DiRT Showdown out May 25, demo confirmed

By on April 20, 2012

Spin-off arcade racer releasing next month.

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Codemasters has confirmed a May 25 release date for DiRT Showdown.

The company has also stated that a demo will be arriving on May 1 featuring full support for Codemasters RaceNet. The playable teaser, which will be rolled out on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Marketplace and Steam for PC, will include a solo and multiplayer event.

Invites to join the beta form of RaceNet (Codemasters’ free new online hub for its racing games) will be sent over to fans upon the launch of the demo. RaceNet will later on receive updates after the full retail release on May 25. See a new gameplay footage below but keep in mind that this is a spin-off, so basically it doesn’t look anything like a proper DiRT installment.


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