10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Middle East Film & Comic-Con

By on April 17, 2012

Live long and comic-con.

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After a series of delays, the Middle East Film & Comic-Con (MEFCC) is finally here and it is happening this month! Catering to comic book fans, Cosplay enthusiasts, film buffs and gamers alike, the MEFCC, which will be hosted at Mina Syehai from April 20th to April 21st, is stuffed with celebrities, writers, comic artists, and a ton of competitions, which promises a con this part of the world has yet to experience.

“We’re aiming to have something for everyone at MEFCC – from the 5 year old who loves Spider-man to those of us who loved Avatar and Iron Man as well as the hardcore fans out there who are looking take part in gaming competitions with PLG, get autographs from artists and so much more,” said Arafaat Ali Khan, PR Director at ExtraCake PRA, the team behind the event.

Below are ten reasons why you should be looking forward to the first ever Middle East Film & Comic-Con this weekend. Stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to the events by entering our competitions here and here.

1. Hollywood Celebrities

MEFCC has gone to lengths to make sure that the guests attending the event do not disappoint. And hence they’ve got an impressive roster of guests that includes actors from ‘Lord of the Rings’, ’24′, ‘Battlestar Galactica’, ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Conan the Barbarian’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ among others. Even the writer of the hit movie ‘Chronicle’ is attending the event. It doesn’t get any better than that.

2. Comics and Manga

Needless to say, Comic-Con is a haven for comic minded individuals. If you like comics and manga, then it is almost a scientific fact that you will be present at Comic-Con. Marvel comics, the company responsible for some the world’s most famous comic book characters, will have its own stand and exhibitions at the events. Furthermore, Jashanmal Comics Village and TV Manga Town will feature some of the most popular comic titles (such as Everlast, The Darkness, Kill Shakespeare) and international comic and manga artists.

3. Cosplay

Unleash your inner otaku with the Comic-Con’s Cosplay contest. Dress up as a film, comic book or anime character and participate in the cosplay tournament judged by the Cosplay Queen herself, Alodia Gosiengfiao. Comic-Con will also have the folks from Mr. Ben’s Costume Closet present at the event with their own costume filled booth. So, if you aren’t able to prepare a costume by the time of the event, Mr. Ben will be there for the rescue.

4. Panels

The veterans of the comic and film industry that we’ve mentioned above? Not only do you actually get to meet them, but you also get to hear them in some smartly devised panels at the event that cater to the niche manga and comic market as well as filmmakers who want to learn a thing or two from the pros of the industry. Highlights include ‘Character Creation with Mark Smylie (Archaia), Sohaib Awan (Jinnrise) & Mark Sable (Hazed)’, ‘Film Making Panel with Ali Mostafa, Ashraf Ghori and Max Landis’, and ‘The Art of telling the story with Conor McCreary & Anthony Del Col’.

5. Workshops

For those who want more than entertainment out of the Comic-Con, it can be quite an educational event as well. Classes cover animation from Xpanse CGI, drawing Manga by Yishan Li, talks about financing and a lot more. Even our own SAE Insitute Dubai takes part in illustration workshops. Suffice to say that you’ll come out learning more than few new things about arts in general.
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