Twisted Metal Not Aiming for Triple-A Status: Dev

By on June 22, 2010

Jaffe: May never receive respect of triple-A titles but not pursuing it.

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God of War creator David Jaffe feels that his upcoming vehicular combat series reboot Twisted Metal may never receive the command and respect of a triple-A title like say Call of Duty, but it’s not really trying to, either.

“We did Twisted Metal Black in 2001 and about three months later GTA hit. And since GTA came out, the idea of being in a car in a level – there’s a lot of brand new expectations about what that means,” Jaffe told Joystiq.

“We may never reach the heights we did with the old school Twisted Metals, but we’re making the people who love those kinda games happy it seems and we’re happy about that,” he went on to admit.

He later said: “We’ve had our fans and been real profitable. But it’s never had the kind of respect of like, Modern Warfare. Even when we were at our heights. We never got the awards and stuff. But for Twisted, we always felt good about that. Twisted feels like a bar band to us. Or a garage band that has a lot of heart and soul. And we’re real loyal to our fans. We may never be The Beatles, but we don’t really want to be The Beatles with this game.”

Twisted Metal is scheduled to release next year exclusively for the PS3.


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