Sony believes PSN hack “woke up dormant customers”

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One of the biggest PR debacles this year was the security attack on Sony’s PSN service that rendered it unusable for a month and compromised personal details of millions of customers. But Sony also sees the greener side to the whole event – it apparently led to a lot more activity than before.

Sony exec Soichiro Saida tells TechRadar that the upside of the entire hacking drama was that many inactive users came back online hearing about it, instead of the active users leaving it.

Here’s a few quotes from the interview that detail his stance on this:

“Our outage has woken up our dormant customers, we have improved the platform, the content, how you can access your content. We have increased the revenue of games by 14 per cent. We have acquired 800,000 active users for Music Unlimited, five per cent revenue for Video Unlimited and we now have three million accounts for this service. We created the welcome back package, which is one of the reasons for the upsurge in activity on the site.”

I guess most people returned to get their batch of free games after the service was back online. But that’s a controversial thing to say instead of being humble about it, isn’t it? But fear not, since he believes that new security measures are in place:

“We have put various security issues in place, moved the data centre, automated log-in can now be blocked, we have monitoring system so we can detect it much more sooner. We also have the insurance scheme to protect those customers. We also notify customers if the password strength is not enough.”

“Sony has been attacked but we have been upfront and honest and informed the world about what has happened. Network companies get hacked all the time – but do they make a noise about it? This is happening all of the time, it happened to us and it is about educating the consumers, making sure that they have their ID protected.”

What do you think about his outlook on the matter?

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