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Our farm animals appear in a descent game.


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First Impressions
My reaction is

THQ’s Barnyard you play as a cow which is not the one from the movie. You can explore this game open ended; this game is Grand Theft Auto kid style with cute farm animals such as cows, chickens, and ducks. You play as a teenage cow trying to make a good impression by helping anyway he can. There are over a dozen mini-games, which none are challenging to anybody. You will see all the characters from the movie, they also has the real actors providing their voices unlike most games.

The gameplay is like Grand Theft Auto when you got to take missions to gain some impressions on your fellow farm animals. You can either play as a male cow or female cow. You will have missions from mini-games to point A to point B type missions. By wandering around talking to other farm animals you can play mini-games like gopher golf, squirting raccoons and coyotes with your udders, yes udders, or dance behind the mailman. These mini-games aren’t challenging but they do have some uniqueness and are very amusing. Back to missions, during missions, once completed, or by free roaming you can earn “gopher bucks” which you will be able to use on gopher hill to buy items. You will be able to do anything a human can do, like climb ladders or even ride bikes and do tricks while riding it, there is no reward for doing tricks but it gives you something to do. You can buy upgrades for your bike or food items from gopher hill also. If wandering around, you will see some life in the characters, such as some walking around and talking to each other. If you look far into the sky you can see some clouds moving and items pop out from afar, such as trees that comes in from the background.

The graphics are not nearly anywhere a PS2 can handle. The characters animations are wacky and crazy just like the movie but they can also be a little choppy. The setting of the game is great because it takes place in the farm, same as the movie, but the textures are flat but still fits into the game. The animals that were in the movies look just like them, but they really look like animals so you can’t really tell a difference. Overall on the graphics, it’s average but it is passable.

Sound is pretty good for a game like this; the music fits the sort of western farm theme. The only problem is that the music you hear gets repetitive and old fast. Aside from the music the sound around you is not bad, it’s actually good. You will here some chatting between other characters, birds chirping, or anything in a farm. The voice acting is done well, with all the actors from the movie, but it’s not much of it.

Overall this is a descent game, and can be fun for kids or family who seen the movies, but the lack of presentation and graphics makes this game a rent first, it’s sad the mini-games you can’t play with a buddy because it’s a one player game.

The Scorecard
Some fun mini-games.
Animation and textures needs work, but not much.
Not much of a soundtrack or voice acting.
Farm animals with mini-games makes the game unique.
Story is passable, so is the gameplay.
Game is more suitable for younger kids.


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