Lightbox promises non-linear, narrative-driven story campaign for Starhawk

By on April 15, 2012

Players will get their 60 bucks worth, dev says.

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Lightbox president Dylan Jobe revealed bits about the story campaign of the studio’s upcoming shooter, Starhawk.

Writing on the official PlayStation blog, Jobe said the team focused on bringing a non-linear experience, where the action set pieces are left to the player to go about however they want.

“The shooter genre is packed with mega-juggernaut great games, but shooters are also due for a twist,” he explained. “In most single-player shooters, you play a linear experience: event, event, event, set piece, event, event, event, set piece.

“With Starhawk, we wanted to give the player a combat challenge: Here’s what’s going to attack you, here’s when it’s going to attack you, and here are the tools you can use. Now play it however you want.”

“The campaign isn’t based on the multiplayer maps, either,” he said. “This is a narrative-driven single-player experience, with unique maps and encounters all the way through the game. They range from small battles in the desert to huge space battles around capital ships to defending this huge space train to the epic confrontation with Logan — it’s quite diverse.

“There are a lot of toys in this toolbox and you’re going to get your 60 bucks worth.”

Starhawk is out May 11 for the PS3.


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