Blog: Please, let it rain!

By on February 16, 2010

Can we have Heavy Rain, Dubai?

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First Impressions
My reaction is

We’ve just received a phone call from Sony’s PR agency and we’ve been invited to the media launch party of Heavy Rain in Dubai.

However, speculations are still ripe that the game might get banned in the UAE because of a sultry seduction scene (no, I won’t elaborate. Don’t act like you haven’t watched the YouTube video already).

We have our fingers crossed and are hoping that this game releases as scheduled. We’ll bring you more information as events unfold but for now, the skies look pretty cloudy.


Hitesh is a tech/games journalist and Business Development Manager for the Tbreak Network.

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  • A_ninja

    Don’t worry man … I just came back from my favorite Videogame store with an early copy of Heavy Rain the Special Edition & it was in Region 2 .
    it says at the back of the box "Licensed for sell only in Europe , The middle East, Africa , India & Oceania "

  • Hitesh

    Ninja, which shop is that? It has to be grey market, the game is supposed to be released here on the 24th.

  • A_ninja

    yah … kinda :) … This shop usually release the games early & everyone knows that shop in Ajman & Sharjah . if want a copy of the game or u want to know the shop location … just ask me :)

    • Annas

      Hi Ninja! I live in dubai and i am eagerly waiting for that game….could you please tell me the location of the shop and/or the number of the shop…so i can go and buy it…please


    There is 1 thing that i hate is that u get games in Dubai for such a good price whereas over here in Bahrain we have to pay like AED350

  • @TheGroundedKid

    No more #HeavyRain for #Dubai… ready more here: #Playstation #PS3 #Middle East

  • kaiwalya

    hi i need some stores that will have heavy rain in jiddah please help me if you can thankyou

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