Tekken 6 Review

By on December 12, 2009

All hail the King of Awesome Fighting Games!

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First Impressions
My reaction is

Fighting is good. As young kids, picking a fight at school and then attempting to beat the crap out of other kids with our bare hands was somewhat amusing, fun, liberating, and “cool” in a weird sense. As teens and adults, however, we get utterly bored at the prospect of just pushing someone around and landing a punch or two. Our warped minds demand butt-kicking on a much more serious level to provide that same sense of liberation. Thankfully, that same school where you fractured that geeky kid’s leg back in sixth grade taught you about cops and the law and prison…

So, how exactly do you remain a gentleman in society while still getting your fill of bruised knuckles, broken bones, and bloody noses? You pick up a Tekken game and enter the “King Of Iron Fist Tournament”, fool!


For those not in the know, the Tekken franchise cropped up on the original PlayStation years ago, and was a Sony-exclusive title right up until the fifth installment released on the PlayStation 2. However, Bandai-Namco finally decided to drop the exclusivity with this latest iteration, thereby allowing all of us next-gen gamers to experience the thrill ride and brute force that is Tekken 6, irrespective of which console you own. For Tekken fans and newcomers alike, this one’s a scream!

Tekken 6 preserves the exact same fighting mechanics seen in previous iterations, while placing higher emphasis on combo chains in an attempt to prevent the experience from just being mindless button mashing. With previous iterations, I’ve seen players grab a controller, mash the face buttons with both hands in random order, and then walk away satisfied when their opponent crumples to the ground in a helpless heap. With Tekken 6, though, these tactics won’t get you far. Each button press must be timed correctly, or else you run the risk of breaking a combo, pulling off a wrong move, or even worse, cancelling out of a move halfway through if you hit buttons too fast. This may make some of you growl unhappily, but personally, I welcome the addition of such mechanics. If you’re willing to put in some effort into mastering the fighter’s moves, you shall definitely be rewarded with hours, days, and even months of unparalleled fighting goodness.

And for you Tekken veterans out there wondering how well the controls will function on the Xbox, worry not – they are an exact match for what you may have been used to on the PS. Each of the face buttons maps to a character’s limb, and the directional pad or left stick may be used to move around. Its simple and highly accessible.


New to the franchise this time around, is the addition of a full-fledged 3rd person story mode, known as the “Scenario Campaign”, and a small handful of new fighters. The Scenario Campaign is comprised of some 30+ stages set in a variety of locations, and follows the story of the evil Mishima Zaibatsu corporation, once founded by Heihachi Mishima, and now headed by Jin Kazama. The Mishima Zaibatsu is exercising its power all over the world, and there’s some mighty pissed off people out to destroy the organisation and its head. These people – the rebel army – are headed by one Lars Alexandersson – one of the new characters in the series, whom you take control of initially. As you progress through the stages, the story unfolds through cutscenes, and you can select other characters to command from the regular roster.

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The Scorecard
Highly fluid and enjoyable. A slew of game modes offer great replay value and hours of fun. Online multiplayer lets you brawl with gamers from all around the world.
A real sight to behold. Heaps of eye candy piled atop gorgeous character models, silky smooth animations, and highly detailed environments.
Good background tracks and spot-on sound effects coupled with decent voice work for all characters deliver a great aural experience overall.
Multiple game modes offline allow for many more hours of fun gameplay once the campaign is finished. With forty character videos/stories to unlock, plus online multiplayer, this one will keep you occupied for a long time to come.
Extremely fun throughout. The campaign story provides hundreds of petty goons to bash to a pulp, while the arcade-style modes will let you perfect your technique and dominate all the regular Tekken characters. Online battle with real humans should be a blast.
An excellent addition to a great franchise, this is a game that will be enjoyed by gamers of all types. Highly recommended for all Xbox 360 owners.


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