Half-Life 2: Episode One Review

By on August 9, 2006

Half-Life 2 Episode 1 is the first installment in a new trilogy of episodes. Maaz Ali has the review.


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First Impressions
My reaction is

Overall the A.I has been improved and the combine soldiers now come down from the building, Sam Fisher style. The enemies are the same as in the original Half-Life 2 except the Zombine, a creature, a cross between the combine soldier and a zombie. Zombine easily become your very first target as they tend to practice suicide bombing on you. Finally, the game also features commentary from the developers, which adds-up to the replay value of the game.


On the flipside, there are no new weapons, abilities and landscapes in the game. And this time you don\’t get to drive any vehicle. Moreover, the action/shooter fans might be a little disappointed since all the puzzle solving parts are handed over to Gordon while Alex does the killing. The main drawback of the game is the time; the game is over before it sinks in. The time span would be around approximately 5 hours more or less. But no matter what, this game is one hell of an exciting, fast-paced and action packed ride you don\’t want to miss.

Half-Life 2 Episode 1 comes with 2 multi-player modes, which are decent enough. But if you already have Half-life 2, you already have those. So basically there is no new online content. Half-life fans will definitely play Episode 1 more than once. You can try on harder difficulty or with Developers Commentary on.

The background music in Episode 1 has the same adrenaline pumping techno music. The voice cast remains the same and the voice acting is splendid and top-notch. The dialogues for Alex are just simply hilarious & not corny at all.

To conclude, Episode 1 is a great game, which leaves you wanting more. If you enjoyed Half-Life 2, then you should get this game straight away and if you didn\’t, it’s still worth checking out. According to Valve the Episode 2 will be released by the end of this year.

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The Scorecard
Gripping story and new team dynamic system.
Beautiful HDR lighting and sharp look
Perfect voice acting with amazing dialogues
Developers’ commentary and two online modes
A gigantic thrill ride with great sound, gameplay and graphics


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