Diablo III TV spots tries to sell you the game, needlessly

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If Portal was made by Pixar, it would look pretty much like this

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At least his Chell smiles. Alex Zembe, a designer for the Uncharted series, is working his “ass off” on a pet project called “Companionship_”, a short animation based on Valve’s Portal series.

The film is a “tale of love, loss and cubes” with apparent Pixar inspiration reflecting on the characters and the film’s colorful tone. There is no date on when this will be out, but looks like a fun film to watch.

Well, as long as there will be cake.

New Street Fighter X Tekken patch to fix infinite combos glitch

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In a blog post, Capcom addressed the infinite combo glitch that Street Fighter X Tekken have been complaining about for quite some time. The publisher said the glitches will be removed in the upcoming patch, which is scheduled to release mid-May.

Here are the patch notes:

Kazuya Restand glitch infinite combo has been removed.

Kuro cr.MP infinite has been removed.

Xiaoyu QCB MP infinite has been removed.

Pacman Hit back on LP and LK has been changed so infinite has been removed.

Jin Chop Kick Glitch on mid air opponents has been fixed. When first hit of Kazama Style 6 Hit Combo is a counter hit, Jin is at +2F now.

Ogre Damage properties of cr.HP have been changed so follow ups are now not possible.

Juri Senpusha’s frames on block have been changed to below:

- L ver. stand block -5F
- M ver. stand block -10F
- M ver. crouch block -10F

       Shikusen causes opponents to be pushed back less far when blocked.

Rufus Falcon Kick (dive kick) properties have been changed:
- Hurt box added to his feet and the move no longer crosses up easily.
- Frames on block have been modified to -4F

Zangief Last hit of Quick Double Lariat (3rd hit) will no longer hit crouching opponents.

M.Bison 5th hit of his Super Art (Knee Press Nightmare) can now be blocked normally.

Jump/lever input bug Addresed issue where diagonal inputs/jumps did not come out properly.

Throw/Character Change glitch Fixed a bug for certain characters that allowed for them to get thrown when initiating a character switch.

Quick Combo Priority of command inputs has been changed so glitches that came from activating quick combos in the air have been removed.

Hitman Absolution ‘Travis ICA File’ trailer

Six new Dishonored screenshots

Dragon’s Lair XBLA remake dated for May

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The often-remade Dragon’s Lair is coming to Xbox Live Arcade on May 18th, Microsoft announced yesterday.

The game will feature the original arcade version as well and can be played with Kinect if you want to. It will also come with bonus Avatar items, Gamerpics and full watch feature.

There is no word on a price yet. Here’s trailer:

Risen 2 ‘Launch Trailer’

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer challenges can now be had on the PS3

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Whatever issues that prevented BioWare from hosting Mass Effect 3 challenges on PS3 have now be resolved. In a blog post, the developer said that the on-going Operation Exorcist challenge can now be taken up by PS3 players.

“Good news Spectres! Starting with Operation EXORCIST, N7 Weekend Challenges will extend to the PlayStation 3 platform.

“Operation EXORCIST begins today, April 27th at 6:00PM PST until April 30th at 5:00PM PST, on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Please remember to set the “Upload Gameplay Feedback” setting to “On” in the online options to be able to participate in this N7 Operation.”

More about the challenge can be found here. Basically, a whole lot of 1,000,000 Cerberus Phantoms must be slayed. Immediately.

Rumor: Nexon offers to buy Electronic Arts

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Nexon, a South Korean publisher known for its free-to-play games like MapleStory and Combat Arms, has apparently offered to buy Electronic Arts, according to Bloomberg.

Following the news, Electronic Arts shares spiked from $1.22 to $16.23.

Nexon is one of the biggest publisher in South Korea, who had managed to raise $1.2 billion last year in Japan’s biggest IPO of 2011. It’s run by Kim Jung-Ju, who happens to be the 3rd richest person in South Korea.

Skyrim getting crossbows, Snow Elf prince?

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Sometimes fans with excellent hacking and snooping skills can be a boon. Skyrim fan Kerellan who poked around the latest v1.5.26 update found a number of code lines and files that could possibly be a part of the game’s upcoming DLC.

He shared his discoveries in a thread over at the official forums. There is mention of a Snow Elf Prince, a new vampire feeding animation, a new crossbow weapon, and some animation files for “RF” which, from the file-names – guarded, playful, serious – suggests could either be a character or a pet.

Bethesda recently promised news regarding Rage and Skyrim for this month, but with only two days left for the month, it seems unlikely that an announcement is coming anytime soon.

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