Blog: Where is PS Vita after two months of its release?

By on May 2, 2012

A blockbuster launch, bulging launch titles and an impressive hardware set. Why has PS Vita still failed to pick up?

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I can’t believe that it has already been 2 months since the PS Vita first launched on February 22nd 2012. It seemed only yesterday that I was watching Sony’s 2011 E3 Press Conference and coming out of it with high anticipation to get my hands on the system. But that now the handheld has been out in the market for a while, how is it doing? We already know that the PS Vita is struggling sales wise in Japan, but how are the other aspects of the Handheld holding out?

Sales not going so well in Japan after the system’s first week of launch.

The PS Vita is certainly a magnificent piece of hardware. It has nearly everything you would look for in a portable gaming device and its possibilities are quite vast. The launch library that the PS Vita came out with was pretty impressive as it had a large diverse amount of titles for people to choose from. However, looking at the handheld now we can’t help but agree that everything it had going for it has sort of slowed down to some extent. There are very few games that has released for it after launch and there is a question mark on what Sony has in stores for the system for the rest of the year. I mean we had a few exciting announcements such as Final Fantasy X HD and Bioshock Vita but we don’t exactly know when those games will be out. To top that off Sony has yet to announce when we are going to see PS One classics being playable on the PS Vita. A lot of people wanted that feature right from the start but Sony has been awfully quiet on when we can expect it.

So far it has been a mixed bag from Sony and E3 needs to be another big push for the system to keep interest in the PS Vita alive. There has to be solid announcements for handheld and a lineup of when we can expect new software for it. While Nintendo was also in the same position with the 3DS this time last year, they managed to flip the tide upside down by slashing the price of the Nintendo 3DS well as introducing the Nintendo Direct Program which helped push brand new info to consumers at certain intervals during the year.

The easiest answer to the PS Vita’s current form is software. Announce more games for it and give people release dates which highlight when those games are going to come out. This makes people who already have the PS Vita exited for what’s to come and gives prospective buyers a reason as to why they should make the purchase. The original PSP suffered from lack of software that killed its interest in global markets early on in its cycle, so Sony needs to buckle up and start pumping out some release dates before things start going out of hand.


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    Agree… Starting to wonder if it was a waste of hard earned money ;)

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