Fan edits Uncharted into movies

By on April 22, 2012

Cinematics from all three titles mashed into a feature-length film.

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Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series is known for its quality cinematics, with it’s focus on high production values, Nolan North’s bankable voice acting, and the best use of motion capture technology. In fact, the video games series is many a times tagged as “the best movie I have played” due to its Hollywood-like blockbusting adventure, and it’s equal parts of explosion and epic action sequences.

And so, it’s no surprise that Sony is promptly turning Uncharted into a movie-property with pre-production work already underway. But in the meanwhile, fans that crave for something Uncharted-but-not-really-playable can watch this: all of the Uncharted games trimmed to feature-length films using purely the game’s cinematics.

It’s more than eight hours of footage altogether, with “minimum amount of “cinematic” gameplay to link them” so as to not leave any plot holes.

Work of Reddit user morphinapg.


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