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Super heroes have existed even before Jesus Christ could grow a beard. These crusaders have been portrayed in a variety of different styles and we still can’t get enough of them. Who wouldn’t want to sore through the skies or tear buildings apart with their pinky? While we’re all aware that superhero video games suck ass, Infamous stands apart trying to grab your attention (and your wallet).

Infamous is Sucker Punch’s latest game that looks to provide us with a dose of some straight up in-your-face action adventure thrill. You play as Cole McGrath in the game, an ordinary bike messenger who has been transformed into a bucket of charred, shredded clothing after an explosion with phenomenal super electric powers to boot. Like most of the games of late, infamous implements a character development system that lets you upgrade, purchase and unlock new abilities as you romp your way through the open world. So, you might think this is yet another Super Man video game spin-off from Activision. But, you might be surprised to notice that infamous features a deep storyline and a choice system that makes you into the people’s hero or a selfish villain. As with any 90’s civil war flick, the game starts after an explosion that was supposedly caused by Cole’s secret package and the world goes to cinders with crime on the rise and people drying everywhere around you. It’s interesting to note that the game universe in infamous feels alive and dark. You will witness people suffering around you making your moral choices even harder while salvaging through the ruins of what once used to be a beautiful metropolis. Apart from the main storyline, you will be dipping your shoes in a number of side quests. While many of these side quests are interesting, they can get quite tedious at times like having to “save” buildings from enemy surveillance cameras again and again just about half a dozen times. Then there are some more generic side quests thrown in, in an effort to fill up the disk space rather than add to the overall gaming experience. With that off our chest, we can gladly go on to say that Infamous is perhaps the best super hero title we’ve player so far. It’s a game that will test your emotional barrier and with the chance to play as either good or evil, you will find yourself playing this title more than once.

The infamous world is divided into three islands or districts: The Neon district in the south followed by the Warren and Historic districts in the North. Each district offers a different class of enemies that you’d have to subdue in order to take over the region and free the streets of crime. You might occasionally notice baddies taking civilians as hostages or your head on a platter. Each good action will reward you positive karma and people eventually start to see you as their savior. So much that in the latter part of the game, they’ll join forces to help you fight off hordes of enemies. Alternatively, if you play as evil, you will be able to upgrade your power faster, but the people hate you and they pelt you with stone while you’re busy busting some ass. Since Infamous is all about electricity, you’ve taken the role of a giant battery that needs to be charged time and again.

Occasionally, you’ll be required to go underground for a power upgrade ranging from the not-so-cool upgrades to the uber awesome thunder drop that lets you call in a lightning strike with all your heavenly fury.

Infamous gives an insight into the game with graphics novel style storytelling with an intriguing voice over to match. On the downside though, the game disappoints with its less than stellar graphics and though we would’ve excused it had we lived in the 90s, it’s still a letdown especially compared to recent graphics behemoths like Killzone 2 and RE5. The environments and building are sometimes bland with its only salvation being the amount of sheer destruction that goes on in the screen during a firefight. Character models are quite frankly hideous and their walking animation is similar to a 60 year old suffering from arthritis. None the less, Infamous doesn’t fail to deliver when it comes to combat and the mouth-watering explosions are plentiful. So, in short if we were to judge the game solely on its graphical prowess, we’d consider it an old hag on the outside and a Kama Sutra specialist on the inside.

It’s a little daunting to note that Infamous would’ve been a whole different beast had it incorporated online multiplayer. The opportunity is definitely there and it’s anyone’s wonder why Sucker Punch would neglect such an important aspect of today’s pixel sport. But, for those that are after value per dollar, the game does show a remarkable longevity where you might find yourself coming back a second or third time to play as the opposite power or to fully collect the hidden items strewn throughout the game. The collectibles are not as appalling as the stupid pigeon hunting of GTA 4 and then there are different stunts that can be performed to season your murderous appetite.

Infamous is one of those games that we’d recommend every to every game. Its gameplay is simple and the open world is enough to keep you busy for hours. We would’ve been happier if the game had some sort of online good vs. evil death match of sorts (hint, hint). It’s apocalyptically fun and the story will beg for a place in your heart. Even through the super hero clichés and often dull graphics, this game is a blockbuster in our books.

Killzone 2 MP Controls

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A few days back, gaming forums around the world went on fire with angry gamers complaining about lag issues in the Killzone 2 Demo. Frankly though, we ourselves had that problem, thus saving us from the 1000′s of amateur videos on youtube demonstrating the delay. Based on our final retail copy, we can safely say that such an issue was only present in the demo for some godforsaken reason. The retail copy is smooth while still incorporating the "weighty" control scheme in the single-player campaign. The multiplayer though is much more "responsive" which should come as a happy surprise for COD4 aficionados. How did we test multiplayer you ask? Easy.. with final servers still unavailable, we fired up a round of ‘Skirmish’ and the difference in controls was very much apparent. Skirmish is the replica of the multiplayer component in Killzone 2 that allows you to play with bots rather than human opponents. Look forward to Killzone 2 on the 27th of February unless of course you live in the Middle East or buy it off eBay if you’re in North America.

Killzone 2

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Truth is, all my life I’ve been an ardent PC gamer that scoffed at inferior FPS experiences on the console. My colleagues always teased me for being a hardcore PC fanatic (fancy name for “fanboy”). It’s a given fact that PC gamers are much harder to please in terms of quality or gameplay and hence, console FPS ports are always a disappointment. Throughout the years, being an extremist that I am, console games like Halo 3 only managed a “hmmmm”, while few others like Resistance 2 and Gears of War 2 never went beyond the “meh” factor. After the recent buzz and hype behind Sony’s upcoming FPS, I decided to sit down and spend some quality time with the game and I cannot deny the truth… Killzone 2 has made me a believer!

Killzone 2 sees you take the role of Thomas Sev of the ISA, tasked with a nightmarish war on a planet called “Helgan”, home to a populace of pissed off half-humans called “Helghast”. For those wondering, Killzone 2 is not merely a shoot-em-up title involving big guns and brutal enemies. The game’s story runs deep and the enemies you’re fighting against have a long and sorrowful past of torture and repression. The first thing that becomes apparent when you land on Helgan is the beauty of destruction – A rigid, temporal wasteland that’s bathed in decay and looms in dust. The atmosphere is so thrilling and exotically crafted in such a way that you can almost feel that debris in your lungs. And you immediately start questioning the logic behind invading a hell hole. Once you’re done drooling at the realistic bunch of pixels pouring out of the screen, you will be introduced to your enemies – A marching callous fleet of beady red eyes. The subtle “pop” that Killzone 2 starts with only grows in amplitude as the game progresses, and all the digital chaos never seems to diminish throughout the game. You’ll be fighting alongside your AI controlled squad members and in almost every firefight, your team-mates act convincingly like human partners unlike other war games where you had a dozen AI team-mates that only manage to peek from their cover and shoot at blank infinity while you did most of the killing. Killzone 2 vastly depends on timed sequential events that lead to another set of objectives, be it blowing up a bridge or releasing a platform. The movements are fluid and the controls are smooth, making it “feel” real unlike Resistance 2 that had controls that made it feel more ”analog”.

Apart from your team mates, the Helghast can prove to be quite a formidable lot using cover effectively when needed while sometimes running crazy at you for a vicious melee attack. Though, you will be fighting in squads for the most part, you will sometimes be left to fend for yourself; that along with being tasked to revive squad mates make for a primordial war scene. Sev is able to wield one primary weapon in addition to a secondary pistol. From assault rifles to highly powerful bolt guns, Killzone 2 packs a plethora of firepower at your disposal. Enemies react differently depending on the type of ammunition used and the body part targeted – like, they knock back or go limp when shot in the face or you can make them fall forward by shooting the knees. While the game itself offers little in the way of being open-end, players can still access a playground of vast landscapes which makes roaming about much easier. At one point in the game, we encountered a heavy – a huge hunkering mass of armor that makes Marcus Fenix look like Mickey Mouse. Some of the boss battles can be hard & challenging and mostly involve a hidden technique to bringing down the enemy. Though the combat has turned out to be incredibly fun, we couldn’t help but be a little disappointed with knife kills. Sticking a knife through the Helghast did not feel as gratifying as a COD4 knife kill. While COD4 delivered a satisfying stab, Killzone 2 was more on the side of monotonous slashes.

To further raise the bar, Guerrilla Games has perfectly executed the use of Sixaxis motion controls for completing objectives like setting charges, turning valves or even steadying a zoomed-in sniper rifle, which brings us to our most loved level in the game where you’d be stalked by caped, hunch-back enemy snipers able to render themselves completely invisible in a venue that looks like a ravaged industrial graveyard. Couple that with their near fatal accuracy and gripping music, it produced one of the best gaming moments we have experienced in a video-game so far. If you thought Call of Duty 4 was amazing, you’ll find Killzone 2 to be electrifying!

As much as we loved Killzone 2’s absorbing single-player campaign, the meat of this title lies in its amazing multiplayer component. The game incorporates a class-based system where scoring kills and completing objectives will get you moving up the ladder. From Saboteurs to scouts, each class offers a different flavor of gameplay and much more when you take into account the ability to mix and match different classes into an amalgam of destruction. Though the multiplayer is reminiscent of Team Fortress 2, the game takes it one step further and offers an intense “on-your-toes” action. Packing in a vast array of weapons and classes, Killzone 2 proves to be the epitome of fiery fragdom offering hours of fun long after you’re done with the story mode. What really made us raise our brows is “Warzone”, a continuously shifting battlefield with different game-types chained into one EPIC online fragfest! Another welcome addition is the clan system that allows you to better network with you friends and organize tournaments albeit using an in-game system of “cash” to place bets. Combine that with a 32-player supported match and you have yourself a healthy dose of mindless violence. We can “cautiously” confirm to the fact that, with an extensive range of game types and an intricate clan system, Killzone 2 blasphemously trumps over Call of Duty games in terms of gameplay and replayability.

Graphically, Killzone 2 is the BEST looking game on a console so far. With its myriad post-processing effects and textures running on the screen, it’s apparent that the game is in a league of its own. Every little detail has been given attention like the sparks flying off when bullet meets metal or the intricately crafted gun models. To further up the ante, sand bags can no longer be used as fortresses and columns crumble realistically when introduced to a grenade. Your battle scarred rifle and the superbly rendered anarchy keep reminding you of a war far away from home. This is one of the few games that made us “believe” that we were engulfed in a war and it can only be witnessed when playing the game for yourself. Apart from the load times, the game ran smoothly throughout our session and didn’t stutter even during intense firefights or explosions. The environment is composed brilliantly with chaos always riding on your coat-tails. Reload animations are indulging and character physics is downright AWESOME! While baddies feel like a moving set of polygons in many games, Killzone 2 manages to make the characters appear like fully “stuffed” dudes instead of just a hollow image.

In-game audio is equally as good as the visuals this game packs. For those lucky enough to have a 5.1 surround system will experience a new dimension of audio fidelity. You’ll be able to hear every individual clank of expelled bullet casings while the rear audio channels keep you engrossed with choice epithets from your team mates. Though Sev is not too fond of talking, we can’t really complain at the lack of character dialogues. Besides, this game more than makes up for it in terms of environmental havoc and plentiful explosions.

At the end of the day, logic predicts that a game with an intense single-player campaign and a killer multiplayer element is a win-win situation in anyone’s book. To be honest, Killzone 2’s secret ingredient is the fluidity in gameplay that we have come to enjoy more than its graphical prowess or jaw-dropping visuals. And that’s what games have always been about… We’re surprised to see Killzone 2 blows our expectations out of the water with a memorable SP campaign and a stellar MP component. To put it short, this game makes Gears of War 2 look like a high school attempt at gaming and that is a HUGE compliment!

Cover athlete named for MLB 09 The Show

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FOSTER CITY, Calif., January, 8, 2009 – Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. (SCEA) announced today the signing of Red Sox Second Baseman and 2008 American League MVP Dustin Pedroia as cover athlete for MLB 09 The Show™.  As the newest representative of SCEA’s baseball franchise and face of MLB 09 The Show, Pedroia’s duties include participation in the game’s motion capture process, A.I. consultation, integration into all facets of the marketing campaign, and spokesperson for the franchise.  The latest installment from the best-selling MLB franchise game is due to hit stores in Spring 2009 as the only officially licensed first party software title exclusively for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™), PSP® (PlayStation®Portable), and PlayStation®2.  

In his first year in the big leagues, Pedroia was named 2007 American League Rookie of the Year, receiving 24 of the possible 28 first place votes.  Pedroia hit safely in 14 straight games, the longest batting streak for an AL rookie in 2007.  Additionally he led all MLB rookies with a .317 batting average, a record for a rookie second baseman.  Pedroia continued his strong play in the post-season, where he had a .283 batting average with 2 homers and 10 RBI while starting all 14 playoff games.  Pedroia also has the fifth most playoff hits ever for a rookie and handled 53 chances without an error at second base, helping the Red Sox win their seventh World Series Title.

This past season, Pedroia was the first second baseman in nearly half a century to be named the AL MVP by hitting .326 with 17 home runs, 83 runs batted in, and 118 runs scored.  He is the 10th player in the history of the Red Sox to capture the AL MVP and the 8th player in AL history to win the MVP, Gold Glove, and Silver Slugger awards in the same season.  With his scrappy and aggressive approach, Pedroia has quickly become a fan favorite at Fenway Park, a truly historic and treasured stadium in one of baseball’s most passionate cities.

Dustin Pedroia has made a tremendous impact on an already storied Boston Red Sox organization and was an integral part to their 2007 World Series victory,” said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President, Product Marketing, SCEA.  “We are excited to have him become part of our MLB franchise, represent MLB 09 The Show, and join the impressive roster of MLB stars who have served as previous cover athletes.

MLB 09 The Show is the first baseball game cover for Pedroia, who joins teammate and previous MLB cover athlete David Ortiz as the second Red Sox player to represent the franchise.  Pedroia joins an elite cast of MLB cover athletes and spokespersons including Angels outfielder Vladimir Guerrero, New York Mets third baseman David Wright, Oakland A’s third baseman Eric Chavez, Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Troy Glaus, New York Mets outfielder Shawn Green, and Cincinnati Reds outfielder Adam Dunn.
As Pedroia continues to establish himself as one of the most talented individuals to play the game, MLB 09 The Show is also building upon an already stellar reputation for authenticity and unparalleled playing experience.  With several new key features and enhancements to the critically acclaimed title, MLB 09 The Show is poised to continue the franchise’s reign as the premier MLB licensed game on any platform.

“Road to The Show” mode returns with interactive training, new-settings, a new steal/lead-off system, presentations, and coach interaction.   “Franchise Mode” also returns to the game, with the long anticipated 40-man roster, Salary Arbitration, Waiver Transactions and September call-ups.  The widely-popular, online gameplay will continue to be a fan favorite, as both traditional “Online” and “Online Season Leagues” will allow users to hold a fully functional draft and utilize a “Flex Schedule,” allowing users to play games ahead in the schedule.

MLB 09 The Show has added new details and subtleties, such as wear and tear on the field, dusk to night lighting transitions, JumboTron animations, an ultra-realistic crowd atmosphere, and different grips and arm angles from pitchers.  Adding a more personal touch to the game,

MLB 09 The Show for PS3 and PSP, features custom music and fan yells and chants, thus bringing long-standing rivalries to life.

Why the Xbox 360 \”apparently\” sold more?

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The internet exploded in flames after November’s NPD sales figure came to light. An epic fanboy battle was waged with the defeated still nursing their wounded egos. But, things are never what they seem. Apparently, the Xbox 360 sold more than the PS3 for the month of November and every major website like CNN and Cinema Blend who know absolutely bull crap about gaming suddenly rose to the occasion trumpeting the gloom and doom of the PS3. Websites like CNN might be good for news but for gaming? That’s like buying a porn movie for its plot!

So, here I am wondering why the Xbox 360 sold more and my gaming buddies actually answered that question for me. In the Middle East, the Xbox 360 is more famous than the PS3. Why you ask? Because of the 360s large volume of "pirated" games. Yea, that’s right… I’ve actually had 5 friends in the past 2 weeks buy the 360 just so they can play pirated games downloaded off torrents and they twitch their nose at the mention of the PS3 saying, "Yea, they got good games but, you can’t play pirated stuff on them". All this when I though PC gaming was the #1 platform for pirates, recent analysis proves otherwise. Titles like Far Cry 2, Fallout 3 and Call of Duty: World at War saw pirated versions of the 360 being released first rather than on the PC. With this widespread piracy problem plaguing the Middle East and several parts of Asia, you’re as liable as stealing a pebble from a restricted construction site. You soon get the picture of the current state of Asia when even well-to-do companies here in Saudi Arabia use pirated software in their computers. So, technically speaking, isn’t Microsoft getting ripped off for selling a console at a loss and further damage when its users are playing "free" games rather than actually purchasing them? That’s not quite a win situation if you ask us. Then perhaps, there must be a more reliable way of determining how good a console is doing? And that in our honest opinion is to compare software sales rather than the hardware.

On a positive note, Sony have succeeded in creating a very solid gaming platform immune from piracy issues (so far). While we wish the next iteration of the Xbox inculcate technology that would make piracy more arduous, we can be glad that the PS3 is (still) Fort Knox!

Left 4 Dead

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Zombies are the paragon of fear in the heart of a horror-movie fan. Frankly speaking, we’ve all envisioned the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse and even make a mental plan for survival and escape. Problem is, the world seems pretty OK (for now) and the chances of people being turned into mindless, and flesh eating cannibals is slim (sadly). But, if you’re like us and would love to have the privilege of being the sole survivor in a world filled with zombies, your best bet is to grab a copy of Left 4 Dead and call it a day.

When Valve first announced Left 4 Dead, it sounded like the silenced cry of joy and excitement. Given the quality we’ve come to expect from Valve, it cannot be emphasized enough that Left 4 Dead is the best co-op experience we’ve ever had in a game so far and if we were to be stranded in an uninhabited island with nothing but coconuts and one video-game, it would be Left 4 Dead hands down! So, what makes this shy, slim contender a winner? Read on to find out…

The game starts off with a gorgeous cut-scene featuring 4 survivors in a zombie packed town, fighting tooth and nail to escape with their lives intact. What happens then on is similar to this movie experience. The first campaign in the game is called “No Mercy” and it finds you and three other survivors on a rooftop filling up on ammo and med supplies. And before you dive into the madness, get a deep breath of air and enjoy the silence, for it might be the last time you’re given the opportunity.

Left 4 Dead fulfills on every category from our checklist we’ve come to expect from a survival-horror title – Plenty of guts, raging zombies, tense music, and bone-chilling drama. While you might find some of your infected residents standing still in solitude, its pure disaster most of the time when a horde of angry, infected zombies run at you to rip you limb from limb. What’s more exhilarating is that the game plays out differently every time in a row. The AI Director as how Valve refer to it, places zombies “strategically”, so the action is always gripping and there’s hardly a dull moment. From the time you step outside your safe haven, things gets very nasty and scary till you are able to successfully find a safe room. Best of all, the single played campaign can be played individually or with three other friends in co-op for added orgasm (literally). To make things more exciting, you will also be tackling the Boss Infected apart from the normal carnivorous locals.

Hunter: The most common boss infected in the game that loves to pounce on an unsuspecting victim. This bad boy can rip through his victim within second and can only be stopped by another team mate.

Smoker: The “sniper” of the infected world, this rotting mass of flesh has a long tongue and can lumber above buildings reeling in his victim from a distance like a helpless fish.

Boomer: The fatty that likes to barf on your face. If you thought that was gross enough, wait till every infected creature on the block is on your ass, attracted by the bile. Warning also goes to not fight this bully at close range unless you want him to explode, covering you with the similar green puke.

Tank: The behemoth that makes the earth tremble under his feet and can wreck havoc upon anyone that stands in his way. Be ready to empty all your bullets on him.

Witch: The innocent and haphazard girl that sits crying like as if she lost something precious. Don’t get too close though, as this innocent being can nearly kill its victim when provoked.

One of the most fun packed things is to play as the infected in multiplayer. There no more delight than seeing your opponents sweat and run at eerie, dramatic sounds. While excess firepower and ammo are on the side of your opponents, you have the advantage for respawn. At one point while playing as the infected, we noticed that zombies, when on their own, do all sorts of…ya know.. zombie’ish activities. From puking on each other to even clawing and killing themselves, you will witness the living dead world at your leisure while waiting for the survivors to emerge from their safe house.

Graphically, it amazes us to see the Source Engine still has the potential to drive a modern day game and yet be at par to put it alongside competing titles rich in graphics and vivid in contrast. Valve has done those chilly, nerve-racking moments like getting puked on by a Boomer with absolutely perfection. It never fails to put a smile on our faces to muster a hot belly of bile on your victims and seeing them torn to shred by every zombie in the neighborhood. Blood and gore is given a facelift with an extra touch of violence to it. Moreover, the infected have been modeled brilliantly to freak the living hell out of you.

But, what makes L4D stand out is the tense and gripping audio this game implements. The distant cry of a Witch could make even a brave Spartan piss in his pants (or undies) for that matter. The game makes it a different spook level for different players with the music. While one player might be hearing nothing in a particular area, the other will be confronted with scary, dramatic music. All of which adds to the overall realism that Valve has mastered over the decade.

With that said, the major downfall for L4D is its surprisingly short SP campaign. You can do a complete run of the game in less than 4 hours after which you’d switch your focus entirely on multiplayer. It’s hard to not recommend this game to anyone just because of its measly campaign. But, instead…for those that enjoy MP won’t regret their purchase.

L4D is extremely fun and adrenaline inducing. There has been no game so far that kept us so sprung on our wheels like a cat on caffeine and not once did the action ever go stale. You’d be lucky if you got a 2 minutes breathing space for yourself!

Fallout 3

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We all remember ‘Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion’ back in 2006 that received much love and praise from wizards throughout the gaming empire, and gave a new meaning to an RPG game. The Big-Daddies are back with their latest post-nuclear iteration and once again changing the very foundation an RPG game is built upon. This time, its coming to us in the form of Fallout 3. Afficinados of the past Fallout games may recall that the series had strictly adhered to the PC platform and this, for the first time is a Fallout title on a multi-platform rampage.

While there are some games that are keen on sending you straight into battle regardless of the bronze pin on your shirt, Fallout 3 takes a more detailed approach, treating you like a

baby and showing your way through. And that’s how it really does! The game starts in a delivery room with your father awkwardly staring at your “entrance” as a baby. Rather than shoving a character creation module up your face and letting you spend time to customize your character, Fallout 3 does this so in several stages of your life. The game convincingly shoves you into a cascade of nostalgia the moment you’re in your baby feet trotting along like you could run a marathon.

Most part of your childhood will be spent roaming the closed confines of your residential tomb still believing the outside world to be unsafe and polluted with radiation, 200 years after a nuclear fallout. The game has a very solid under-structure for providing a sensational gaming experience. The best part is, how much can a game invoke your childhood memories? You might be surprised in finding out just how well Fallout 3 does that job.

All of this is not without my conscience arguing, with a resolute thought going through my mind saying, “S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Skies was the same type of game”. It is true to an extent that the STALKER series has been doing this for sometime now, where the theater is a post nuclear world filled with death and destruction. But, Fallout 3 fallows in a very subliminal way of making everything seem so pink and dandy that you would’ve had no clue of whats coming at you. How best a game makes you believe in such an aspect determines that magic “something”, that we often refer to as an exceptional gameplay value. The “something” that Clear Skies never had.

Just as warm as your starting moments are, the game horridly throws you out into the real world in search of your missing father. First glance at the outside world portrays a ravished terrain more worse than a war torn battlefield. The undeniable carnage and destruction that towers before you will give you a new found respect for your dirty closet. Included in the package are the hordes of mutants, super mutants, ghouls and zombies, all wanting to stop at nothing short of having your severed head in their trophy case. While the game needs to be redeemed in some aspects of storytelling, like more dialogue options with NPCs rather than the meek neutral, rude and good responses, we would’ve also preferred a talking character like that in Mass Effect rather than selecting a piece of text from predefined sets like an ATM machine.

Not only does the game look and sound beautiful, it offers an arsenal of weapons from mini nuke launchers to home brewed weapons that tips the replayability scale. No matter what direction you tackle Fallout 3 from, this game remains fresh every time you play it and

engrosses the player endlessly in its mere uncontainable campaign. Combat has a refreshing take in this new title, but sometimes the VATS system that’s offered in-game still needs work. Running and gunning down half a dozen zombies is interesting, but it becomes child’s play when you use the VATS system to zoom into the enemy’s body and target specific areas of their body for a one hit kill. Doesn’t really require any skill there in our opinion, but unless you’re a big fan of gore and love to see splattering body parts from a 100 different angles, the combat system requires more balance. For some weird reason, shooting someone 5 times on their head from a 2 feet distance is more inaccurate, rendering the dude still alive as opposed to using the VATS system to score a headshot a mile away. 

Fallout 3 like its elder brother “Scrolls”, depends heavily on exploring your environment. Skill points earned in the game can be used to increase your character’s attributes much like Oblivion. The game will progress in a way that might influence good and bad decisions. You can play the game as either good or George Bush, but it will take a toll on your karma. Some decisions like blowing up an entire city will test your morals to its limits. The main quest itself packs in about 40 hours of gameplay, 10 of which are spent ogling at national monuments standing in shambles.

Fallout 3 portrays carnage in such a magnificent scale that even Mozart would appreciate the tender beauty that destruction has to offer. There’s always something left to explore no matter how well you’ve ransacked the territory. Weapon designs couldn’t have been better, combining the 1950s vibe into everything you interact with. The retrospective artistic design is what we came to appreciate the most. Think of it as BioShock minus the water…

Unique character animations is an added bonus with each character looking different from

the other unlike Oblivion where a dungeon slave looks like the count with the exception of messy hair and a green skin. Each character you meet in Fallout 3 will play a major role in your quest offering you with added missions and rewards. The replay value of Fallout 3 is without a doubt, the icing on the cake giving a different feel and emotion every time you play it.

At the end of the day, we’re happy that the seemingly endless wait is over to get our hands on this game and yet, sad at the same time that we might not see another game of equal quality, gameplay and value for a long time to come. Combining 1950s art style with a sci-fi mix, gives the game a unique heartbeat. Fallout 3 is a game that will last in your mind long after you’re done playing it, thanks to its memorable characters and adrenaline filled combats. We can finally derive at a conclusion that Fallout 3 is NOT Oblivion with guns!

KillZone 2 Beta Sniping Gameplay

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Here’s a new video showing off a sniping session in the KZ2 beta. For some reason, the player is an utter noob and its always our wonder how these idiots end up making such videos. On the positive side, KZ2 is looking more and more graphically intense to the point where it might leave a nice shiny hole through your PS3. Enjoy the video.

Bethesda Softworks and Best Buy Bring Fallout 3 to Fans with Midnight Launch Events Across the US

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October 24, 2008 (ROCKVILLE, MD) – Bethesda Softworks®, a ZeniMax Media company, and Best Buy Co., Inc. have announced that in response to huge demand for Bethesda’s award-winning upcoming game, Fallout® 3, there will be midnight openings at Best Buy stores across the country the evening of October 27. Best Buy customers at select stores in the Washington, DC, New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Dallas and Chicago metropolitan areas will be among the first to play one of the most anticipated videogames of the year.

“Fallout 3 has been a labor of love for the team at Bethesda and we can’t wait to get the game into the hands of consumers,” said Todd Howard, Game Director for Fallout 3. “We’re looking forward to celebrating the launch of Fallout 3 with the fans.”

The Fallout 3 team’s hometown Best Buy in Rockville, MD will serve as the flagship location of the midnight events, with special festivities including game kiosks, giveaways, contests and a live broadcast from the event with DC 101 FM. Game director Todd Howard will be on-hand along with other key members of the development team to sign copies of the game and chat with fans. In addition to the Rockville event, 11 Best Buy stores across the country will be hosting special midnight sales events.

Midnight sales event lines will begin forming at 3 pm local time, October 27 at the following Best Buy locations:

Washington, DC area
• Rockville, MD – 1200 Rockville Pike
• Tysons Corner, VA – 8449 Leesburg Pike

New York Area
• New York, NY – 44th And 5th
• Westbury, NY – 1100 Old Country Rd.

Los Angeles area
• Glendale, CA – 2909 Los Feliz Blvd.
• Pasadena, CA – 3415 E. Foothill Blvd.

Chicago area
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(*Possibly Geekay, 30 days after release)

Fallout 3 will be available on store shelves and online in North America on October 28, in Europe and Australia on October 30 and in the UK on October 31. Developed at Bethesda Game Studios – creators of the 2006 Game of the Year, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion® – Fallout 3 is slated for release on the Xbox 360®video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system, and Games for Windows.

Fallout 3 features one of the most realized game worlds ever created. Set more than 200 years following a nuclear war, you can create any kind of character you want and explore the open wastes of Washington, D.C. however you choose. Every minute is a fight for survival as you encounter Super Mutants, Ghouls, Raiders, and other dangers of the Wasteland.

Hailed as one of the most anticipated games for 2008, Fallout 3 has already won numerous awards including Best of Show from the official Game Critics Awards at E3 2008 and a perfect 10 out of 10 from Official Xbox Magazine.

Far Cry 2 Wide-Screen Fix

October 26, 2008 by  
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While publishers really only care about money and sales, its the hardcore gaming community that goes the extra mile to make your experience that much enjoyable. While Ubisoft have been *cough* silent over the recent wide-screen issue, a member over at WSGF has come up with a solution. Click here.

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