Ubisoft mocks Black Ops II, calls it an imitation of Future Soldier’s setting

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The war of the words between game developers will never come to an end – it is the unfortunate reality, albeit could be entertaining to some extent. While promoting Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for going gold, out of nowhere, Ubisoft decided that it’s quite the time to bash Activision’s new Call of Duty, if indirectly by taking a stab at Black Ops II for being similarly set in the future.

“While one of our competitors recently revealed plans to imitate our game’s future technology for their release in the fall, we’re proud to be bringing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier to retail this month,” said Tony Key, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Ubisoft. “Future Soldier has an unparalleled amount of high-tech weapons, gadgets and technology based on real prototypes currently in development that will show gamers the true meaning of future warfare.”

So Future Soldier is finally complete – that’s good news! But obviously the highlight of the announcement is the smack-talk against Black Ops II, and although we’re used to that coming out of game publisher’s mouths, especially when the subject relates to Call of Duty, what’s surprising, however, is Ubisoft joining the CoD hate convoy in a less traditional way through press releases, instead of taking to social networking sites and discussion boards. EA is a big name that comes to mind whenever trash-talk involves the annual release of Call of Duty.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier deploys on PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 22; a PC version follows on June 12.

Miyamoto criticizes PlayStation Vita for lack of games

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Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto has acknowledged that the PlayStation Vita is a convincing machine specs-wise, but argued that it isn’t enough to prove of being a strong product.

The Mario creator reckons that availability of games is a factor big enough to determine the hardware’s success. As such, he criticized the competition; particularly Vita’s crave for more software.

“It’s obviously a very hi-spec machine and you can do lots of things with it, but I don’t really see the combination of software and hardware that really makes a very strong product,” he told EDGE. “But I can’t really say”

“I’m not looking at Vita as happy that it’s not selling well, or scared that it would sell well – I’m not looking at Vita that way,” he concluded.

Sadly enough, it’s an opinion many gamers approve of. The lack of strong line-up since launch certainly hurts the PlayStation Vita; but once again, the Nintendo 3DS has been in the very similar plight – that’s before Nintendo woke up and addressed the issue by slashing the handheld’s price in August while confirming a plethora of AAA titles. Overall, do you agree with Miyamoto?

Way of the Samurai 4 trailer, screenshots

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Publisher XSEED Games has outed a trailer accompanied with a bunch of screenshots for the western release of Feudal Japan-based action-adventure, Way of the Samurai 4. The trailer runs about two-minutes and unsurprisingly has a traditional Japanese vibe written all over it; from the Enka singing in the background to the masses of samurai warriors (obviously).

The game is out this summer exclusively for PlayStation Network.

Metal Gear Rising Make It Right “Eye” teaser

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Role-playing game Ys Origin releasing on Steam in May

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XSEED has confirmed that an English localization of Ys Origin is ready for release on Steam later this month.

The RPG, which originally launched in Japan back in 2006, will accompany the English release a host of new additions, including widescreen support and Steamworks integration. Likewise, Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud and leaderboards will all be present.

Ys Origin’s story involves the back story of the twin Goddess Reah and Feena; it boasts three playable characters, each with their own playstyle and storyline. The styles include “classic platforming action, shoot-em-up/run-and-gun or berserker-style melee combat.” When done from the Story Mode, players can look forward to experience different modes are: Time Attack, Boss Rush and Arena Mode.

Sniper Elite V2 launch trailer gives a brief history lesson

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LittleBigPlanet Karting not coming to the PS Vita

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Developer United Front Games has denied plans of bringing LittleBigPlanet Karting, the racing spinoff release of the popular platforming franchise, to the PlayStation Vita.

“We are concentrating 100% on making the PS3 version LittleBigPlanet Karting the very best it can be, wrote game designer William Ho on the PlayStation Blog. “We are not working on a Vita version at this time.”

Elsewhere, Ho stated that LittleBigPlanet Karting would support a variety of controls, and the company will be supporting the game post-launch with DLC. Check a new video below, featuring Ho himself with gameplay footage thrown in the mix.

Original Deus Ex hitting PS3 according to PEGI

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It seems that Deus Ex could be heading to the PlayStation 3, that’s according to a recent listing by the European ratings body, PEGI.

The company outed the game and stuck an age-rating of 16, suggesting that the old school action-RPG would make its pass to Sony’s current platform. Square Enix didn’t announce a remake of Deus Ex, so the game will presumably show up on PSN as a downloadable PS2 classic.

The original Deus Ex was originally released for PlayStation 2 almost ten years ago, specifically in March 2002. It was a port of the popular PC game, but included additional features such as motion-captured character models, improved graphics as well as auto-aim.

Rockstar details Max Payne 3 DLC

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Max Payne 3 will have a total of seven downloadable content packs across the year, Rockstar has revealed.

Much like the majority of games that promises plenty of post-release downloadable content, players who purchase Max Payne 3 can shell out some more money for the DLC pass, which can be purchased via PSN and PC for $29.99 or 2400 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360. According to Rockstar, this will benefit you from a 35 percent saving instead of purchasing the whole DLC package individually.

The game’s add-on packs debuts in June with the Local Justice Map Pack, which will feature the Police Precinct map for Gang Wars, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Payne Killer multiplayer modes. It also includes two maps, a precinct-themed multiplayer avatar items, multiplayer challenges.

Check below for full DLC release schedule.

June 2012

Local Justice Map Pack

Summer 2012

Disorganized Crime Map Pack
Deathmatch Made In Heaven Mode Pack
Hostage Negotiation Map Pack
New York Minute Co-Op Pack

Fall 2012

Painful Memories Map Pack
Trickle Down Economics Map Pack

Persona 4: The Golden US release confirmed

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Atlus has confirmed a North American release for the PlayStation Vita version of Persona 4: The Golden. The game will hit store shelves this fall, as mentioned on the game’s website.

The Golden was announced for Sony’s handheld back in summer 2012 initially for Japan as an expanded version of the PS2 game. The Vita iteration of the RPG has all new features, including an additional character, anime cutscenes and story elements. In Japan, the game launches on June 14, but this is the first time we heard an official word regarding a localized US release.

In the meantime, The Golden has yet to attract a publisher in Europe, which leads to assumptions that it won’t likely arrive to European shores this year.

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