EXCLUSIVE: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Preview

By on May 2, 2012

An in-depth and exclusive look at the next Call of Duty game.

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David Vonderhaar, Game Design Director, next steps up the plate to briefly talk about multiplayer. And by briefly I mean literally three sentences and he was out of there – ah the joys of having PR standing just behind you. While he wasn’t allowed to disclose any juice details, Vonderhaar commented that multiplayer in Call of Duty is no longer a ‘one size fits all’ scenario, and that the game is a healthy mix of new players, experienced ones, and veterans. Black Ops 2 is going to make multiplayer very interesting with the combat techniques of 2025, and Vonderhaar even hinted that kill streaks may be evolving this time around. Lamia also chimed in that zombies are going to make a return in this game as well. What had originally started as a simple DLC turned out to be hugely popular, so Lamia said that the studio is definitely cooking up something with zombies for Black Ops 2.

Demo level: Singapore Docks
We were treated to one more level demo before our session came to an end, and this level was to demonstrate the ‘Strike Force Operations’ missions that you can carry out. These are particular missions that are related to the main storyline, and depending on whether you compete or fail the mission, they have an end result on your main story arc. The way the game ends will then depend on what happened in each of these side missions, so in theory there are different ways in which the game can end. The mission we saw put you in charge of a basic team whose objective was to secure four key points on a map, and then sabotage a missile launch. During the mission you can zoom out to ‘Overwatch’ mode, which lets you see your entire team and mission objectives. You can also use this mode to target and control any of your team members, either human or robotic. You use the D-pad to instruct your other team members or drones deploy or secure specific areas, and for the most part it seemed that the AI control is quite good, so hopefully you won’t have your teammates walking straight into the line of fire. The underlining message we go through this demo is that these missions aren’t just random events that you can replay until you succeed – if you fail the mission, that’s your only chance gone and you’ll have to replay that section of the game if you want to try and win the mission. Treyarch are certainly trying to put in something else other than multiplayer to keep fans glued to the game, and from what I saw these side missions are both challenging and add a good degree of replayability to the game.

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