Dark Souls PC may not use GFWL

By on April 19, 2012

“The partnership decision is still ongoing.”

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The PC version of Dark Souls was to originally use Games for Windows Live as its DRM anchor, but it seems Namco Bandai has once again bent its ways after fans petitioned against the use of the service.

In an interview with EDGE, Namco’s Daisuke Uchiyama said the publisher is reconsidering “the digital partner” and will have something to announce on that front soon.

“The partnership decision is still ongoing. We might have another announcement soon regarding the platform we’ll be using,” he said. He further explained that Namco had defaulted to Games for Windows Live due to their already established relationship with Microsoft over the Xbox 360.

“There have been a lot of questions about the digital partner,” colleague Carlson Choi added.

“But we’re still in April and the game isn’t out until August 24. There is still a lot of time for marketing beats. More information will come – maybe at E3.”

Dark Souls for the PC was announced after fans rallied for it in a massive 90,000 signed petition. Developers From Software have been frank about their inexperience with PC development and has said the PC version will be a direct port without any optimization for graphics or keyboard and mouse controls. The port will have a bunch of new stuff however, including two new bosses, one new NPC, new enemies and weapons, and an overhauled matchmaking system. It’s out August 24.


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