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By on March 11, 2010

Without a WOW factor lets see what PlayStation Move is capable of.

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You might have read our coverage of the Sony PlayStation Move controller event yesterday which brings motion gaming capabilities to the PS3. I saw the unit first-hand and thought I’d share my views with you. Starting off, there is no WOW factor associated with Move. Unlike Nintendo Wii which introduced us to motion controlled gaming or Microsoft’s Project Natal that completely eliminates the need for a controller, PlayStation Move does not show anything that we have not seen before.

Rather, it borrows from both the competitors technologies by utilizing the PlayStation Eye camera as well as a sensor equipped controller for a supposedly more precise and responsive tracking. The Move controller looks like a microphone with a glowing light bulb on top and I can easily see it be the target of bad jokes. Also like Nintendo Wii, you can pair the motion controller with an an analog stick that Sony calls a “sub-controller” which will communicate wireless over BlueTooth.

Weather that translates into a better gaming experience is yet to be seen but from the alpha version I saw yesterday, things are looking good- especially with the Table Tennis game from Sports Champion (yes, its like Wii Sports for PS3) and Move Party both of which feel natural and precise to a point of being spooky! I can also see games like Heavy Rain working in a nice way with PlayStation Move replacing gestures on your gamepad.

Moving out of the casual gaming world could prove to be a hit or miss. I can see games like SOCOM4 providing a more “mouse-like” experience for better aiming but I’m not sure how well a game like Motion Fighter would turn out. The good thing is that Sony has a good line-up for PlayStation Move with 20 titles in development along with three dozen publishers that are ready to support the platform.

Sony has priced PlayStation Move quite appropriately as well- the sub $100 bundle that includes the controller as well as the PlayStation Eye camera and a game is pretty decent. So in short, while I look forward to PlayStation Move, it sadly does not have the same effect that Nintendo Wii and Microsoft’s Project Natal had when showcased the first time.


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  • Russia

    Hey very nice blog!! Man .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…

  • chulonyc

    what kind of effect are you talking about in reference to the Wii and specifically Natal that the move does not give off? lol Are you talking about the extreme lag that natal is hindered by that many have mentioned? or the fact that natal for the most part has not been tried by the public and only in controlled environments by fewpeople with alot of smokescreen? You can't be serious talking about efect and talking about Natal when we all know that Sony unlike Microsoft have full faith in their product so much so they let any and anyone try out their product while microsoft hides behind smoke screens lol Lets get serious ill stick to opinions such as the one that was given by the gadget show and i cant wait for socom for with move it looks awesome!!!!!!!

  • biasedBS

    "Microsoft’s Project Natal that completely eliminates the need for a controller, PlayStation Move does not show anything that we have not seen before."

    Um…. Microsoft completely copied the EyeToy, which is the origins of Move.

    So stop being a fanboy, it's obvious Microsoft are late to the party and grabbed whatever they could to not show up empty handed. Natal doesn't even work properly and is plagued with lag.

  • sony123

    yo mn dis article jus proved dat ur a dumbshit….THE WII copied da ps3 … sony alrdy came out wid a motion controller bak in 2003-2004 but they dint hav the need 4 the technology go look it up on YOUTUBE… nd ur such a xbox fan boy…Natal has nothin but that gay ball game …

  • FuRrY321

    Who's a fanboy? Your name is sony123. I suggest you shut up, NOW, for the sake of us all.

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