MotorStorm RC downloaded 19 times a minute

By on April 18, 2012

Downloadable spin-off racer is really popular.

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Evolution Studio’s spin-off racer MotorStorm RC isn’t doing bad at all. In fact the game is becoming amazingly popular among PlayStation 3 and Vita players, with sales almost becoming an internet-like viral thingy… well sort of.

Sony didn’t actually divulge sales figures. However, according to company, the PSN title is registering an average of 19 downloads every minute; therefore proving being a massive success for the cross-platform enabled racer.

Elsewhere, the publisher notes that a new MotorStorm RC event is initiated every second, and an average of eight trophies is seized by players every single minute – of course through MotorStorm RC.

If can’t get enough of the racer and still crave for more content you can always check the recently released Carnival Expansion Pack, which adds 24 new events across six circuits.


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