Black Ops 2 reveal incoming on May 2?

By on April 20, 2012

Most likely…

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Activision is apparently ready to lift the curtain off the next Call of Duty, rumored to be a sequel to 2010’s Black Ops – an installment developed by Treyarch.

Unveiling the new entry in the long-running annual shooter series will reportedly take place in the next two weeks. That is according to a “retail source” who forwarded a proof to Kotaku - a print lumbered with clues written all over it that new facts about Activision’s latest Call of Duty ought to be divulged on May 2.

So you might ask how this leaked image equals a Black Ops sequel. Well, see the tagline “return for debriefing”? It kind of sums up the whole thing if you’re familiar with the campaign in Black Ops, which revolved around a protagonist who keeps getting tediously yelled at “Mason, Mason” while being interrogated about them numbers. Those damn numbers!


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