Xbox Live Games on Demand: DiRT and Dead Space

By on October 29, 2009

Microsoft introduces two popular titles to their XBLM Games on Demand service.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

Major Nelson dutifully posted that Codemasters’ DiRT and Electronic Art’s Dead Space has been added to Xbox Live’s Games on Demand direct-to-drive service. Dead Space
: $19.99
Availability: Not available in Japan
Game Info: When an immense mining ship, the USG Ishimura, comes into contact with a mysterious alien artifact in a remote star system, its communications with Earth are mysteriously cut off. Engineer Isaac Clarke is sent to repair the Ishimura’s communications array, but he arrives to find a living nightmare-the ship is a floating bloodbath, the crew unspeakably mutilated and infected by an ancient alien scourge. Clarke’s repair mission becomes one of survival as he fights not just to save himself, but to return the artifact to the planet … at any cost.
File Size: 6GB
Download: Link Colin McRae: DiRT
Price: $29.99
Availability: Not available in Japan
Game Info: DiRT™ is an off-road racing game. The player’s role is to race their way through the world of off-road motor sport, increasing their fame and prestige on their way to becoming the ultimate Off-Road Champion of Champions.
File Size: 6GB
Download: Link


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