Five reasons why you should be excited for Dragon’s Dogma

By on May 8, 2012

Dark Souls meets Skyrim.

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Last year we got two of the most anticipated Fantasy Action-RPGs out there with the release of both Dark Souls and Skyrim in the fall. Each of those games offered a unique take on the genre providing completely different experiences for gamers to explore. We are now in the second quarter of 2012 and May is a month that is filled with a lot of exciting releases. There is however one game coming up with a relatively under the raider background that is bound to surprise a lot of people. Yes, Dragon’s Dogma is a Fantasy Action-RPG title that while most people were skeptical about might just prove its doubters to be very very wrong.

1. Huge open world

The world of Dragon’s Dogma, while not as expansive as Skyrim, offers plenty to explore. The vast terrain and variety in locations available presents great sense of exploration and adventuring. The same drive that had you striving to reach every area in Skyrim is similarly available here, and will play a key factor in how attached you become to the game.

2. Day/Night Cycles

Dragon’s Dogma’s world operates on a full 24-hour Day/Night cycle. This means that the game has an internal clock that changes and affects the world. The Day/Night shift is not for mere aesthetic purposes but it rather plays a huge part in the game’s system. It’s always recommended for you to accomplish your quests while the Sun is still up whenever possible. This is because when night time arrives things get real nasty. Different much more powerful creatures appear at night, ones that you will often have a very hard time fighting against. This cycle system creates an interesting spin on how you would manage your in-game time to accomplish your quests as efficiently as possible while avoiding the night.

3. The Pawn system

The Pawn system is something that is quite unique to Dragon’s Dogma. Pawns are basically servants that can be hired by the main character of the game to aid you throughout your adventures. Your main Pawn is the one you create yourself at first, tailoring him/her to your own liking from appearance to personality. While this may sound at first like a regular companion found in other Western RPGs, Pawns actually have their own personalities and often speak or give advice to you on your journey. To top that off, your main Pawn can be shared with other players online so that he/she can explore different areas and come back with stories and information that can aid you in the game. While Dragon’s Dogma is solely a single player game, the Pawn mechanism offers the ability to connect with different people in a unique and fresh method.

4. Mix of Strategic and fast paced combat

The combat in the game offers the best of both worlds. In other words, while the combat feels fluid and it also offers enough depth making sure what you do actually matters rather than it being mindless hack and slash. The combat feels similar to the one found in the Souls series, but is less punishing and much faster in terms of speed. Dragon’s Dogma also introduces the ability to actually jump on creatures you fight and hang on to them. For example, while fighting a Griffin in the demo I was able jump on its back while it was ascending to the air. This made the combat experience very different than regular ground fights as you were struggling to keep hanging on while trying to bring down the creature at the same time. All of these different elements shape Dragon’s Dogma idea to demonstrate its own take on how combat is supposed to be done in Action-RPGs.

5. Tons of content available

In order to finish the main game it’s going to take you 40-50 hours of playtime. While if you want to complete more side quests and explore the whole world of the game then you are looking at 100+ hours of playtime. This means that the game has a ton of content to offer and will keep you engaged for a long period of time.

The demo of Dragon’s Dogma is currently out on both XBL and PSN, while the final game comes out on May 22nd in NA and May 25th in EU. Be sure to check it out and tell us what you think in the comment section!


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  • Carleen Winstead

    Be sure to check it out and tell us what you think in the comment section!

  • Guest

    Looks generic and pretty stupid, and its not even an rpg

  • Kevin Mercado


  • Justin Sofo

    Haha, that ‘Guest’ guy below is nothing short of a genius.

    Dragons Dogma looks mad. Cant wait for it. So much so, that I have avoided the Demo. I cant wait.

  • 509dave16

    Dragon’s Dogma has many good features, that many people probably don’t know about or fully understand. As I’ve watched this game and learned more about it, I know for certain that I’m going to purchase it day one. Whereas others who have only seem glimpses of it(or maybe not at all), will probably be less likely to purchase it. I really hope that the game will be profitable and that Capcom will be able to go further in the RPG genre.

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