Blu-ray Main Motivater for PS3 Purchases

By on May 19, 2010

A research by Nielsen Games reveals people mainly buy PS3 for its Blu-ray capability.

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According to a recent research conducted by Nielsen Games,  65% of ‘prospective’ Playstation 3 owners want the system for its Blu-ray capabilities.

Over a three-week period, Nielsen Games interviewed more than 700 “active gamers”, ages ranging from 7 to 54 years old, who do not currently own a PS3 but were definitely planning on purchasing one within the next six months. Nielsen asked respondents to pick their top five motivators from a list of 10 possible motivators to buy the PS3. 65% of the respondents said they want their shiny black box for its Blu-ray capabilities, 63% will buy it due to the recent price cuts, 62% like the library of games available, and surprisingly, only 12% said they were buying for a specific game. So much for system-sellers!

Hit up Nielsen Games for the full report.


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