12 Reasons to attend GamesFest

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GamesFest, UAE’s hottest gaming event series which aims to bring together gamers to participate in tournaments, win prizes and discover the latest releases from the video games industry is back on 24th June at The Living Rooms Café, Dubai Festival City.

Organized by Middle East Gamers, GamesFest will give gamers the opportunity to play the latest games, participate in tournaments on both consoles and PC, as well as try out the latest gaming gear. Highlights of the event include:

“Hundreds of gamers have already registered for the event and we’re excited to offer a great day of gaming and activities at The Living Rooms Café, Dubai Festival City,” said Abbas Jaffar Ali, publisher of Middle East Gamers.

Presented by Nahel.com, GamesFest will be held at The Living Rooms Cafe at Dubai Festival City on Friday, 24th June 2011 from 12pm to 10pm.

GamesFest is sponsored by Nahel.com, ASUS, Eidos, Gigabyte, Golden Systems, Linksys, Memorex, Nvidia, Razer, Roccat, Prince Computers, Thrustmaster, THQ and Viva Entertainement.

Gamers can register for the event at www.megamers.com/gamesfest. Here’s 10 reasons why Gamesfest is going to be awesome.

Powerbeats by Dr. Dre Review

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Powerbeats is the latest edition to Dr. Dre’s line-up of fashion forward audio accessories. These trendy new earphones are built to stay put on your ears and hence make it the perfect companion during any of your fitness routines.

In terms of design, the earphones are quite sporty looking. Our review unit was black and red in color. However, white and black versions Powerbeats are also available. The most unique part about the design is that has an arc-shaped part which fastens on to your ear. The earphones are also bent inwards a fair degree to fit nicely into your ear. The result of this is that the earphones remain intact in your ears even if you are walking or running, making them the perfect fit for fitness fanatics. The build construction is also very good with the plastic, metal and rubber elements blending in well to give the Powerbeats a great feel to it.

The earphones connect to a red rubbery wire and in between you have a diamond shaped volume control button. It all seems very trendy but if I could compare the earphones to an athlete it would be more to a speedo-wearing cyclist with a pointy helmet than a gym buff or marathon runner. The design is in no way subtle or minimalistic – it cries out for attention and much like speedos, if you’re wearing them, you better want to be seen in them.

Along with the headphones, you get extra length cable extensions (if you don’t find the length sufficient) and a nice carry case.

When it comes down to performance, the earphones were well above average. The Powerbeats performed well with most types of music but the bass was nowhere in comparison to the rest of the Beats by Dre line. The headphones do not cancel noise and that may be on purpose. If these headphones were meant to be used while jogging, cycling or performing any kind of fitness activities, you still want to be aware of the surroundings around you. The compromise though is the bass and that means that the music isn’t as intense as you would like it to be. So, if you’re expecting to work out to some crazy bass lines to help give you that extra push your workout needs, Powerbeats is not going to do it for you.

Overall, Powerbeats by Dr. Dre are a great set of earphones that provide above average sound quality. However, they’re the kind of earphones that you’ll probably only want to wear for outdoor activities and for just that purpose, it comes for a rather hefty price.

Love: Sporty design, great fit on the ears

Hate: Bass isn’t as good as the rest of the Dre lineup, Pricey for earphones you’ll probably only use while excercising

Rating: 3/5

Monster Beats Pro by Dr. Dre Review

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What do Dr. Dre and Colonel Sanders have in common? They might not be true to their titles but they’ve proven to be beyond excellent at their craft. Dr. Dre has accomplished much in the music industry. He’s created some great tracks, singed up award winning artists such as Eminem and 50 cent but most importantly, he’s created the Beats by Dre series in association with Monster.

One of the reasons that the Beats by Dre line has been so successful is that they’re so great to look at that they’ve become more of a fashion accessory than a means of listening to music. This holds true for the very trendy Beats by Dre Pro, which is aimed at DJs.

The big difference between the Pro and the Studio edition we reviewed earlier is that the ear cups swivel upwards. It’s quite a handy feature for DJs who need to keep an ear open while mixing tracks. It also comes with an input/output on each ear cup. You can use this to connect the headphone cable to whichever ear cup you prefer and you can use the other to “daisy chain” the Pro to another set of headphones thereby sharing the music on two headphones. The daisy chaining feature is probably what we love most about the Pro.

The Pro also comes with a long red cable. These are perfect for DJs as they’re long enough for you to move around a fair bit as well as have the ability to fit into any ear cup.

The Pro has a metallic build to it and are a heavier than most standard headphones. They also clasp quite firmly onto your ears. Personally, I like that they do that but some people might find it a bit tight and uncomfortable – particularly if used for long periods of time. So make sure you try them on for yourself before you buy them.

In terms of performance, the Pro does not disappoint. It manages to deliver great thumping bass and decent mids. It’s great for listening to hip hop or heavy metal but the performance isn’t as good if you’re an easy listener who wants to mellow down to a slow number or some classical music. But let’s face it though, if you’re going to buy a Beats by Dre headphones, you’re not going to be listening to Nessun Dorma or Kenny Rogers.

Overall, these are great earphones for DJs. The swiveling ear cups and daisy chaining features surely give them an advantage over other headphones to the disk jockey demographic. If you are a music aficionado and a bit of a pop fashionista, the Pro would be a good choice too, provided you can afford its hefty price tag.

Love: Great to look at, feels like an expensive pair of headphones, swiveling ear cups and daisy chaining feature make it great for DJs, Great bass.

Hate: Pricey and uncomfortable if used for a long period of time.

Rating: 3.5/5

Interview with Steve Tsao, CEO, Tahadi Games

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When we last met Steve at the 2009 Dubai World Game Expo, he was in the process of setting up the company and announcing the launch of Runes of Might. A year on, the company has launched Crazy Karts, Runes of Might and is set to launch Heroes of Gaia soon. They’ve also established themselves as a dominant force in the world of Middle Eastern MMOs.

Steve Tsao, CEO, Tahadi

We caught up with Steve to talk to him about what the year’s been like and what we can expect from the company in the coming year.

Codemasters switches distributor for the GCC region

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Codemasters announced that AXO Entertainment and Modern Electronics will be distribution partners for Codemasters’ portfolio throughout the GCC region.

“We feel privileged that Codemasters has chosen the AXO Entertainment / Modern Electronics partnership as its regional partners for F1 2010 and its portfolio of products,” commented Saeed El-Ajou, CEO of AXO Entertainment. “We’re confident our extensive home entertainment experience and strong presence throughout the region will maximise F1 2010 and all of our mutual business goals.”

“Modern Electronics is honoured to be taking F1 2010 and Codemasters’ portfolio of games to the Saudi market, along with AXO Entertainment as our region partner,” said Bader Alswailem, Managing Director of Modern Electronics. “Our huge reach and presence in Saudi Arabia will provide the strongest platform possible to launch a game as big as F1 2010.”

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