised features at least are there. The game is super fast. Racing around with your ATV or MX in some pretty bizarre tracks is a ton of fun in such high speed, well at least for the first few races. After playing the game again and again, that sense of speed just starts to fade away. The main reason behind that could be the graphics. While beautiful, the graphics just is not consistent enough and for some parts, it failed to catch up with the action going on around you. Another reason could simply be the inconsistent physics in this game.

Nail’d have one main mode for you to spend your time on, and that is, as you might have guessed, the career mode. Here you will race across every track in a tournament like battle to see who is the fastest, and may I add craziest, racer of them all. In order to add a little value to the game, once you have played every track, the game starts to throw at your different game styles in the same tracks. For example at one stage you will play each track with infinite turbo and see how that goes. Not exactly original, but at least they are trying. Right?

And that brings us to the turbo mode, which is an essential element in every game like this. Nail’d just do not know how to use such a feature to its advantage. Instead of adding more speed and excitement to the mix, when you click turbo all the colors around you disappear and the tracks just become unplayable. With so much going on around you, you expect the turbo mode to give you an advantage rather than be a handicap. And speaking of unplayable tracks, and as we mentioned earlier, the collision model in this game is as consistent as a launch day XBOX 360 console. Try driving into a rock 10 times. For some reason, 3 out of those 10 times you will simply bounce off that object. Even if you decide to drive safely and avoid off track hazards, you are bound to barely hit an item on the side and have to watch a massive crash occur before your eyes as you losing ground in the race of course.

Other then the career mode, this game comes with an online mode and some other single player modes that really will fail to catch on to you. The online game was relatively fun if you manage to find a bunch of people to play with you. The game ran smoothly on a couple of connections in the region, so lag-o-phobics should not worry about that here. Graphically, like we mentioned earlier this game is solid, just not when you are driving really fast, which you will be doing for 95% of your time with the game. The music includes some well known hits that you will feel familiar with, mainly because they were in some other recent games.

For some reason, everything about this game just does not feel like a full retail game. It is something between an XBLA title and a retail game. Maybe if the developers had removed a couple of features that did not add much to the game (I am sure they can find one or two in there) this could have been a very solid arcade game that many lazy gamers would have downloaded and enjoyed for a couple of days. With a full retail price tag though, and with so many excellent racing games out there, you defiantly have better options when it comes to this genre.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Review

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Despite not considering myself to be a racing games fan, I have spent a majority of my gaming lifetime playing games like Need for Speed and GT. The quality of racing games has been high for a long time now. Take Burnout Paradise as an example. I actually randomly picked up that game from a local game shop, only to be hooked to my TV for weeks after that playing a masterpiece of a game. So how do you expect me to react when I saw another Criterion Games racer hitting stores around the world? Run, take a few days off work and play it till I break every single record my friends managed online.

We do not need to dig deep to find out more about NFS. It is a series that started so brightly, capturing the imagination of every racer out there. The series took a hit to the worse thanks to the countless number of rushed sequels coming out every year. Recently though, EA decided enough is enough and started giving more time, budget and effort that this classical series richly deserves. For the past three years, we all have played a NFS or two and thought to ourselves that something great is about to happen here. Well it is finally here, NFS: Hot Purist is ready to reclaim a throne that the series has lost a long time ago.

So what kind of game is NFS: HP? In this game, you do not collect cars and you most certainly do not have to spend time modifying each car you drive. This is a straight forward arcade game that throws you right into the action without asking too many questions. You have 2 sides to choose from, the cops and the racers. The objective is straight forward, either manage to run away from the cops using any means possible or stop as many illegal racers from escaping from under your grasp.

Some might think that this is an overused aspect. Cat and rat chases in HD graphics? Well it is not just that. The way the game puts you inside the action is what makes this title worth the purchase. The sounds around, the environments you navigate and every crash will really make you want to go out there and race yourself. Only thing holding the game down is the repetitiveness of some tracks. The more you play this game, and believe me when I say you will be doing that a lot, the more likely you will know what is going to happen next and anticipate the next move of your opponent.

To counter that repetitiveness, the developers of this game introduce a few multiplayer modes that will make sure you and your friends have plenty of trash talk to pass around. While nothing original, the local multiplayer game offer no split screen and instead requires you to pass the controller around. And that I thought is what made the mode so much fun. Instead of concentrating on your own corner of the screen, you now have to sit and watch as your friends try to perform better using the same car on the same track.

Graphically this game was more impressive than we thought it would be. The environments around you can get pretty stunning at times. To top all of that off, the cars look and move in such a realistic fashion. Actually to add more variety to the game, each set of cars have their own advantages and disadvantages. If looking pretty was not good enough, the game comes with an attractive set of sound effects too. To really put it into words, the sound effects in this game give me the chills. So realistic and efficient that you would want to walk outside and make sure your own car is safe and sound in the garage.

The NFS series even comes off age and brings a social networking option to right to your TV and consoles. Autolog basically makes sure all you and your online NFS pals are on the same page. You will get to know what records they just achieved and what they are doing at all times. You even get to leave your pal a message after beating his own record. This feature could really develop into a game changer in future titles I believe.

There is really nothing to say more about this game. It is an arcade game that is fun, fast and attractive. A perfect mixture that will make sure you are satisfied in your own sofa after a long day at school or work. We hope the series will continue to improve however, now that it made the big step into stardom, some little improvements will insure even better NFS titles in the very near future. Racing games fans, go out and pick this one up. I rate this game so highly however, that even non racing games fans should give this game a ride and see the fun and action for them selves.

NBA 2K11 Review

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It is getting harder and harder for sports video games in this age and time. Any innovation you come up with can be copied in a year or less. Any special features you offer this year can be a hit in another series a few months later. Thinking outside the box though is what this business is all about, and NBA 2K11 just took that box and shipped it away. The developers of this game brought their A game for this title, read on and find out why and how.

What is the best basketball ball series in the past 10 year? NBA 2K for sure, no questions or explanations needed. After the excellent 2K and 2K1 titles on the Dreamcast, the series moved on to the PS2 and Xbox. Impressing on both systems did not stop the developers from releasing some of the top sports games year in and year out. For the past few years though, the series started to struggle a bit. With NBA Live proving to be too weak of a competitor, the 2K series looked like it was taking it easy. New features were limited and often rushed, and last year saw some really bad issues hinder the game and its speed. The developers though, took last year’s game – added great features, fixed all the glitches and released one of the best sports games ever.

What we love about this game is how familiar it feels, no massive renovation was done to perfect this one. The developers simply took the same engine and made sure all the issues and glitches were fixed while adding a load of features and game modes. 2K11 compared to 2K10 is like redecorating your house and spending a ton of cash on it while still feeling at home, instead of moving to a brand new unfamiliar house (PES 11 compared to PES 2010 for example).

I usually do not comment on the cover athlete much, but this is MJ after all. To be honest, I was not that excited when I heard the announcement a few months ago. MJ has been gone for so long now; a game with him on the cover should have been released years ago. I also found it pretty ironic that BBall games in 1997 and 1998 did not have the MJ license. So why come back with him on the cover after all of these years? Well, 2K had a master plan behind all of this and that plan just proved to be a success. Unlike every other sports game that pays the cover athlete just to appear on the cover and take a few photo shoots, NBA 2K used MJ with style. He is on the cover and the whole game seems to resolve all around him. Classic Bulls teams are included, classical bulls rivals such as the Lake Show from the 80s and The Jazz from the last 90s are there, each with a unique set of legends for you to run the court with.

Fallout: New Vegas Review

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I cannot deny the fact that I am a big Fallout fan. Fallout 3 was arguably one of the best games of all time, and we here at MEGamers spent a countless number of hours exploring the wastelands. The game gave us gamers so many choices to make and let us watch as our choices unfolded right in front of our eyes. I still remember how stunned I was when one mission in Fallout 3 got a whole city nuked. Those hard choices and dramatic situation is what makes this series what it is.

So here comes the carefully named Fallout: New Vegas, a game that involves around Sin city and has it as a focal point of the whole story. Basically the story goes like this: a group called New California republic took over Hoover Dam, a dam which is behind the supply of water and electricity to New Vegas. So logically, all the gangs and tribes in the wastelands would love to get their hands on this strategic location. Your characters part in the game is interesting, you were simply a courier delivering a package that got stuck in something out of his/her control and as it plays out, the ending will fully depend on the choices he/she makes.

To get this out of the way early on, the reason why we called the title carefully named is because the game feels more like an expansion pack than a proper sequel. If you walk into this one expecting a full new game with a ton of new features, you are going to be left utterly disappointed. Just keep in mind, Fallout 3 was so good that even an expansion would be great. Fallout: New Vegas might be more like an expansion, but it is one hell of a long expansion. The game with the main and side mission will take you more than 80 hours to complete. To make things even better, the side mission are not just some silly missions on the side for you to waste some time with, but some of the side mission stories were actually more interesting and intense than the main story itself! Keep your eyes wide open playing this game, as every corner can have something interesting waiting for you.

The Gameplay remains the same in this one. No major change as the combat system is still intact and the controls are identical to Fallout 3. The only problem here though, is the return of the glitches. There is no denying the fact that Fallout 3 was filled with glitches and New Vegas is not different. Slowdowns will occur at times and the game even manages to freeze on both the PS3 and Xbox 360. We were not that concerned with these issues though for one main reason: The game is so huge. Being so big and open-ended comes at a cost that we are willing to pay considering all the goodies tacked into this one.

What you do in this game is all up to you and that is why Fallout is the series it is today. But what is new in this game is the variety of stuff to do, like we mentioned earlier the side missions are fun and keep you in your seat for a while. Missions aside, even traveling around the wastelands is a ton of fun. You will meet many unique characters that require your help or might have something for you. Your actions now will also judge how others perceive you and react to your orders and requests, and your repetition will increase or decrease in the whole town you are in. For example, if you take over a town with a group of thugs, your rep in that town will be bad and you will not be welcome to come back. On the other hand, if you helped defend the town against the thugs, you will be greeted as a hero every time you are around.

Medal of Honor Review

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Games like Medal of Honor make me feel so old. Mainly because I still remember that day me and a friend bought the very first Medal of Honor on the PS1 and went back home. I still remember it was on a holiday and we were supposed to leave the house soon. Those very first moments with Medal of Honor though proved to be too much for our little heads back then. The game in our eyes was perfect; everything was going on around our character, a whole war for God’s sake! We loved the game, beat it, waited eagerly for the next game in the series, bought, loved and beat that too. What happened with the series after that though is history. The game simply never recaptured that magic and was left behind every year by the competition.

EA spent the past year talking up this release though. A Call of Duty beater they called it and a modern time war scene is what it was supposed to deliver. After sometime with the game, we want to agree and disagree with some of the points made. Medal of Honor is a game based in the modern day war against terror. You are a team of US military in a mission that went very wrong for a couple of days, and you get to live out those moments from many different views. The game is based around the idea that you will be living these messed up days in the shoes of a number of different team members. The point we disagree with however, is that this is certainly not a CoD killer.

The story itself is more fun than dull, by that I mean I was left excited sometimes and a bit disappointed at others. The exciting moments came when I was faced by a breathtaking story twists that I honestly did not expect. The game will take you through some very nice twists that you will have to usually get your ass out of. That proved to be fun and exciting. But the one thing I did not like about the story here is how inconsistent it is. It seemed like for a while, no matter what happens, the heroes on the American military will always manage to save you. A little realism in that department would have been nice.

The other lame feature most first person shooting games have these days, is the near death experience. I recall when Call of Duty first mastered those scenes a few years ago; it was actually surprisingly interesting and intense. Watching as your character almost dies before being saved by a miracle is rather appealing for many of us. But imagine having to see such scenes multiple times in one game. In Medal of Honor you will be faced with such situations again and again and you will really start wishing your character will drop dead this time instead of coming back to life thanks to another American miracle.

Now that the story is out of the way, it is time to see if this game is actually fun. The game it self is actually split into 2 separate games, the single player game and the multiplayer game, with each being developed by a separate team of developers.

PES 2011 Review

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Not long ago I was the biggest PES fan around. Not by size, but rather by my love for this series. Some of the best sports games during the Super NES and PS1 era were winning eleven/PES related, so my love should come as no surprise. But recently with FIFA taking over, my loyalty has shifted. FIFA 11 which I played nonstop for a couple of weeks now was superb. But this year PES simply started from scratch, or at least that is what we were told. New engine, new graphics, new sound effects and new menus were all included and promised. Was that enough to renew the fan’s loyalty though? Read on and find out.

So the game is completely new. You will figure that one out from the very first moment you insert the disk. Leaving aside the graphics and sound, the game was altered massively. Thankfully all the change is to the better. The flow of the game is a lot smoother now. Passing is very impressive and effective, which is supported very well by the way players make runs down the field. The best thing about FIFA is how smart the players on the field are. PES seems to have learned that trick now, and players will run across the pitch to open up for a pass instead of just running straight forward pointlessly.

The shooting game seems to have improved as well. If you look at what people online were complaining about in PES 2010, the shooting mechanics would have topped many lists. This year it is easier to aim and shoot. The ease of scoring also fully depends on the quality of the player you are controlling. Aiming to the top corner to register a goal is very much a possibility now and the way keepers watch the ball sail across is also rather impressive. A negative Gameplay issue however is refereeing. I have no idea if this is linked to the animations in the game, but many clean cut tackles are being called as fouls this year. That could prove to be frustrating in a tight and highly tempered game of PES with your friends.

The game modes are the usual suspects. The Champions league mode comes back with the authentic music and graphics from the biggest competition in the world. Added this year is the South American club cup competition too. Master league is where you will be spending the majority of your time however. You will develop your players on long term bases and in no time you will be looking forward to the release of PES 2012. Master league has a new online mode now, where you will earn money to spend on transfers based on your online performance. In a nutshell, value for money is defiantly a plus in this game.

Graphically this game is good, but not as impressive as some people might lead you to believe. Most of the player’s models are close enough but still not as good as FIFA. What I still do not like about this game however is the animations, defiantly something that needs to be fixed for PES 2012. Everything about this game changed expect the animations it seems. To understand what I mean, try shooting in both demos of FIFA 11 and PES 2011. The PES shooting animation will look very similar to what you have seen in older PES games. But in FIFA it all depends on the player, the direction you are running in and on what leg the ball is. All of that will result in a different shooting animation.

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