Sony teasing a new game announcement, likely is God of War IV

By on April 14, 2012

April 19 is the date.

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This isn’t some false news made by a random Facebook page (it happened before), but is an official announcement of an announcement from Sony’s part, via Facebook. Next week on April 19 the company will be divulging the first pieces of info associated with a new game.

Not just that, the page posted a teaser image that questions bringing redemption through vengeance, and then reminds everyone whose PlayStation console can’t get enough of them first party exclusives to be patient for only one week to formally consume the scorching disclosure.

Thinking of it, and as vague as the teaser poster is, promptly after gawping at its theme while trying to decipher the meaning behind the question, it didn’t take a wild guess to realize that this could very well be the fourth chapter in the epic God of War series, which in turn had its plentiful amounts of leaks and rumors spread over the course of the past two years. So, it’s a matter of days, then. Until that time, keep staring at the poster below and be sure to keep us updated with any sort of peculiar observation in the comments below.


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