Vancouver 2010 Review

By on May 29, 2010

SEGA’s Olympics games is a solid effort that, for now, caters only to the fans of the sport.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

Winter Olympics are not such a huge event here for a very good reason; we never get snow to start with! But still, for us sports fans’, getting to know what is going around all over the world is important. And once every 2 years we get one Olympics showcase to watch and follow. The Winter Olympics this year were played in Canada and were won by the USA a few months ago. The excitement and pride of each nation participating in the Olympics was as clear as it gets in the news. The way this game translates that onto your TV screens however, is a totally different story.

Watching TV recaps of the events, I noticed how proud the players and coaches were with each medal they won. At the end of the day, indivisible achievements are not what stands out, but your country’s medal count. But the names of those stars were something to remember and follow. Sadly in this game you will get nameless avatars as the characters you use to participate in each event. What is the point of creating a full event if the main stars are not even invited?  With no real names and sound commentary, the game seemed dead at times, especially if you have no idea what is going on in some events.

One of the bright spots in Vancouver 2010 however is the variety of the events. Just like how we all enjoyed smashing buttons in Track and Field back in the days, every Olympics game now has you do that. The main problem gamers in this region will face however is understanding the point of each event and how to deal with it. If you know the difference between a 1500m and 500m skating race for example, you will know when to hit top speed and when not to. You can actually practice stuff like that before entering the Olympics mode, but you will have to believe the game is rewarding enough before investing so much time into it.

Completing and mastering each event here will take sometime. So it all depends on how much gaming time you have on your hands. The game also makes use of nearly all the buttons on your controller. You will be doing everything from turning corners, to speeding up and avoiding obstacles. This can prove to be a load of fun if you know what you are talking about.

Due to the nature of this game and sport overall, a high difficulty level was not something we were expecting. The game will kick your ass to start with, when you still do not know what the hell is going on. So make sure you try the tutorial created for each event in order to not get embarrassed in front of your pets. Once you get your hands dirty however, and know what is going on, there is a full online mode for you to mess around with. It is basically the same events as the offline mode, but with other strangers trying to win a gaming medal online.

The graphics in this game were pretty impressive honestly. I was not expecting such a high level of detail. The characters look great overall, but we are still bothered by the fact that no real life athletes made the cut. Game flows smoothly online and offline and we never faced any lag problems all around. The friendly menus are also a plus.

Vancouver 2010 is not as bad as some older Olympics games. We can tell that games like this will force people in the region to start following sports other then football. For now though, this is certainly a game made with the fans of the sport on mind only. If you like trying something new though, giving this game a shot wouldn’t be the worse decision you have made so far this year, judging from that Ipad in your hand.

The Scorecard
Different events and many controller schemes make it hard to get used to this game.
Very well done stadiums and menus.
No commentary in a sports game = zombie sports game.
Many events to compete in, offline and online.
The USA still wins every event anyways, so what is the point!
A solid effort that lacks excitement and star names.


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