Quicklook: Gioteck EX-03 Bluetooth Headset

By on April 17, 2012

Flawed but a pocket-friendly gaming gear.

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There are lot of Bluetooth headsets in the market, but what makes Gioteck EX-03 different from the others is its bang for the buck.

Since it’s a compact Bluetooth headset primarily, comfort is the first factor of consideration. Ergonomically it’s comfortable on the ear when you first put it on. But not for long. After a prolonged use of above 3 hours without break, I found out that the ear plugs tend to become itchy and uncomfortable. Once in a while you would have to unplug the headset and give your ears some rest after that itchiness that occurs after a certain amount of time.

Sound quality is surprisingly loud and clear. In the usual first person shooter on your console, all those messages and commands from your squad can be heard easily without any trouble. That’s usually the first thing that’s important with a Bluetooth headset and the Giotech delivers on that front. But an equally important factor is the sound quality of the mic with it so that you can speak back to your team members. Unfortunately, the praise can’t be stated for the mic that it comes along with. The box says that these are ‘noise-cancelling’, but that actually didn’t end up to be true unfortunately. There’ quite a bit of noise audible when you speak and that probably has to do with the distance of the mic from your lips when it’s on. An even bigger problem is that even when you’re not saying a single word, it transmits a fair amount of ambient noise back to your team at all times. Because of this, you’re then asked to pull down the in game volume before you get kicked out of the squad. Not the best of things to happen during a heated battle in a first person shooter.

When it comes to mobility, it really does score points because of its small size which makes it very portable and light-weight. If it wasn’t for the itchiness that begins to take place after a while, you wouldn’t even notice that it was on you for hours. As far as battery life is concerned, a 3 hour charge via USB will give you around 6 hours of game time. When the battery starts falling off, one can hear a beep every 3-4 seconds alarming the user of the depleting battery. This is also followed by the changing of the LED lamp light the usual blue to red.


But with a headset like this, you’ve got to look at the price point before you end up judging the product itself. Sure, it isn’t the perfect headset and has its set of flaws but what market is it aiming for? The headset costs the same as most other entry level headsets in the market that are specifically made for gaming. And on that front, it’s worth the price considering it meets the basic demands of a device like this. It would be great if the mic was just as good as it was promised, but that isn’t to say that it’s not effective.


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