Stuntman Ignition

By on June 2, 2008

Stuntman Ignition is the first game in the Stuntman series to be introduced into the nex-gen consoles.


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First Impressions
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Stuntman Ignition is the first game in the Stuntman series to be introduced into the nex-gen consoles. We already have reviewed that version though. Find out how it fares on the humble PS2.

The Stuntman series has been continuing for a long time, and it has developed a sort of cult following. Suffice to say, it is not a game for everyone. It can get very challenging at spots, and can be an absolute pain on multiplayer, if you’re playing with a buddy who is new to the game. However, if you have a good level of patience and perseverance, you will find Stuntman Ignition an enjoyable, and an unputdownable game at a lot of times.

Stuntman Ignition lets you take the role of a stuntman, who is willing to risk his life and soul, just for the whims of a fancy director. Most of the stunts featured in the game can be performed in real life, but some of them are just mind-blowingly crazy. However, unlike real stunt sequences in action movies, many stunt sequences in Stuntman Ignition last for more than two minutes!

There is no back-story to Stuntman Ignition. You’re just a small-time stuntman, who is trying to make it big, and eventually does. You do this by performing stunts in different movies and advertisements. You’re performance is evaluated, and the result is shown on a scale of one to five stars. The higher the number of stars, the bigger your virtual wallet is.

The main focus in Stuntman Ignition is putting together several stunts in succession, adding to your Stunt Combo. The combo grows exponentially based on the number of stunts you are able to pull off fluidly. A high combo leads to a better score. While pulling off a Stunt combo to attain five stars is virtually impossible, the Combo does a great job of keeping you at the edge of your seat, and trying to perfect each stunt sequence. If you do get a five star rating (like I got at one sequence out of 20 others which I played), you will seriously love the feeling.

Unlike real stunts, you can screw up upto five times in one sequence, although your score will add up to something much lower, than if you got everything right. Still, there are many times you will thank the lord that you could pass the sequence, let alone get a decent three stars! Which brings me to another grumble about the game: its fluctuating difficulty. Although most of the stunt sequences in the game are pretty tough, there are some which you will breeze through, and some in which you will be stuck for a day or so. Also, the worst part about this is that there is no easy way to overcome this problem. You have to use lightning-fast reflexes to overcome these tough spots, which unfortunately, not many of us have. After this, you still have to be extremely precise with your direction- even if your vehicle is a centimeter away from the stunt’s desirable location, you would have messed it up.

All said, these problems still don’t hamper the great fun to be had from performing insane tricks. An especially cool part is when you have to steer your car to a ramp at 150 MPH, for it to jump perfectly inside a car wash having the advertised car cleaner, and the next second, when you are out of the car wash, your car is as clean as a whistle. The ad is funny, challenging, and makes sense. And you are the crazy uber-cool stuntman doing it!

The graphics in all the versions of the game were decent, but the PS2 version of Stuntman doesn’t look very good. There are minor framrate issues-but keep in mind, even a split-second choppiness in this sort of a game can hurt your performance. Set-piece explosions look good, and the camera does a good job at most times, to follow your car effectively. There is some serious potential for the graphics in the next generation of consoles though.

The audio in the game is good. However, many tweaks have to be made. First off, you perform stunts on the order of the director, who’ll bark them into your ear while you drive. Although you can hear it most of the time, there are certain sequences when the background music is louder than the instructions, which will force you to restart the sequence. On the whole, though, the background music does well to keep you thrilled, while the orders given to you are sharp and understandable.

Stuntman Ignition is a great experience for gamers who want to play something different. Although the missions are quite less, and the multiplayer concept is half-baked, it is a blast while it lasts.

The Scorecard
A love-it-or-hate-it game.Can be extremely frustrating at times, but is still, a very refreshing gameplay experience.
Good looking car models and explosions, but low textured environments
Good background music keeps you on the edge of your seat, but sometimes blurs out important commands.
Short number of missions, and lousy multiplayer hamper the game's value.
More games should come out with this concept.
A good,yet short,stunt game. If you're looking for one, this is the game to buy.


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