10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Middle East Film & Comic-Con

By on April 17, 2012

Live long and comic-con.

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6. Grendizer veterans

If you were an 80s or 90s Arab kid, then chances are that Grendizer was your introduction to anime. Grendizer achieved phenomenal success in the Arab regions, and still holds a special place in the hearts of its viewers to this day. Now with Comic-Con, we’ll get the chance to meet two legendary veterans from the show, Jihad Al Atrash, who voiced the protagonist Daisuke/Duke Fleed, and Sammy Clark, whose rendition of the show’s title theme is as popular as the show itself.

7. The SAE Green Screen

The SAE Institute of Dubai will have a green screen setup for an opportunity to take pictures with some of the popular movie characters of this year. Make sure you practice your best pose!

8. Movie Screenings

No comic-con is complete without film screenings and MEFCC makes sure not to skimp on that. The event will screen some of the best sci-fi movies like Thor, Harry Potter, Star Trek and The Matrix. If none of that is too impressive to you, there’s a also a mysterious unannounced movie screening that has got us thinking of possibilities.

9. Gamezone and Powerleague championships

Comic-Con will also cater to the gamer in all of us, as the event will include a gaming area that will screen and preview the hottest games from the world’s leading publishers. Activision’s upcoming action-slasher, Prototype 2, will be one of the many prominent titles that will be on display. Powerleague Gaming will also be hosting the first ever “official” Mortal Kombat tournament on the PS3, with participants standing a chance to win limited edition gifts,  and winners a slot into the Grand Finals’ big money showdown. More info and registrations here.

10. Khal Drogo

Now this is our fanboy spirit speaking here, but here you go – Jason Momoa is attending the event. Also known as friggin Khal Drogo from ‘Game of Thrones’. And those who don’t watch that TV show, he’s Conan from the remake of ‘Conan the Barbarian’. Whatever way you look at it, he’s the ultimate badass that actually is the highlight of the event for us. Would you really want to miss a chance to meet him as he graces us in Dubai? Alright, that’s enough praise. Seriously though, he should be reason enough.

Editor’s Note: Changes to point 7 & 8 have been made due to the event’s change of plan. Unfortunately, there will no longer be movie previews, as previously written about on point 7. Movie screenings on point 8 have been updated with the final list.

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