Tekken: Dark Resurrection

By on August 3, 2006

Tekken: Dark Resurrection takes Tekken 5 and offers new game modes, new clothes and accessories and new moves.


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First Impressions
My reaction is

Another fighter, another port for the PSP. This game is not. Let’s face it, apart from GTA; the PSP has yet to have a killer app. And this game is it. Heck, it leaves every other game on the PSP in dust! Haters might disagree.

Talk to the hand.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection essentially takes Tekken 5 and offers new game modes, new clothes and accessories and new moves. And with 3 new characters, and all the players unlocked, the game starts off with a bang.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way; Tekken is one of the most gorgeous game on the PSP you’ll have the pleasure of seeing. The richly detailed character design and the backgrounds are all awe inspiring to the point where you begin to wonder just how the hell did the designers pull this off?! But of course one would expect such high calibre work from Namco Bandai. These amazing graphics don’t come at the cost of huge load times either. For instance new matches take roughly 8 seconds or less.

Some girl on girl action…?

However, graphics mean nothing if the gameplay itself is flawed. Thankfully Tekken: Dark Resurrection delivers the same solid mechanics we have come to expect from this series. Controls are very responsive, which helps when you’re playing at 60 fps. The game rewards players for learning different combos and styles, so you can beat anyone with a character you’re God with. And this is where we encounter one of the very few issues with this game.

It takes some time, but combos are difficult to perform using diagonal moves on the PSP’s D pad. We have Sony’s designers to thank for this. Some might argue using the analog stick, but it’s just not as satisfying or responsive as the D pad. Still, nothing to complain about once you get the hang of things. 

Fighters tend to get boring quickly if you don’t have others to play with. Not to worry as Tekken: Dark Resurrection offers plenty of multiplayer support. We have the standard ad-hoc player vs player mode as well as the game sharing option, so peeps can still have fun with one UMD. Lags are encountered, but rarely and randomly. What really stands out here are the Ghosts, something that is fun and unique to the PSP.

Ghosts are AI profiles replicating other people’s fighting styles. You can share your ghost profile with your friends, locally, or with the rest of the world uploading it online. It’s almost like having your friends whenever you need them! Something’s better than nothing right? Just make sure you have your ghost character customised to you heart’s content before sharing it though. If you want instant fame as the best Tekken player, the online mode also has leaderboards for world wide rankings. Just don’t expect to make it in the top 10 list.

Sadly there is no online multiplayer mode, but for a game like Tekken you need perfection. It would suck to win online, only to see your opponent blaming his loss on the lag. Apart from this, there really are no problems with this game. You do get the occasional ghosting effect every now and then, but that’s because the refresh rate of the PSP screen itself is slower than 60fps. Not the game’s fault.

There are many modes and unlockables in this game to keep you busy for days. The game itself feels so fluid not just in terms of gameplay, but also how easily newbies can get into it. This version also features some of the best soundtrack you’ll have heard in any Tekken to date.

If you’re one of those people who’re still on the fence about whether or not to get the PSP, just to play Tekken: Dark Resurrection you should get one. If nothing else, this game shows just how high the bar has been raised for quality games on this console.

The Scorecard
The D pad hampers some movements, but the problem is quickly overcome.
Outstanding character detail with beautiful backgrounds at 60fps. No other game does it this good on the PSP.
Great voice acting and a superb selection of tracks to keep your blood pumping.
Many gameplay modes and customisation options along with good multiplayer support.
Amusing stories for each character, excellent gameplay and visuals. You really can’t ask for more
The most kickass experience you will have on your PSP. Literally.


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