Super Street Fighter 4 Review

By on April 16, 2010

It just gets better and better.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

Street Fighter 4 had a load of surprises packed in for arcade gaming fans including a 25-character roster and a change in game design from a 2D to a 3D aspect of gameplay. Super Street Fighter 4 adds ten new characters to the roster, features the long-awaited return of bonus levels that many Street Fighter fans have longed for, a bunch of online features and includes a new storyline for each of its characters.

Street Fighter 4 reinvented the franchise incorporating a new 2D and 3D mix of gameplay. Graphically the game was beautiful, offering great character design and a pushed the level design in 3D as well as through interactive environments. For example, Chun-Li’s Market town level was simply gorgeous. Super Street Fighter 4 offers much more than anticipated with new and faster player modes and greater interactions with the old levels as well as the new ones.

Players with previous Street Fighter experience will be able to pick up and play the game with ease. Super Street Fighter 4 offers players the same button configuration that fans of the franchise have grown to love plus you can also buy the new Super Street Fighter 4 arcade sticks that’s also fully compatible with other fighting games.

All the characters in the game also have new ultra combos that’s easier to perform than Street Fighter 4. This so that even novice players can to participate in this great fighting game.

Dee Jay makes a comeback in Super Street Fighter 4

Super Street Fighter 4 also offers some new soundtracks as well as previous tracks that many players have grown to love. Street Fighter purists will appreciate the fact that you have the option to switch from English to Japanese voice overs. The English voice overs still remains as terrible as ever. The sounds effects are still top notch though – from Ryu’s Hadoken to Guile’s Sonic Boom sounding brilliant in 7.1 Dolby Digital.

Super Street Fighter 4 adds more value with its roster offering players with additional classic characters such as Dee Jay (Super SFII), T. Hawk (Super SFII), Guy (Final Fight), Cody (Final Fight), Adon (SF Alpha), Makoto (SFIII: 3rd Strike), Dudley (SFIII) as well as offering new characters such as Juri and Turkish oil-wrestler Hakan, bringing the total line-up to 35 characters, making it the largest Street Fighter roster ever. The game also brings back the highly anticipated bonus levels which include car smashing and barrel bashing between levels.

The popular bonus stages are back

Where the game really changes is the online mode, bringing in new features such as a replay mode where players can watch previous matches to gain experience, team battles where gamers can participate in a 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3 or 4 vs. 4 elimination match and endless battle modes which simulates an arcade machine style of gameplay in which the winner stays on. The game also offers more challenge modes and all characters are unlocked from the start so you can get right into it out of the box. Adding to the value of the game is the fact that Capcom has made this game less expensive than its predecessor. Street Fighter veterans and newcomers to series alike will find this the best value of any game in the series.

In a nutshell, Super Street Fighter 4 offers new characters, great gameplay, amazing value and best of all great replay value. This game is a must have. In the words of Street Fighter “A new Challenger has approached”.

The Scorecard
The gameplay is wonderfully recreated and will attract both traditional SF fans as well as newcomers to the series.
Amazingly recreated and improved with more animation. Take a look at Ryu’s new ultra combo to see the level of detail.
Great sountrack, beautiful sounds but still lacks good English voice acting.
New Characters, bigger roster, bonus levels, more online features and dasier on the wallet as well.
A good game made even better. More replay value and stronger features will keep you fixed to this game.
If you missed out on Street Fighter 4, it’s time to go Super.


Summet Aggarwal is a games journalist and presenter for Dubai Eye's Game On radio show.

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  • Hazama

    Imexcited for SSF4 but this review saddens me. No talk about actual balance, nothing about how online actually fairs.

  • RockmanX20

    Yeah I agree, more could have been added to this review.

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