10 Things That Video Game Developers Do But Shouldn’t

By on April 17, 2012

The following list will make your games 30% better!

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First Impressions
My reaction is

Playing video games is our dharma. But sometimes, it can screw off. Like little children, they are fun to play with before you realize they are playing you. You do what they want you to do, you behave how they want you to, and you are forced to do it, because you have to. You like them.

Below is a list of things of those annoyances that video game developers slap on their games for some absurd reason. And like those aforementioned little children, they are as much fun before you realize that, yes, they are playing you. You keep to their structure, you behave to their command and put up with the bullsh*t because you have to. You like them (and because you spent a good load of your salary on them).

There is way too much going on-screen

There are two kinds of games in the world: one that pauses the game to explain the gameplay mechanics to you, and one that just dumps that on the top side corner while throwing objectives, in-game dialogue, on-screen events, achievements and in-game rewards popups all at once. Last time I checked, I had two eyes and they couldn’t comprehend individually.

Bloody blood bloody screen

Speaking of eyes, another most jarring “modern-day” after effect of regenerating health is how developers want to show reducing health. Instead of just having a simple, easy-to-follow health bar that clearly marks the ‘amount’ of health the player has before he has to load from a checkpoint 30 mins earlier, developers think it’s a great idea to blur the screen till your eyes hurt, and then cloud it with sickening red overlay during which you can get shot and die because you can’t see a goddamn thing. Realism can go fly Uncle Charlie’s kite.

Unnecessary Sequels

Out of the blue, a developer releases a game so good, it instantly turns into a classic, spawns Internet memes, and gets featured on Reddit almost eighteen thousand times a day. Then the developer releases a sequel and everything goes downhill from there. Bioshock 2, Mafia 2, Lost Planet 2, and Crysis 2, are just a few examples of unnecessary sequels that shouldn’t have been made. They were a pointless exercise in turning a game into a franchise without sufficient material to do so. They were made because they could be. Also, because, money.

The wrong kind of cross promotion

Dragon Age 2 armor in Mass Effect 3? Cool, why not. Mass Effect 3 armor in Final Fantasy? Well, that is just insanely stupid. I am all up and pro-for cross promotion in video games (unless they are tied to being retailer-exclusives, in which case they once again go fly Uncle Charlie’s kite). But developers need to draw a line between sensible cross promotion which adds value to their games and others, and where it devalues their games and make the whole thing seem like an unfunny joke.

Quick Time Events during cut scenes

Cut scenes work in two ways – they move the story forward, and they act as a cool-off period between intense action sequences that allows the player to lay down the controller, wipe the sweat off their hands, feel victorious in their mass pwnage and crack some knuckles. So when Quick Time Events are thrown in randomly without prior notice and lasts for like 2 seconds during which the lack of correct input can change the story completely or cause you to replay a chapter again, is when developers deserve all the hate and rage in the world.

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Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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  • Ash

    nicely done

  • mXENO

    Crysis 2 is an Unnecessary Sequels, but Bioshock 2, Mafia 2, Lost Planet 2?
    they are “proper” sequels, except all had their negatives

  • http://twitter.com/JS1HUNDRED Justin Sofo

    Lets do these in order;

    The Bloody Screen is way better than a health bar on the HUD, This contradicts your first point about a cluttered screen.

    Bioshock 2, Mafia 2 & Crysis 2 were all awesome games.

    i agree about quicktime events. I hate it when ive put the controller in my lap, and am stretching my arms over the back of my chair, and suddenly im supposed to be mashing the A button to stop someone from dying.

    I cant stand escort missions. The NPCs speed is always inbetween my walk and run, and always way too slow!

  • Omaraty009

    Wow your opinions suck.

  • http://softddl.com/ Teressa Abney

    You like them (and because you spent a good load of your salary on them).

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