Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II

By on August 4, 2006

LOTR: Battle For Middle-Earth II has finally arrived on the Xbox 360 and proves that good RTS games are not limited to just the PC anymore.


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First Impressions
My reaction is

Consoles and RTS have never represented a winning combination in the past. Command & Conquer and Warcraft were released for the original Playstation and Sega Saturn; even Startcraft somehow landed on the Nintendo 64 but sadly all of them were huge disappointments.

However, it looks like Battle for Middle-Earth has turned a new leaf for the RTS genre on consoles. EA has the license of Lord of the Rings from both the J.R.R Tolkien® Estate and Newline Cinema® so the game covers-up all the battles using Tolkien’s work that was not shown on the Big Screen while Frodo was on his quest to destroy the one ruling ring. 

Battle for Middle-Earth II’s story revolves around the northern areas of Middle-Earth, which mainly focuses on the part played by the dwarves and the elves in the war of the ring.

The graphics of Battle for Middle-Earth II are beautiful but not ground breaking. You can easily make out that the graphics do not use the full graphical power of Xbox 360. The environments and landscapes in Battle For Middle-Earth II are certainly pretty, original, realistic and can be recognized easily by the LOTR fans, like Shire filled with belly-bulging-out hobbits, freezing misty mountains, the whiteness of the white city and many others.

Bodies flying when trolls swing their spiked clubs & summoning of a Balrog, all this adds a cinematic feel to the game especially when you are in the battlefield which makes this game worth experiencing.
Each race is unique and has a different feel, look and sound to it. The units are very detailed, especially ones with the bigger characters; you can actually see the muscles bulging on a troll.

In comparison with its PC counter part, the shadows are pixilated and graphics are not very good looking unless you’re using a HDTV. Even in the Xbox 360 version, the frame rate is not stable and slows down during large battles.

In the single player mode of Battle for Middle-Earth II, you take control over both the good and evil forces, each side consisting of 8 missions. On the good side there are three races which includes dwarves, excellent melee warrior, elves and Men of the West, a combination of men of Gondor and men of Rohan. And on the evil side there are 3 armies, one of Sauron’s including his eternal servants Naz’gul, the second is of Isengard led by Saruman and thirdly an alliance between goblins, cave trolls and giants.

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The Scorecard
The controls are easy to get a hang of. The gameplay is diverse and exciting.
Beautiful environments but frame rate struggles during large battles.
Epic music with brilliant voice acting and narration.
Convincing single player and rich multi player mode.
LOTR: Battle For Middle-Earth II proves that good RTS games are not limited to just the PC anymore.


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