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By on December 12, 2009

Independent games just got better.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

I have to be quite honest here – I got a download code for this game quite a while back. I installed it, played around with it for a while, and then decided I would play it again later on, and of course forgot about it completely. Having got that off my chest, I now fail to remember why exactly I stopped playing this game, because frankly it’s just too well done to put down.


The game I’m talking about here is Trine, out for the PC and Playstation 3. I’m happy to toot that this game is yet another brilliant work from an independent game studio, firmly showing us that even small game studios can publish some great titles. The story is fairly simple – a thief, knight, and wizard are brought together one fateful night to stop the waves of undead that are marching towards their castle. Though each character has different motives for being in the castle, they must work together and use their unique strengths to fend off the advancing undead and save the castle. While the story is fairly simple, the game certainly shines out in several other areas as you progress through the levels. As mentioned before, each of the three characters has their own unique attributes. The knight is slightly tougher, and is excellent at charging down enemies, breaking down walls, and hurling objects around. The thief is more stealthy, and can fire off a barrage of arrows at enemies or grapple onto surfaces and swing to safety. Lastly, the wizard can levitate certain objects and also summon blocks or platforms to cross over large gaps and help his fellow adventurers. It goes without saying that it’s impossible to play through an entire level without swapping your characters, because you’ll find that some sections are just so much easier to get through with a particular character. As you venture forth the levels and gain more experience, you can level up each characters to discover new abilities or to improve upon current ones.

Since each character plays differently, there are always several ways to solve any of the obstacles you encounter on your travels. For example, there is one section of a level where a series of large boulders are rolling towards you – as a knight you can smash the ground and cause the boulders to jump over you; as the thief you can swing over them; and as the wizard you can levitate them away if you’re quick enough. The possibilities are endless, and while some sections of the level will only work with a particular character, most of the time you’re allowed free reign when it comes to which one you want to play with.

The game is earmarked as being physics-based, and it has this down to an absolute science. Bridges crumble away as you walk over them, boxes lean and fall over if piled too high, platforms swing slowly at first and then gain momentum – every single part of the game is affected by the laws of gravity and mass, and it’s pure poetry in motion (pun intended). And because the game pays so much attention to physics, you can use this as well to get across several areas –  for example, you can cut down a hanging block and then use it to swing across a gap as it falls down, The possibilities are seemingly endless in this game, and the physics engine often runs into overdrive when collisions and explosions come into the mix, delivering a truly authentic physics-driven game.


While the physics in the gameplay are executed well enough, its truly the graphics of the game that really stands out. For such a relatively simple game, the graphics are simple gorgeous. Regardless of whether it’s the middle of the night or the crack of dawn, the environments look fantastic at all times, and sport an immense level of detail in every single corner. The shadows and lighting used helped to echo the fairytale look and feel to the game, and some great narration and cutscenes help to gently move the story along. The ambient background score also adds to the game’s atmosphere, and you never feel that you need to rush through a level. There’s also a co-op mode available though gameplay gets slightly tricky when you have someone playing along who isn’t familiar with the characters and their abilities.

Trine is a pleasant game to play, and even better to gawk at. With some stellar visuals and some truly unique gameplay, Trine is a great game to get for either the PC or the PS3.

The Scorecard
Some truly fiendish puzzles await that will have you thinking hard about which character to use.
Some truly phenomenal graphic design work has gone into this game.
Great voice acting and narration helps to move the story along in an almost dreamlike manner.
The game offers a good number of levels for what you pay for it.
Plenty of fun to be had discovering new ways to use the environment to defeat enemies.
Trine is a great game to get for some casual fun – try the demo and then splurge for the full version.


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