2K Games’ Dubai Based Spec Ops: The Line Could Get Banned

By on December 18, 2009

Military shooter’s portrayal of a destroyed Dubai has the local officials itching.

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Recently, 2K Games had announced a military “narrative-driven” third person shooter called Spec Ops: The Line that basis itself in a ruined Dubai that was hit by a series of cataclysmic sandstorms. While the general population of the financially hit emirate were excited about the prospect of venting out their frustrations of finally having a game based on the place they have come to…love..ahem, it seems they may not be able to play the game the official way. Because the game could quite well get banned.

According to the local newspaper The National the post-apocalyptic setting of the emirate may not go down well with the government and has the officials pondering over a ban:

Government officials at the National Media Council (NMC) said they had not been informed that 2K Games was developing a game based in Dubai.

“We will have to review the game first before issuing any decision on whether to ban it or allow it,” said Mohammed al Mutawa, a video games censor at the NMC.

Before a video game is released in the UAE, the NMC assesses whether it conforms with local laws and notifies authorities if it does not, said Juma Obaid Alleem, the director of media content at the council.

“If it becomes an international matter, various avenues are taken through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to follow this up.”

Spec Ops producer Greg Kasavin and the development team are taking great measures to not step on any political or religious toes. “The game uses the location purely as a location,” Kasavin said. “It’s not meant to convey any kind of message … I would hope that people judge it on its on its merits.”

Kasavin emphasized that the enemies players will fight through the ruined city will not have any clear political or religious beliefs. For the most part, players will be fighting against rogue US army forces, local bandits and scavengers that survived the destructive sandstorms. He also assured that none of the fight takes place in a mosque.



Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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  • hyper878

    omg!!.. THey shouldn’t ban it! it will be good for UAE people would want to visit and see how it really looks like in real !

  • sam

    As an Emirati, I wouldn’t mind the game as long as they don’t portray Arabs as dumb terrorists that vomit when they talk, like every other game that has arabs in it.

  • mohd

    wtf it sux how would you like a game which shows your country destroyed you stupid fag. and wat type of emirati has the name sam.

  • graham

    one way or another the game will reach dubai, there are a million ways to download it off the internet. then why the fuss??? its just waste of time, ppl will eventually get it off torrents

  • Jay

    Personally i think this game will suck!! The developers knew that this would kick up serious fuss in the UAE and, as the old saying goes, any PR is good PR. I think that this has been made to cause controversy because it will sell the game regardless of if its good or not, just like the overwhelming majority of movie tie-in games.

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