Playstation Move UAE Launch Date, Price

By on June 21, 2010

Sony’s motion controller for the PS3 will be priced at AED 169; Stater Pack announced.

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Folks itching to know the price and launch date for the Playstation Move in the UAE - consider your itch over. We have solid details, straight from the horse’s mouth.

In a press release issued for the PS Move shebang for the UAE, Sony Gulf announced that the Playstation Move motion controller will cost AED 169 and will be available at retail shelves on September 15th, 2010. The additional Move navigation controller will cost AED 129 (that’s about AED 298 if you already have the Playstation Eye camera). Sony also announced a Starter Pack for AED 249, comprising a Playstation Move motion controller, Playstation Eye camera and Playstation Starter disc, which includes demos of many of the Move games available at launch and beyond.

Here is the list of titles that will be available at launch:
Kung Fu Rider
Start the Party!
Sports Champions
EyePet Move Edition
echochrome ii


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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  • S. Dino

    The 249 Dh. Starter Pack sounds reasonable. But then again i'll probably need a second controller so that comes up to 418 Dh.(ouch!) As for the Navicons I'll just use my Dualshock's left analog stick.
    Anyway thanks for digging this up guys

  • Alperen

    Since the name of the website is "Middle East Gamers," you guys should have prices for the pack for all or most of the Middle East Countries. By reading a couple of reviews and just visiting the forums for a few minutes, I knew it would have been better to call this site "UAE Gamers"

    • Abdulrhman

      hmmmm, maybe because the site editors are from UAE so i don't see wrong with this , as for prices and other stuff , what goes in UAE well be also in KSA and other Golf countries ( Not other middle east though ) .

      • non golfer

        what about the non-golf playing countries Abdulrhman?

        • Abdulrhman

          well what i can say ? i can't talk in behalf of the site editors + maybe becuse the press releas coming out from Sony ( Gulf ) .

    • aashik

      does anybody know the recent cost of a ps3 in BAHRAIN ??

  • GuyWithAPS3

    Hey Like from where did you get those prices What I mean is which stores are these or are they just estimates

    • mufaddal fakhruddin

      The prices are straight from Sony. So these WILL be the prices at which the PS Move and other accessories will be sold at.

  • sepehr

    i got the ps3 move starter pack for 269!

    its really awsome!

    • emad

      dude it dint even come out

      • medz

        It was made available here in the UAE last September 9 to take advantage of Eid. I myself bought one in Geekay in MOE last night.

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